The Type Of Fan I Am Of The MCU

Hey there, everyone!

Today i decided to talk about a little about stuff i enjoy, and since this idea came to me while watching The Falcon and The Winter Soldier i thought i could explain a little about my story with the MCU.

Marvel Logo Gif Wallpaper

I hadn’t always follow the MCU, actually when i started watching the Iron Man movies i was a little bored and it took me a while before i’d watch them again and enjoy them.

When i was younger i used to watch more of the X-men. As i might have commented before i had a huge crush on Gambit when i was little (about 5 years old). So, yeah i used to watch the 90s tv show and also the teenager X-men, but i never knew about the Avengers and such until it really exploded on the cinemas.

To be completely honest even then i wasn’t that much of a fan of the movies at first.

I didn’t watch the Captain America first movie when it came out. I only watched it when my then best friend told me she would take me to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the cinema for my birthday back then so it makes it 2014 the year i started really watching the movies.

Now, somehow even though i’m a huge fan of super heroes i still wasn’t that much into it. So i kept missing movies (and i have to admit i’m still missing one movie – Captain Marvel). This was until my counselor at the time told me she really loved Chris Evans and she wanted us to go watch Civil War on the theatre.

Let’s say i had a ton of sh*t to catch up on then because back then, i had only watched the first Avengers movie, the two previous Captain America, some of Iron Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Okay, so i went to watch Civil War with everything pretty fresh in my mind since i’ve seen it all pretty close to the movie, and then somehow it exploded in my mind as it did in the theaters.

I started to rewatch the movies, and i really had my personal favorite characters, like, Wanda, Bucky, T’Challa and Loki, which is awesome because most of them now have tv shows.

Still, i wasn’t a die hard fan, i was just a casual fan, with a few favorites.

Let’s say i wasn’t immune to it, but i wasn’t has much of a fan as i am today.

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I still have a problem with the fact it all belongs to Disney, since i don’t really like Disney and yet i have to give it my money to watch the movies and the shows.

Well, yeah i have the same problem with Star Wars, but i don’t feel like Disney ruined Marvel the way it did Star Wars, which is a complete disaster and i’m pretty done with it. Yes, i haven’t read comics about the Avengers and such so i technically have no idea if they destroyed something…

That’s the thing you know? You can read the comics, but you don’t need to, to enjoy the MCU. Which is awesome because i prefer manga over comics, and i don’t have the time nor the money to read all the comics i would need to understand everything and have my own theories.

Still, there are a few new novels based on Marvel characters i’m still thinking if i should read like the ones about Shuri.

I have to admit i’m really enjoying the new tv shows, Wandavision was great until the end which was a little meh, and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is getting better with every episode which has me very hyped for it. I mean, it’s such an awesome tv show and Sam and Bucky are such great characters.

Then, as i said before i counted myself as a casual fan but the other day i found myself trying to get Wanda and Bucky’s funkos, and i looked for some posters and i understood i may starting a fixation.

I don’t know to where it will develop, i hope i doesn’t become a thing in my life, because i was having a very healthy relationship with Marvel (like i don’t own mugs and little action figures of spiderman already).

I guess what i’m trying to say is, yes, it started as a healthy relationship with Marvel, but it may be becoming something more stressing. I hope i doesn’t become a stress point in my life because i’m being very healthy lately and i’m very happy about it, i’m reading, i’m eating healthy, i’m doing sports and meditating and my mind is just clean, and that’s how i like it.

If i see that it starts to go sideways i may have to stop watching the tv shows, because i don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

Like, i’m talking righ now because i have it under control… i hope it keeps that way.

I'm Weird — Into the Woods (One-shot)

What about you? Do you like Marvel? Do you enjoy the movies, the tv shows? Who is your favorite character? Leave your comment down below!

{Spoiler Alert} Favorite Literary Romances.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today is athe day we all talk about love, that’s why i decided on sharing with you some of my favorite literary romances of all time!

