Having Neighbor Problems.

About seven months ago my sister and I moved to this new apartment. To be honest, i wasn’t sure i wanted to move here, but we were running out of time to find a new place so we took it.

We never thought we could have so much trouble with our neighbors… let me explain.

We have a dog, a little own, that apparently believes he is a lion or something, although he clearly isn’t. The biggest problem with him is that when he is alone at home he barks for aIMG_6448 while, we tried to figure it out, and found out he cries sometimes for about half an hour, an hour.

At first, we didn’t know, but when some of out neighbors came to our house and complained we tried to make his stay nicer when we are out. This didn’t work, so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. This didn’t work, and then one day someone threw a rock to our window, breaking some of it.  so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants.

Afraid and sort of angry  we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. We finished the training but it didn’t work.

So we kept trying to leave him with stuff to play with when he was alone.

A few weeks ago my sister traveled to Argentina and i was left with the dog by myself. I wanted to be able to take him to walks and all, so i tried working only mornings, but my mornings start about 6:00 am and  had to leave early. This apparently annoyed my neighbors, but no one said a thing until two weeks later, in which i though everything was okay.

The moment my neighbor told me about my dog bothering them in the early mornings i changed my schedule so it wouldn’t bother them, i started working evening although it was more difficult to me to take my dog out and all. Anyway they complained and sent the municipality to come and check if my dog is legal. Because i do care about my dog, and he i legal,  the municipality guy told me there’s nothing they can do.

He said “so the dog barks, well, it’s a dog, nothing we can do”.

Clearly when he came someone was waiting downstairs, i’m guessing the neighbor that doesn’t like us. Because you see, i totally believe the problem is not just the dog but they have something against us, because they seemed to hate us even before the problem with Chobi, my dog, started. they are just enjoying intimidating us, because they always complain even when he is quiet… every time they see us they tell us something mean or look at us angrily.

Since i can understand that my dog is annoying people, and because my sister always works mornings, like early 4am mornings, i decided that even though i tend to be more depressive when i work evenings, i’ll only work evening so our dog won’t bark at 5am, bothering our neighbors.

But it’s never good enough, because when this weekend i went visit my parents an  y sister left for work, someone, annonimusly left us a letter saying that if we don’t get him to shut up they’ll call animal services so they can take him from us.

Here’s a catch, they left in the letter a recommendation for a barking control collar which is this device that will electroshock the dog whenever he is barking so he will shut up, but now a new dog is our neighbor and everytime he sees our dog he barks too, now who’s to say he doesn’t bark when he is left alone at home? what if they keep blaming my dog for the barking?

Anyway, i’m so tried of all the intimidating they are doing to us. I’m seriously contemplating leaving work and staying home so Chobi won’t cry when we are away.

You see, they scared me, i don’t want peole taking away my baby, he is like a son to me, i love him more than anything…. And to be completely honest, i don’t want to have to shock him every time he barks, because it will hurt him, but apparently i’ll have to. I just wish they could understand what are they making me do to my baby, for me he is likeif he was a human son.

I hope it will be okay, i’m so sorry i have to do this to him.






New Year, New Mindset!

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 just started, but my mind is already running, trying to work out some ideas to improve everything around me.. yeah, last year was pretty good except for the end of it which was a bit harder, so this year i’m deciding this is going to be a good one, each month, every month.

I have a few sketched plans made for the year, from what to read and what to do with my free time, to what to blog…

As one of my resolutions for the year is to write at least three times a week i’ve been thinking about what can i write about, i came up with some interesting ideas on how to manage the blog, i hope you’ll enjoy the new dynamics it’ll have.

As for what i’ll do in my free time, i’m planning on taking my health more seriously, people say healthy mind, healthy body… so i’ll start eating more real food instead of instant one, i’ll work out more and take my meds as it’s needed so i’ll be as healthy as possible.

