I want to be a reader.

Many kids wanted to be firefighters when they grow up. Some others want to be astronauts or police officers. When i was 5 i wanted to study the stars and the universe, until the day i discovered the joy of reading books and all i wanted was to be a reader.

Sure, being a reader is not a fulltime job, for most people, but as the time and life pass by i’m pretty convinced it’s the thing i want the most.

These days i struggle a lot to read even the news, and that’s because i’m not able to concentrate for long periods of time. I used to listen to audiobooks for 8 hours straight at work, but as it seems now, those times are pretty much gone. I used to sit for hours and hours to read and could finish a book in on sit, but not anymore.

I could look at my *read list* for 2018, i know it’s only March but i’m way behind years prior, and tell myself to give up because reading one book a month is not being a reader. I could watch a million youtube videos of booktubers showing the many books they read last month and feel like a failure.

I could just give up reading because i can’t concentrate and to be honest most people won’t care if you read or not. Actually, most people i know look at me funny because i always have a book in my bag.

But you see.. as i struggle every day to read even a few words just so i don’t lose the habit i came to realize what i love about reading.

I love the way words meet each other and make sentences, wonderful sentences and the way those sentences make up a story. A story someone felt the need to tell the world. Just think about so many writers full of amazing and magical worlds they are wanting to share with everyone who will be willing to read them.

As i sit in my room and stare at my bookshelves, i can’t help but think of all the things those books sitting there are waiting to tell me, the stories and the worlds they are dying to share with me.

I’m the perfect example for the word “loner” and many times i’m very lonely, but then i can get a book in my hands and meet with beloved friends i know and love with all my heart. Because yeah, they can be fictional, but the way feel about them and the way their stories make me feel is real.

Those books, sitting on my shelves and the ones i haven’t bought yet but i will one day and i’ll read and i’ll cry, and i’ll laugh… they mean something. They are the reason i want to be a reader.

Being a reader is not only sitting 10 hours straight reading a book that just came out just to finish it, it also means appreciating the work of the author, enjoy the reading, rereading books you love, caring about fictional characters, waiting for the next book in a series you love, by an author you like.

Being a reader it’s a lot of little things. It’s not just reading. It’s discovering worlds and finding people who love the same places and stories as you do, dreaming of getting to places like magical schools or finding sleeping kings.

Being a reader is to enter the dreams of others and making them also your own. It’s to love and to hate fiercely, caring and dreaming yourself. It’s finding a common ground for all the different dreamers out there and dare to keep dreaming even when you are awake.


Opal (The Raven Cycle #4.5) by Maggie Stiefvater

Opal (The Raven Cycle #4.5)Opal (The Raven Cycle #4.5) by Maggie Stiefvater

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 38
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Rating: 4 stars

Summary: An enchanting story from Maggie Stiefvater featuring Opal, Ronan, and Adam from her bestselling Raven Cycle, taking place after the events of The Raven King.

My opinion on the novella:

I’ve missed these books since the series ended back in 2016, but up until this moment, I didn’t realize how much.

The world Maggie created for these books it’s not only fantastic because of the magic in it but also because of the uniqueness and the amazing characters she gave life to.

This little story, from Opal’s pov, brought me so many feelings because even though she *spoiler alert* was created on a Ronan’s dream and brought to our world by him, I feel is a connection to what could come later in the Ronan’s trilogy Maggie commented about a while ago.

Yes, i’m pretty sure this isn’t wishful thinking but a bridge to the next trilogy in the Raven’s universe.

Opal’s pov is so different form the ones we got in the series, i enjoyed reading it so much.

Sure this is a short story, only a little taste to what’s coming next for our dreamer and his creations but like, it has me already dying to have those books in my hands.

Seriously, there’s wonder in the way the author created this world, i just can’t explain what it is.

Now back to the novella, i feel everyone who read the books would enjoy this little story, not only because we get to know more about Ronan, Opal, and Adam but because even though it’s such a short one it’s full of little details that just take you back to the story. It’s like all this time since the end of The Raven King hasn’t passed, it’s like you just finished reading it.

Actually, now that i read the novella i have the immense urge to reread the books (and in fact, I already started rereading The Raven Boys).


Beneath the Sugar Sky(Wayward Children #3) by Seanan McGuire

Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children, #3)Beneath the Sugar Sky(Wayward Children #3) by Seanan McGuire

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 174
Publisher: Tor.com
Rating: 4 stars

Summary: Beneath the Sugar Sky returns to Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. At this magical boarding school, children who have experienced fantasy adventures are reintroduced to the “real” world.