This can bring some spoilers, so read with discreton… If you don’t want to be spoiled about some of the books i’ll be talking about, it’s okay to just sit this one out!

If you stay… please enjoy! ♥

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Even if the characters are fictional.

A while ago I was checking updates on Goodreads when i stumbled upon a post made by Jennifer Niven, it was related to my favorite book of all time which was written by her, All the Bright Places.The post was about some merch being sold but that’s not the point i wanna make.

The thing is, there was an image she drew and it was related to the main characters on the book, the moment i saw it i remembered the stuff that happens on the book  and i started crying.. To be completely honest with you, i’m crying as i write these words.

You see, many people don’t understand why I cry when i read books. To be fair, maybe  i cry a little too much when reading them, but come on, if you haven’t cried while reading a book you are not reading the right books. [i’m not actually criticizing the books you read, it’s totally fine if you don’t cry].

I tend to read YA books because they can make me cry, and that’s something i really need, i need the attachment to the characters to like the book, otherwise it feels like it leaves an emptiness in my chest. Fairly enough crying over fictional leaves an emptiness even greater, but one i can deal with by crying some more.

Getting attached to characters and feeling their pain, even when this is fictional is pretty much my reason of being.

Do you know the quote that says “The characters are fictional but the pain is real”?

Well, that’s exactly how i feel. Oh, gosh, is that just completely a fangirling mood? Wait, do only people that fangirl/fanboy and get too attached to characters cry when reading books? Didn’t people who read My sister’s keeper not cry at the end? A regular person that read All the Bright Places, did not cry for days after finishing the book?

That’s impossible, i’m pretty sure the people that don’t understand me crying because of a book is because they are not readers themselves. There’s no way sometimes books make people cry because they are so emotional and the authors nail the story.

Some authors are geniuses, that’s a fact … that has to be a freaking fact. We are talking about people that can create such emotional settings, so lovable characters, such intense scenes, there’s no way in hell they aren’t at least, amazingness walking!

Come on, i read All the Bright Places back in May 2015 and whenever i remember the book i start crying and cannot stop for days! So, maybe not all the people who read the book still cry when remembering it, but i’m sure most of them cried when reading it.

No, i have no idea where all this is going, i’m just upset and crying like a baby and needed to tell someone that the bond created with fictional charcters is as real as a bond we may share with real people in our real lives, the fact that they are fictional does not make it less important or real, or at least, that’s what i believe.

Yeah, i cried when i finished reading Harry Potter, because the characters, i mean.. i grew up with them, that’s fine, right? I cried (of happiness) when i finished reading Aristotle&Dante discover the secrets of the universe, because it put me in such a happy place.. I cried while reading the chapter where Michael (from The Rest Of Us Just Live Here) had the meeting with the his therapist, because it hit close to home. I cried when i finished reading Fangirl because it was such a perfect ending. I’ll cry when reading The Raven King, i’m pretty sure, because i love those characters and whatever happens to them it’s important to me.

On the other side, sometimes i cry  when reading non-fiction, that’s because sometimes i read about difficult stuff and the suffering of real people is obviously heartbreaking. Still, some people don’t understand why would i cry when reading about the suffering of other people …… You see, these people just don’t understand s***.

I just realized, i’m really not sure other people cry as much as i do when reading books…

What about you guys? Do you cry because of fictional characters? they don’t really have to be from books, what about fictional characters from movies or tv shows or even games? Feel free to comment on whatever you are feeling, I’m the queen of tears.






Top 10 Fictional Crushes [book edition]

We all fangirls/fanboys have them, those amazing characters that we wish coexisted in our reality, or more like, we were part of theirs so we could have them as part of our lives … […!], not only when reading  or thinking about them but for real…

Although i really don’t understand why we humans *fall* for fictional characters, and even if other people may look at me funny for it, i have to admit that i have my beloved ones too… i thought i could be fun to share the list of my top 10 fictional crushes today, mostly because i’ll enjoy seeing them all in one post together, so here we go!