This year i decided i won’t be challening myself in goodreads, mostly because i’m not sure if i’ll be studying or not, and also because i bought some huge books last year and it may take me a while to get through them i don’t want to have to ‘run’ to get to the goal… i don’t want to push myself too much…Maybe later in the year if i know where i’m heading i may set a challenge…

I don’t want to be pressured this year, at least not as long as i don’t have to, i mean… yeah, if i start studying, finally, i may have some pressure, but right now not there’s no reason at all and i want a free and healthy mind as long as possible…

I hope you have some good and possitive resolutions for yourself! Also, i hope you enjoy the start of the year with the people you love, wish you happiness and health…

I’ll leave now, because my back hurts like hell, so i’ll go rest a bit…

Have A Great Start Of The Year!

‘Til Next Time 😉


Wrapping Up 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and oh wow, this was a heck of an year.

For started, back in the first week of the year i published here my first entry, then i didn’t even know what to do with this blog, i mean i had some ideas but i although i put some of them in words, my mind was pretty vague.

Any way, since then i started posting more frecuently and next year i hope will be even better. <fingers crossed>.

I started this year with only one goal, maybe two… I wanted to read 50 books, then i changed it for 100 when i saw i was in a good reading place, since then i managed this:tumblr_nveyloYHXu1uhggrro9_250 - עותק

Which is awesome, i read way more than i expected at first. Also, this year i found so many great books, new ones and a little older that i haven’t read, and it was incredible.

Somehow i managed to buy more than 100 books (obviously, because only in November i bought about 37), and i’m hoping i’ll get to many of them next year, meaning already tomorrow.

Sadly i didn’t get to some of the books i was planning to; The Ask and the Answer, Monsters of Men, The Magicians & We Are Completely Beside Ourselves. But really, i got to some of the best i’ve read anyway. It was real fun.

Apart of books […] i got to some really great stuff, back in August i got to travel to London all by myself, and it was epic, i visited so many places!


Greenwich, museums, churches, Shakespeare’s Globe, a Lord of the dance show, i saw [finally!!] the change of guard at Buckingham Palace!, i went to an event where i got to meet in person David Levithan (one of my favorite authors!!), Lisa Williamson and Louise O’Neill!

I also visited The Making Of Harry Potter ! and travelled by train to Cardiff where i went to The Doctor Who Experience



Man, i enjoyed every second of my visit to England. It was the best trip  ever [i’m already planning my next trip there].

IMG_6306Wow, i’m completely forgetting to talk about  the most important thing!! I adopted a beautiful dog back in March [like, how could i forget?! he is nagging me to go out right this moment!], my sister and I adopted this cutie we called Chobi, he was born in February and we got him from his mom’s owner, with whom we are still in touch.

Anyhow… let’s keep moving…

Oh! I almost forgot the Cirque Du Soleil! I saw the show in July and it was amazing, next year if they come i’ll be (again) in the first row to see them!

As for tv shows and anime watched; i started watching some great shows this year; Air Crash Investigation (XD), Sleepy Hollow, The Librarians, Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Resonance, Sense8, Heroes (one of my favorite shows ever) Reborn, iZombie, Fresh Off The Boat, Mr. Robot… Digimon got back! (which reminds me i haven’t talked about it since March or April…) and the new Detective Conan movie !

Yep, i had a busy with nonsense year, also thin kabout the fact that Sleepy Hollow and The Librarians i saw twice, The Big Bang Theory got the same treat this year … isaw it all twice in a row. Currently i’m rewatching another of my favorites, The Office.

So, anyhow… although the past week was a difficult one i spent mostly in bed, most of the year was spent in a great capacity, for what concerns me.

Next year i’m looking forward to some really good looking books, my TBR list stands with about 372 books right now, the premiere of Shadowhunters (!) of which i’ll be talking about the moment it happens! the Cirque Du Soleil as i said before, some  book to movie adaptations, start my Biotechnology studies (i hope) and finding a  new (and better) job!

I hope your year was good and the next one even better! For all our dreams to come true, to have hope and believe in ourselves even more!