Sumi died years before her prophesied daughter Rini could be born. Rini was born anyway, and now she’s trying to bring her mother back from a world without magic.

My opinion on the book:

In this book, we go back to the Eleanor West’s home for wayward children, not far from where the first book in the series left us. In this book, we meet again some of our beloved characters and we also get some new ones. Cora, the mermaid being one of the new characters, is the one who becomes our POV.

As Cora and Nadya (the drown girl) are spending a day in the water a girl falls from the sky. The girl presents herself as Rini, Sumi’s daughter, and she came to earth to get her mother back to her world because she started to disappear (this happening because – major spoiler alert Sumi was murdered in the first book).

Now our heroes and heroines, Kade, Chris, Nadya, Cora, and Rini will have to go looking for Sumi’s remains not only on earth to prevent a disaster in confection (Sumi and Rini’s world).

Can we talk about the writing of these books a second? The Author, Seanan McGuire has, in my opinion, one of the most poetic and beautiful ways of writing.

When i read these books i always feel so melancholic and in the longing for places i haven’t visited in my life, but she makes her characters so alive and real i feel their feelings vividly.

I remember reading Down Among the Bones and Sticks and feeling the book was at times too predictable. This time around, the most important storyline were the characters themselves and they were as unexpected as they come. All of them, full of vasts and unique backstories that I could read about all day long.

Sadly, we keep getting short books, though at least that way we don’t think get unnecessary filler.

I believe the worlds presented on these books can live on and give us a lot of different stories and characters. I’m looking forward to keep visiting these amazing unexpected worlds the author creates in every paragraph.

It isn’t clear yet if the series will continue but I sure hope it does.. it has so much to offer, so many windows and opportunities were opened already I hope we get to see where all of them can take us.


Book to screen adaptations I can’t wait to watch! And viceversa.

The ‘bringing books to the big screen’ trend is still here (and thank God for that, because I love -most- adaptations) and 2018 is looking like a very promising year for YA books!

I got to admit I didn’t know so many books I totally loved were becoming movies this year and some statements for them are just around the corner!

Oh, yes! Even books I never expected to see on the big screen are a few days away from being released and I couldn’t been happier.

So, seen as I loved these books I thought of sharing with you the news and a little opinion on them.

Every day by David Levithan.

Okay, I seriously didn’t know or expect this book to become a movie but I’m so incredible hyped over it! The author is one of my favorites and this book and it’s companion ‘Another Day’ are my favorites! I even traveled to London to meet him a few years ago!! I read it a few years back and I’ll be rereading it so I can compare the movie and the book and make a full review of both of them.

Ready Player One (Ready Player One, #1)

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

This book was of my favorites when I read it for the first time (and it still is). The book is full of geek references, mostly from the 80’s if I remember right. I learned a lot of pop culture and it was amazing. Also, apparently there will be a sequel?! I just found out but I hope it isn’t less than this one. I can’t wait to watch the movie, like I would pay so much so I could watch it right this moment.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.

Get out! This is my fluffy to go book, like for real. I’ve read this book so many times already and I hold Simon very close to my heart. I could talk about him all day to be honest, because he is an amazing character and I can’t wait to see him on the screen. Also, a new book from the author is coming our way and it has one of the side characters as the main and I just.. I need that book already.

Did I say book to screen and viceversa? Yeah I also want to talk about those.

Cardcaptor Sakura by Clamp is back!!

I could literally cry and I did when I found out this was happening. The Clear Card Arc started at the beginning of January and oh, did I miss these characters. I mean.. Iread the manga and watch the original at least once a year but it never changes… You know? So now having new episodes is like being alive again… All I can think of is Mushu saying:

Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs, #1)

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan.

Okay, I watched the Netflix series already but I’m very curious about how much it relies on the book… So yes, I got me the first book on the trilogy in the hopes I’ll stop reading fanfiction and go back to books. I say as I start reading another CCS fanfiction and praise the author for writing the thing.

Last but never the least The Last Jedi novelization is due the first days of March and I already preorder it.

Resultado de imagen para the last jedi

Mm.. I never talked about the movie on the blog and I won’t most likely.. I’ll just say that I’m a.) Curious about what lies beneath the surface of what we saw b.) I was left with a lot of questions and I need some answers… Mostly I need some POVs… And many clarifications I know we won’t get until the next movie but I’m dying here and I need them to throw me a bone!!!!

Have a good day!


Skam is back in a new skin!

A few months ago .. more like about 10 months ago my favorite show, Skam, ended … I talked about the show back in April last year.

I don’t know if you remember but the ending of my beloved show left me heartbroken for a very long time. I just couldn’t get over it.

