5 Less known and/or underrated book series I adore

Over the years i’ve been watching and reading a lot of booktubers and book-bloggers talk about books. I adore books and i enjoy hearing bout new recommendations and such.

Way before i started following bloggers and booktubers i used to trust my library to find new books to read. Back then, i didn’t follow any “trends” of books so i read stuff that really caught my eye at the very moment. It iinsteresting, because many of my favorite series aren’t very talked about in the booksphere and i think it’s a waste.

So today i decided to share with you 5 series (more like trilogies) that i don’t see much going around and tey may be a bit older than what’s going on right now, but they are great in my opinion.

The Gospel According to Larry

The Gospel According to Larry/Vote For Larry/Larry And The Meaning of Life by Janet Tashjian.

I never saw anyone talking about these books. They are about a teenager that with his blog is trying to change the world and how he goes from being anonymous to famous and the how much it takes from him.

I received the first book of this trlogy when i was about 15-16 years old back then and it blew my mind.

It took a few years until i learned about the other two books on the trilogy, and i only read one of them (the other is in my tbr for this year. But the first book changed my mind in so many ways. it can be read as a standalone and i recommend it so much.

The Hunt (The Hunt, #1)

The Hunt/The Prey/The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

I know by the time you’ll be reading this Vampires are outdated but this trilogy is something else. It always reminded me a bit of The Hunger Games. It is full of action and some really good plot twists.

I adored reading this series, and i totally recommend it to everyone looking for some adventure.

Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy, #1)

Half Bad/ Half Wild/Half Lost by Sally Green

The one i discovered thanks to a booktuber. This books are just AMAZING. One of my favorites of all time for sure.

In a world where there are black and white magicians a boy born from a white witch and a black one is feared and mistreated. Until he finds his own way.

It is about to be adapted into a series by netflix and i recommend to read the books before watching it!

The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, #1)

The Red Pyramid/The Throne of Fire/The Serprent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan

This is in my opinion the least talked series by Rick Riordan and to me that’s a shame because it is as amazing as the others.

The story moves around two siblings, Carter and Sadie, who one day discover the Egyptian gods are real and his father has become one of them.

As Seth tries to destroy everything, they are sent on a great adventure to save the world!

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)

Beautiful Creatures/Beautiful Darkness/Beautiful Chaos/ Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I think this is a series people don’t give enough of an opportunity, sadly because the second book is a bit slow and boring. But one you get through it, the next two ones are AWESOME.

This is the story of a caster (sort of witch) named Lena and a boy who falls for her named Wade. Oh, just thiking about this story i just want to reread it. I love the characters so so much. It was adapted to a movie but i don’t recommend it because it was … no good.

I don’t know what else to tell you, i think these are great books and hope you look for them and try and gve them a chance… if you do, let me know!

January 4th.

On this very day six years ago this little kid (at heart) was making her first post on this blog.

I don’t remember much about it, and looking on my old post i clearly had nothing to talk about. I just wanted a place to call mine. And so i opened this little blog, without any expectations.

For some reason i decided the url would be booksxorxmisery. When decided this, i was just recycling the name of a song from Fall Out Boy i liked, The Music or The Misery so now you know the meaning behind the name of the url itself…

the main idea was to review books, series and stuff [- from my very first post].

I didn’t remember this was the idea i had at the beginning, i thought i was just doing this to have a place to rant about life, but looking back at my very old posts, i was here for the reason i still am.

It’s weird to see my old posts, i don’t remember writing them but you can clearly see i was miserable at my job, and my only happiness were books. Which gives a lot of meaning to the url of the blog itself. Wow, i may be a freaking genius without even realizing it.

I don’t recommend going back in time on my blog, it’s full of sad thoughts and difficult times. But i won’t put them on private, because that’s who i was at the moment, and i want it to be rememebered… mostly by me.

To be honest there’s only one post I put on private since i started this blog, one about a very controversial book in which i recieved a very bad comment so i decided it was not worth it.

It’s weird, although my blog was about reviews, i didn’t start them until June that year. The first book i reviewed was a forever favorite; All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Which makes a lot of sense since i loved the book so much, it meant and means so much to me.