Thank you so much for everything,  for been there, for reading what i had to say and i hope to see you next year! I hope you all start 2016 the best way possible.

My best wishes to yo and all my love,



New Year’s resolutions | 2016

As 2016 approches i started to look back on how this year went, and i checked on my resolutions for this 2015, which weren’t many, just read more than last year (…). I got to admit that as far as it goes i couldn’t have done anything else either way but this 2016 i’m going to try harder.

These past few months i’ve improved a lot; i read many books and started blogging more frecuently, so i decided that it’s time to take myself seriously and do something with about it.

So, after thinking about this stuff a lot i decided to write down my resolutions in the place where nothing ever disappears, the internet, so i can’t take them back.

Without farther nonsenses, here are my new year resolutions for 2016:

Books resolutions:

  • Read at least 4 non-fiction books
  • Read at least 20 of the books i’ve already own
  • Read (at least) 3 complete trilogies
  • Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays
  • Reread 2 favorites
  • Read (at least) 2 completed manga
  • Finish reading a series i started and put on hold
  • Read a classic every month

Blogging resolutions:

  • Start doing the Top 5 Wednesday
  • Post a book review once a week
  • Post at least three times a week

For my entertainment – resolutions:

  • Watch at least 20 of the anime waiting on myanimelist
  • Go to the movies at least once a month
  • Get out more
  • Watch all the Star Wars movies
  • Do something unexpected once every two months

To Do And Not Do resolutions:

  • Leave tumblr.&facebook for good
  • Play less Sims
  • Buy books only if really necessary
  • Start cooking more
  • Take care of everything so i can start studying by October
  • Go back to therapy
  • Find one beautiful little thing every week
  • Be neater in my room
  • Find a new job
  • Start writing more


Book Buying Ban Month.

As i commented previously in [HERE] last month was a wild month of buying books, not everyday but several times each week. To be honest the idea sounds really fun, and it’s pretty awesome to have new books every week, but at the end of the month when recounting how many books i purchased in 30 days i felt a bit guilty.

I talked about this with a friend, actually my friend because she is the only one i have, which is great because I’m not overload with people to talk and such so my time is pretty much all mine, who told me it’s becoming a little of a problem to buy so many books [“where do you put 35 new books?” “Some of them are in my iPad” “how many are there then?” “About 20? Idk”*friend rolls eyes*”why do you even buy kindle editions, those aren’t even real books!” “Of course they are! And would you rather I’ll have another 15 books around?!”].

Anyway, she made me promise i won’t be buying any books this month so the *universe can rearrange itself* ok, whatever.

Funny thing she told me this by the 30th and i had just finish reading The Knife of Never Letting Go so i went quickly to amazon and bought the other two books of the trilogy .., i know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m not planning on ending the year without finishing the trilogy. [life may get in the middle of my plans, i hope not].

I know, this is going to be extremely difficult, because books are so precious to me, but i’m starting to think people are right, i do have a problem… only now it’s getting more difficult, because i’m so used to check bookdepository and amazon first thing whenever i get to my computer… these days are proving to be excruciating for me.

But i have to be strong, and get through this month without entering those sites or regular bookstores, because i’m weak, and i can’t handle myself while in closeness of books.

On the other hand i can already say that January will be again a wild month, because it’s not as if i won’t want some books that are released this December, i just won’t be able to purchase them at the time… Which may put me in loop of book buying bans forever…

Oh Lord have mercy of my bookless soul this month…

Okay, wish me luck… this is going to be a difficult month…

Overbuying books

Everyone at my work place knows i have a problem with buying books and as much as i love buying and reading them, they seem to enjoy it way more than me. Well, they enjoy telling me i have a problem and that i should stop.
Normally i wouldn’t think i do have a problem but as the month is ending i did a recount of the books i bought and i shocked myself.
As of this moment i already bought 28 books. Oh Lord, have mercy of my soul… more like have mercy of my bank account…
But as guilty as i actually feel for spending so much money I’m really wanting to buy some more books, like there are some specific books i really want like,”Made you up” by Francesca Zappia, i’ve been looking for this book everywhere, but i feel the price is a little high right now…

Because i buy a lot of books, i can’t afford to buy pricey books, otherwise my bank account would really suffer with all the buying.. So i mostly wait until they get a nice discount, this way i can afford a lot more books.

