Really? But I just made up my mind!

I’m not big on politics…in fact until a few days ago i couldn’t even understand how could anyone find it interesting (actually I’m still working on finding the appeal) but elections are coming and i have to make up my mind… Lucky me a gal at work is a big fan of a satirical political program, and so for  the last week (i think) i’ve been learning about the different parties and their positions on the many topics i do care about.

To be honest the humor on the show is a bit too much sometimes, they cross basic limits, but most of the time they are funny enough for me to actually laugh. for the record; me liking the show has nothing to do with the crush i have on the presenter. Which is great, because i remember the political programs my grandma used to watch and they were BORING. But she was a lot of fun to look at, she used to talk to the tv and curse a lot.

Even more funny is that as an immigrant i have the right to vote in two different countries, and i just can’t decide which one is more troublesome to vote for… Never in my life i thought i would actually have trouble deciding to whom should i vote.

It could all be very easy,… i could enjoy the sabatical and not vote, but last year i read the book “Vote For Larry” by Janet Tashjian and even though “The Gospel According To Larry” was way more enjoyable and it is largely responsible for the person i became  (topic to be discussed another time), it made me understand that even if i’m young, my voice is important, and  if enough people decide to make something possible, it will come to pass.

Yes, we are young and we may not see the world as previous generations do, but that’s because we grew up in a “different” world, and one day, we’ll be in their place and we’ll have to make the difficult decisions. It’s not about like we can let it be now and then care when we are the responsible adults, because ’til then the older generations could make so many bad decisions, it could destroy our whole future, if we get one.

So, there i was, completely confused, trying to find myself in the political spectrum, watching a show with three “lefties” and a “righty” (that i have a crush on) trying to answer all the questions that popped in my mind: what do i believe? what do i want? what parties are there? is it important for me to vote in both countries? 

Luckly, my brother is a big fan of politics (he is 15 and he really enjoys it…), so he kind of explained to me about the left parties and the ideas they have and how could those ruin our future… i was kinda skeptic at first but then he showed me pamphlets and stuff that shocked me.

On the other hand there’s this gal at my work place, a strong left winged gal, not only wants me to vote the party she likes, she also has a problem with my crush on the presenter of the show she got me obsessed with.

Now both of them are talking about politics all the time, trying to gain my vote, as if they were the ones running, and i had my own opinion, but they made me rethink all my beliefs.

Politics are a messy thing, and again i’m not sure why would anyone find it interesting, apart of the politicians, … and most of them are there only for the money and the privileges…

As the “modern world” we are we believe our government form is the rightest, but i can’t help but think that maybe we are still missing the best government form, one that no one thought about yet, because the ones we already know are all pretty crappy…

And maybe the government it’s not the problem but the people in control of our countries, maybe we are yet to find the right leader, the one that will make things better for ALL of us, not only for the rich or the lazy…

I have this crazy idea, in which the great leader we are waiting for,  is at home, doing nothing, not knowing they’re what we really need at this very moment, not realizing how much they’d done for so many people already… i made it sound pretty religious, but believe me it isn’t,  … religion is not my strong suit…

And with these words i’ll leave you now, because i’m very tired today i’worked the morning shift, i had to wake up 4:30am, and yesterday i worked until 11:30pm… so yeah…i’m actually looking for a party that cares about the simple workers…



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