Clemence’s top 10 fictional crushes:

10. The Weasley Boys from Harry Potter

Yes, i know this may look as if i was cheating, but i like them all, well, not Percy… but ou get the idea, right? I don’t think i’ve ever read the series twice in a row having a crush in the same Weasley. Sometimes i Like George, sometimes Bill, sometimes Charlie, sometimes Fred… Mostly Ron … It may be my inner Hermione, i don’t know. But I like them so much, i can’t really decide on just one of them, the Weasleys are too important to my life to make that kind of decision, i just love them all.

9. Tobias Eaton/Four from Divergent
I don’t even now why, but i have a soft spot for this guy in my heart, each time i read the books i love him even more. There’s something in the way his character was revealed to us that made him so interesting and lovely in my eyes. Idk, i just like him, okay?



8. Christian Ozera from Vampire Academy

I remember the moment Christian went for it and kissed Lissa in the first and i remember how much i fangirled over it because even though i thought he liked her i wasn’t expecting the so private Christian to actually do it… i don’t know maybe i was very wrong, but he was always my bae in those books, from the very beginning. He is such a cutie and has such a good heart, i couldn’t help but fall for him … yeah, i know most people like Adrian, but there was something in him i personally didn’t find atractive, also by the time he appeared i was already totally in love with Christian so…

7. Brady Hartsfield from The Bill Hodges Trilogy

We all have a soft spot for at least one sociopath, in my case the spot is for Brady or Mr. Mercedes created by Stephen King. He is such a little shit, i can’t help but like him. Seriously this guy is insane, and i really shouldn’t like him as much as i do, but the book and his characters was so well written, i found him super interesting, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure.


6. Jason Grace from The Heroes of Olympus

Yes, i’m aware i may be the only person that actually likes Jason… for some reason every person i talk to about him sees him as useless and a kind of idiot. But i find him amazing, also, he is a little of a comic relief in the books. Yeah, he may think he is much greater than he actually is, because of his father, but he has such a true heart and his so loyal to his friends. With his lip scar and his glasses, he is adorable. He is strong and very decided… I just love him.




5. Frank Zhang from The Heroes of Olympus
Frank became my bae the moment he appeared for the first time in Son of Neptune. Such a great guy, so amazingly talented and so unsure of himself. For some reason i felt an instantly connection with him when reading the book, something i can’t quite explain, i just adore his character. He is such a good friend and is always willing to help. Also, as i already said, he is so strong, he can transform into animals he is a great archer, he is funny, loving and aaaaaaaaargh, i adore him! ♥





4. Minho from The Maze Runner
Yeah, Minho! He is first of all, the main reason why i kept reading the Maze Runner trilogy till the end. Yes, Minho appeared in the book when i was about to drop it, and i feel instantly in love with him even without knowing he would become such an important character. I love his temper, the way he is so explosive, the perfect leader. Yes, i think he should have been the answer to the problem not Thomas, but that’s a story for a different day. Aaaaaaaaah, Minho was amazing, he is also, a great friend, strong and a great leader. (yes, i’m obsessed with the fact that he was a good leader, sue me).



3. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games
Oh my baby! Did i cry… Finnick is one of those characters that deserved so much better that he got. I remember not liking him at first when we got to know him in the second book, but as the story unrolled i fell for him, hard. He is such a sweetheart, he cares so much about people, how he suffered when he lost Mags. This baby is the best of the best in the Hunger Games and i don’t know if people really know that.




2. Ronan Lynch 

Oh Ronan!! I love all the Raven Boys, but Ronan is completely in other league. He is, even if he doesn’t want to admit it, so sweet, loving and caring. He is such a good friend and seems so much fun to be around, that time he threw Noah off the window, omg! He is amazing! All i want for him is to be happy, hopefully with Adam tumblr_inline_msh194QAX31qz4rgp.