The fact that i can’t afford pricey books it’s driving me crazy mostly because i want to buy the new illustrated Harry Potter book but it’s so expensive, with that money i could buy about four other books (at least) and so, i keep hoping for a miracle to happen and so i’ll be able to buying the book…

Another thing i tend to do is buy paperbacks, yeah.. i know… Hardcover books are usually way prettier, but they are also more expensive, so i buy paperback… which is very annoying, because some books are only hardcovers, what why!? how come it’s nearly impossible to find some paperbacks? Why are publishers making it so difficult for me to buy books?! … Are they trying to help me? … what what WHAT?!

Okay, so yeah, i know i’m going a little too far with all this overbuying, but i didn’t understand the magnitude of it until last week, when i was talking with my coworkers.. it’s stronger than me… i really can’t help it, maybe i should seek for help, but to whom?

Hope next month i’ll be a little more in control of my doings…

I’ll keep you posted, ’til next time 😉



P.s: forget it, i bought some more now .. The final count is of 35…

They Were [Re]Born To Be [Ever] Free; A Tale of Music, Heartache and Lunacy

Yesterday was a very slow day at work, especially because my coworkers are being slugs … i mean it, we are suppose to end this project we had been working on for ages and instead of doing it, they are playing games on their smartphones… they played for eight hours…

So, because they were making too much noise, but i still can’t concentrate on listening to audiobooks i decided to listen to some of the music i have on my phone. Curiously until the very moment i had to decide what to listen to, i didn’t realize it’s been a very long time since i listened to music at all. I ended up chosing my Japanese playlist…

Okay, yeah, i’d been into Japanese culture for a very long time and i really enjoy their music, to be honest, the first band i’ve ever decided to start listening by myself in my teenage years was a Japanese band, it’s also the one i’m going to talk about today.

I was going through the playlist when the song ‘Unfinished’ by X-Japan began, now, you don’t know it, but that’s a song i can never skip, i love it so much.. and so i sat at my cubicle and listen to the lyrics (the song it’s completely in English, i may understand some spoken Japanese but not that much). While sitting there i sort of felt as if some ‘furniture’ was being moved inside me, .. i mean, i’ve been so numb for so long, and yet while listening to Toshi’s voice i felt like crying.

So i felt a little melancholic. After all, i’ve love them for so many year (half my life), so i teared up a little. Because i was at work i decided i’d better listen to something more cheerful, luckily they have some amazing songs, so i opened youtube and looked up for a song called “Rusty Nail”. Funny thing, i never checked them on youtube before, but it turns out they have an animated video clip for the song. It was so freaking awesome i got super energized by it and went looking for some more music, which i’ve been avoiding much to be honest..

Now let’s talk about this band a little, because i have some major issues with it.

Well, it’s really only one issue,… Once upon a time (wtf is this start?) there was a
musician named Hideto ‘hide’ Matsumoto, he was a member (lead guitarist) of X-Japan along YOSHIKI (drums and piano), Toshi(lead vocal), Pata(rhythm guitar) and Heath (bass) until they broke up back in 1997. Back then each one went his way and off they started solo careers or so.. May 2nd, 1998 hide died and with him the (in my reasoning) possibility of X-Japan ever getting together again, back then YOSHIKI said they had plans for it, but well, hide was gone and so my favorite guitarist ever.

Yeah, well, even though i started listening to X-Japan much after they broke up they became quickly my favorite band ever, and i suffered a lot because hide was gone (i still cry because of him, a lot).

                                                      <The band in their last live together, 1997; left to                                                       right: Heath, Pata, YOSHIKI, Toshi and Hide>

So, you may think, well, this band is gone for good, right? Well, somehow in 2007 they decided to reunite and brought a new lead guitarist, Sugizo.