Still a favorite of mine
It hasn’t been easy getting over this amazing show

Well, to be honest I’m still not totally over it but now there’s no real reason to be. Sure, Eva, Noora, Isak, Sana and friends are gone but there’s a new light.

Still missing our girls

Skam was such a revolutionary way of telling a story about teen life that it managed to speak not only to Norwegian teenagers but to all the world, and now many other countries are in the works of their own version of the show.

I thought we would have to wait for the US version that is supposed to start somewhen in September (maybe?) but I was gladly surprised when dear Billy Maier updated a reaction to the French version to Skam… aka Skam France.

Our ladies are back in a different skin.. now I’m crying in French instead of crying in Norwegian

Yep, Skam is back, people! The show started about two weeks ago and I haven’t fully catched up yet, mostly because I’ve been binge watching two other shows – Altered Carbon and La Casa De Papel (The house of paper). But as soon as I’m done with the last few episodes of Altered Carbon I’ll be heading first back to Skam.

For what i’ve seen this far the storyline for the first season is pretty much as it was Eva’s storyline back in the original version.. but hey, I’m not complaining having updates, videos and everything that made the original Skam great back in our lives is amazing…

I cannot explain how happy I’m of having a story like this to watch and look forward to every day again.

Skam was an amazing story and if we are lucky enough we will be having all that once more, well actually more than once… As I said many countries are making their own version and I might watch them all! I’m so happy I might burst into happiness.

I’ll keep you updated on the topic and my opinion on the old/new characters and how the story is going.. I’m really looking forward to it… I hope you too!

Why i don’t have any resolutions for this year.

First of all, i know it’s been a really long time since the last time i posted something on the blog.

It came to my attention the second half of the year becomes really difficult for me to keep on posting and reading so i decided on making a lighter schedule and see where it takes us.

But even tho i decided on making a less stressful schedule i’m not making any resolutions for the year.

>> insert here long paragraph about how having to keep up with the resolutions makes me anxious when i see i cannot meet them and how it stresses me more than necessary.

I don’t need that stress, actually i don’t believe anyone needs it.. So i’m letting it all go, if i read 20 books this year it will be as good as if i read 200.. I seriously need to stop comparing myself to other readers because it stress me out too..

Heck, even if i read only 1 book it will be fine. It’s okay tO have a reading slump or juat not feeling like reading.. I know my blog is mostly about books but there’s a lot to talk about literature qothout talking about specific books.

For the last few months i’ve been writing down a lot of ideas to talk about on the blog so … Just so you know.. It’s coming!!

Wish you all a very good year! (Extremely late.. But still)

T5W: Favorite Bromances

As always, topics for these entries are taken from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads. The group was created by Lainey. Now the group is under Samantha’s moderation, you can find her here.

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Bromances

Resultado de imagen para ron and harry

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Oh Ron and Harry are by far one of my favorite friendships ever…  i know they had their ups and downs but their friendship means the world to me and my childhood and everything … blah, blah, blah.. do  have tosay more?

Imagen relacionada

Isak Valtersen and Jonas Noah Vasquez from Skam by Julie Andem

This gotta be one of my favorite relationships ever, such good friends, just thinking of their friendship, their bromance makes me all emotional… Jonas has one of the most amazing moments on the history of TV showing his support to his best friend… i just adore them so much.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater Artwork by Cassandra Jean: http://cassandrajp.tumblr.com/post/38242076261/the-boys-a-la-the-raven-boys-by-mstiefvater#_=_

The Raven Boys (Adam, Gansey, Noah, and Ronan) from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

These boys… their friendship and their amazing world… these guys just are such good friends, and so loyal to each other.. i want to cry … i just have no words to describe how much i love them all and the books they are from … Maggie Stiefvater just works magic.

(art by Cassandra Jean)

Resultado de imagen para kate and august this savage song

Kate Harker and August Flynn from This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab

I know these aren’t two guys, but their bromance is still of epic proportions… now i’ve only read the first book but i hope it doesn’t develop to more than their friendship because it was so amazing, they are so much about each other without falling into the cliche of falling in love with each other, simply amazing… another author working magic.

(I couldn’t find the author of the art, please if you know who made the fanart let me know so i can give them full credit for it!!)

Resultado de imagen para poe dameron and bb 8

Poe Dameron and BB8 from the Star Wars Franchise

Oops… my hand slipped… So maybe BB8 isn’t a guy … but the bromance is real. Poe and BB8 fighting together in a galaxy far far away… these two sure are good friends who trust each other and have each other’s backs always!

and you… what are your favorite bromances?