  1. Magnus Bane from (pretty much all) The Shadowhunters Chronicles.

Okay, so for Magnus i don’t have words really, he has been my favorite character since the moment he opened the door to his apartment when Jace & company went to Chairman Meow’s birthday party (not on purpuse to the party itself). I don’t know why, he is just so fabulous, he always has something to say and he has such a good heart under all the glitter, he is my sweetheart.


And well, that’s all for now. There you have my top 10 fictional crushes, what are yours?

‘Til Next Time 😉




The Mainstream Awakens

Last week i finally got to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a person who has never watched the movies, i got to admit i enjoyed it more than i expected… some stuff seemed a little off, but overall it was a good experience.

Now, you see… after ‘liking’ or enjoying the new movie i found myself in a conundrum… should i watch the previous movies? And i know, the normal answer would be one out of two;

  1. you should’ve watched them before
  2. of course, you have to watch them! if you enjoyed this one, you’ll love episodes IV, V& VI …[which are according to my understanding, the orginal and best ones].

But, starting to watch Star Wars is so much more than loving a movie, or a trilogy or a trilogy of trilogies or even soup operas in space.

Starting to watch movies this mainstream is difficult … so, so difficult… First of all; for a very long time i was ashamed of the fact that i didn’t watch the movies, people couldn’t believe it for some reason … now, i don’t have a reason to be ashamed, i watched already episodes IV,V,VI & VII … and i enjoyed them a lot… and yeah, i’m insiting in enjoying and not loving,because even though i already know i’ll be rewatching them, we just met and i’m not there yet (XD).

Wait,i lost the point i was trying to make.

Okay, so.. so many times i talked about how i couldn’t understand the fuss over these movies, and yes, i was talking s***, because now i know better and all, and it’s great to be able to understand you were wrong and correct your mistakes, but i live surrounded by people that will judge me for liking the movies as they judged me for not watching and liking them before… as if they watched them… i’m sure they didn’t.

Second; The amount of information; games, books, audiodramas … there is, it’s huge, like, it’s a  vast universe (galaxy?) of its own, … will i be able to really take it all? I mean… sometimes i obsess about stuff, if i obsess about this, my mind is going to explode because of the great amount of stuff i need to learn… it’s not that i don’t have spare time, the question is… can my mind handle all of it?

Third and most important; as Star Wars is the mother of  all mainstreams, even people that haven’t watched the movies know a lot about them, only today i was sitting with my sister and she talked about some stuff i heard before and watched in the movies, but she never saw the movies, and she still knows a lot, from Darth Vader’s theme song, to the names of the stormtroopers, who Chewbacca is and the fact that Harrison Ford plays Han Solo… she knows way more than i expected.

But really thinking back about it, how couldn’t she? Every show has made a reference or parodied the movies, some of them made such a good work i literally knew what was going to happen next because i saw it in a parody…

Like, if you haven’t watched the movies yet.. it’s completely possible you actually did… i don’t think there’s any plot twist of the original trilogy that wasn’t spoiled at some point, since the first movie was released … 38 years ago…

Well, actually … i don’t know what happens in Nosferatu, or in Citizen Kane… i didn’t know the ending of Psycho before i watched it, but i knew pretty much all my life who was Luke’s father, and his sister… and what happens in the end of the third movie…

I have no idea how i managed to actually pull through, i didn’t want to because i knew already all that needs to happen… who dies and who survives and even who is Yoda.

Also, if you watch the new movie without watching the older ones before, and if you don’t know the spoilers already out, it may spoil you some stuff anyway…

So, yes… it’s difficult to decide to watch the movie with most spoilers out there in the world,but to be honest … if you do try, it may surprise you in a very neat way…

That’s also why i’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice…

Well, i think that’s all i wanted to say… for now…

‘Til Next Time 😉