This is going to sound fake but i really mean it; I like Sugizo, i like him quite a lot, since i started listening to Luna Sea back in the day, he is every possible kind of awesome and also seems to be a really neat person, a very good guy. I really think so, i’m not saying this because what’s coming next, i swear, you’ll see.

For years, since knowing Sugizo took hide’s place i tried to avoid any news about the band because i felt like no one could (or should) take hide’s places… just thinking about it now is making me tear up… hide loved X-Japan, and he was such a presence in the band, no one could possibly take that place, it felt wrong to me. Like, VERY VERY WRONG. So i kept to the past and didn’t even try to check any of it out.

But yesterday i felt curious, you know? Aside of the Rusty Nail video there were some recommendations of live videos of the band, some recent concerts and that… One of the recommended videos was one with a title i’ve never seen, so i was curious. The song IV was actually a “new” song, back in 2007, which means it includes Sugizo, but as i watched the clip it seemed to me hide made a sort of cameo… So i checked another one. In the second video “Born to be free” hide made also a cameo. Things were getting weird but here’s the thing;

As i said myself, hide was a huge part of X-Japan, yeah, X-Japan wouldn’t be X-Japan without him, as it wouldn’t be without Toshi or Pata or YOSHIKI or Heath… and so, apparently he still is part of the band… I find this sort of weird too, and i’m not sure how it really works, like, they use his records from the last show the band did together before he passed away (or something like that). This made me rethink Sugizo’s position in the band, he isn’t really replacing hide, actually he is adding with his awesomeness, as i said, the man is GOLD.

Current members of the band (from left to right); YOSHIKI, Toshi, Sugizo, Pata and Heath.

And so, i continued checking up some other live videos and it actually looks really great, i should have checked this out before… not that they released much stuff these past 8 years but you know..but i did miss the oportunity to try and travel somewhere they were doing a concert …nah, not really i wouldn’t be able to listen to them without crying until i faint, so that’s never gonna happen, if i cry while jsut listening to them now, imagine me on a concert… what a disaster.

I wonder if the solos Sugizo did on the live shows were changed on purpose or if he just can’t do the solos Hide did for some reason… i mean, he can do such jaw dropping things, … i don’t understand, maybe it’s sort of a statement ‘i’m nor replacing Hide, i’m bringing something new to the band’ or something like that… I really don’t know, but he is a complete babe (sorry, it had to be said). However, Sugizo is the sixth member of the band, because Hide was upgraded to eternal member, yep, not even death will stop the greatness of the man.

Sugizo at Hide’s memorial.

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to X-Japan, check them out, they are after all the most successful rock band in the history of Japan… just so you know they are tagged as metal but they have also some great ballads, YOSHIKI is the composer and he writes some incredible songs, like, it’s mind blowing.

Well that’s all for now, ’til next time 😉

p.d: did you get the lunacy punch?

The Slump Season

Apparently I’ve been competing with myself all year. For some reason i’ve been obsessing over how many books i am able to read. So far i’ve read ninty obe books and i really want to get to a hundred by the end of December. Which is totally plausible, counting of the fact that we are still in the first half of November, unless of course, a reading slump happens, you know what? Forget the ‘if’ because it has happened. Again.

It is really weird but since the beginning of the year every month i fall into a reading slump every first half of the month.. And let me tell you, it is incredibly frustrating, because it doesn’t matter how many books i try reading in those days i end up putting them aside, and i’m not sure i’ll be able to pick them up again, you know, because of the heavy feeling you had when trying to read them before (?).

So, i watch tv instead of reading and then get angry at myself for not reading more. And it happens over and over again.. I’m truly getting tired of it. I sit by my bookshelf, staring at my books trying to find something that would take away the slump but it’s still there, every time.

Another thing that doesn’t help much getting ride of a slump is the obsessing need of a book in particular at a very specific moment, i mean, i’ll be watching videos on youtube and a booktuber will recommend a book that sounds incredible, and then i’ll be needing to have the book in my hands that very moment or else. Obviously i live in a country where you can’t find the books you want unless you buy them online, and it takes time to get to you.. So, prepare to be waiting for weeks for the books to arrive, just in time for you not wanting them anymore. (!). I suppose this happens because there aren’t many English readers or just they aren’t crazy as i am …

I guess i could buy them for kindle (and sometimes i do), but who will i be kidding? even if i had the kindle version, if i really like the book i’ll need a physical copy anyway, and so, why bother ? like, i love books and all, but i’m not made of money.

And so, i spend my days making lists of the next books i want to read, normally none of those are already on my bookshelf, so again, I’m not doing any reading. Also, the lots of books i ordered and now sit on my bookshelves increases non stop and are left unread.

More often that i would like it becomes an eternal cycle, a boring one too, because the beauty of reading books is escaping my normal, boring, life, but then again i don’t feel in the mood to enter a new world right now, not even short stories as i tried the last few days. I get stucked in this boring real world we live in, not wanting to do anything, so basically it stucks me and saddens me even more, making even less interested on reading…

Yeah well, the freaking cycle.. Funny really how after it i can read about 3-4 books a week in the last half of the month, well, at least i could until now, who knows want can happen next…

’til next time! 😀

Almost there…

Only 11 days away from my trip to London, and my dog decided my itinerary looks tasty enough for him to it. So long, Mr. Intinerary. As I started planning this trip almost a year ago, i had  a lot of ideas and stuff i’ve planned, now inexistent, la foto (1)because i’m pretty much an idiot. Why would i have only one copy of that thing?

Say it with me; because Clemence is an idiot. 

So now, i’m having to rearrenge so much, i have to find the previous drafts of the itinerary and try to remember all the stuff i ended up adding…

Maybe now i’ll be able to include a visit to the Summer in the City convention, there are some booktubers i wanna meet (Actually only one is very critical, one of them, i really need to meet, my blood is screaming for it).

Oh, please ignore my stupidity. I just have so much to do now that the trip is so close, i find it stressful and wonder why do people even like to travel. Like, all i do before i go to sleep is think about the possibilities of the airplane falling from the sky leading the passengers to certain death. I had to ask my sister to burn all my notebooks if something happens to me.

Seriously, if i die i don’t want my family to know the stuff i wrote on them. My personal stuff…

By morning my fears seem irrational, yeah, but by night they are all i can think about and then i can’t sleep. Because i keep imagining the nothingness of death and me lying on the coffin, rotting for good.4

Yeah, have i told you i’m a dramatic person?

Well, I am.

For instance, right now, an accident seems plausible, and all i can think is how many books i won’t be reading, how many shows i won’t get the chance to watch… and somehow i find it sad. But yet, i’m not thinking about the people how know me, my family… i wonder if anyone outside of my close family would care…

No, stop. I came here to talk about happy stuff, trips to London and Cardiff, the Making of Harry Potter, Stonehenge (maybe), the change of guard, a chill in the mornings, a little rain on August… on AUGUST.

Yeah… i’m suffering this summer very much, thank you for caring, so the Londonese Weather will be a bless. As i don’t plan on being much outside, i don’t care for the rain (in a bad way..). Pretty awesome really.

The only problem i find myself having really (first world problem) is th fact that i won’t be able to read much. My sister told me not to take books with me.. after all i’ll be out all day, yeah, but before bed? … i really wanted to take some book with me, i’ll be there two whole weeks after all, i cannot not read for that long. I thought i could buy books there actually (which would be awesome) but i don’t know… maybe i’ll take a list of books i may want and then buy some when i’m there…? my tbr list is so extense (about 300 books) that i won’t be able to rememeber all.

Man, i’m never finishing that list.

By the way, I’m also planning on leaving some stuff here …

I have no idea what was i talking about…

Somany things to do, so little time! I’ll better be going, … i have so much to prepare!