But before that, i complained about people making remarks about my accent, being depressed, hating my job, Digimon and other stuff that i cannot believe i was willing to talk about. Like, what was i thinking when i posted all that? Who would care? I guess, just me. I’m the one going back these days and looking at what i used to write… things, strange things about how i wanted to stop going to work and the things i imagined while i was there.

I don’t understand myself.

Life on the internet is weird, most of us will be here without leaving a real print. I mean, i am leaving my print because i’m publishing all this stuff but nobody cares. I know i’m talking to myself. And now i’ve been doing it for six years! So congratulations, Clemence! You made it!

Now, talking seriusly… i love this blog, and i now i come and go a lot, but i’m hoping i’ll be able to stay for a very long time and not go away anymore.

I guess, over all this nonsense what i’m trying to say is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dreamed Worlds, You have been a dream come true, i enjoy your company and working with you, on you, for you.

Thoughts on Thursday: The SPN experience.

This is a safe space where i’ll be processing some thoughts… it may come back and it may not… but right now i need to get this thoughts out so here it goes…

This may have some sort of spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled on anything Supernatural related.. please stop reading.

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 8 | EW.com
The Winchester brothers, part of my life as a fangirl, part of my youth, my memories and everything in between.

I was a Supernatural fan… i’d been a fan for a very long time, from like season 2 or something. I remember how i started watching it and my sister telling she would tell my mom that i’m watching scary stuff when i’m known for being afraid of my own shadow.

I remember loving the Winchester brothers and having a crush on Jared Padalecki since forever… but when you end up fighting God’s sister clearly you are running out of ideas, or so i thought.

I stopped watching Supernatural years ago, in the beginning of season 12… only came back for the Scooby Doo episode. But knowing it was ending i prepared myself to catch up and finish a tv show, because i spent not only my time watching the show once until then… i watched it a few times over the years.

I thought i should “pay my respects” to the show…

I don’t even know.

It ended and tumblr is exploding. Actually, it started the explosion with S15E18 when Castiel told Dean he loves (loved) him.

Now, i shipped Destiel for a long while… and maybe i stopped watching the show because i was mad it was queerbaiting… i don’t really remember but i know i always felt it was never gonna happen.

Anyway, Castiel ended up having feelings for Dean (what a shock) obviously, for me Dean doesn’t have feeling for Castiel … or so you’ll think after the performance Jensen Ackles gave on that scene.

The thing is apparently Dean says he loves Cass too… (I heard it, he does say it) which is funny and infuriating all at the same time.

Did they want to make it queer at the end? If so, what changed? Is love different for angels? Who the hell thought sending Castiel to super mega hyper hell after admiting loving Dean was a good idea and message to the community????

Hell, if i know.

But people are raging, and i understand them… but it also makes me wonder, should i finish watching the show or not? Is it bad if i watch i on netflix? does it even matter? Do i matter?

Clearly, the audience didn’t matter much to the writers, if they did what they did to the characters at the end… there are a bunch of conspiracy theories going around about the ending of the show. I chose not to mind them too much because otherwise i’ll spiral into the neverending craziness in my head and we might never get an answer.

Since i’m on tumblr and i’m not blind, i pretty much know the ending, they are gifing everything, so there are no secrets, and i don’t really mind spoilers most of the time so i could watch it… but do i want to? I mean, a part of me obviously does, I love Sam Winchester, i want to see as much of him as i can… but i also gave up on it for a reason back in the day… and they upsetted a ton of people…

I’m being torn apart and i wanna be free of this pain… (yeah, i still quote Kylo Ren sometimes…), but i don’t know if i should do it or not.

I mean… Jared… but at the same time everything else.

Please, don’t get me wrong, i appreciate most of the people who participated on the show i don’t wanna be disrespectful to any of them… but Jared is JARED.

At the same time… when i left it, it was still going on.. and for me it will carry on (obviously on purpose) because of that and giving it an end will be like… idk… too much? Too hurtful? Seeing the ending could send me into a spiral of rewatching the show again and again, and it’s 15 seasons… which could consume my life when i just got back to normal, and reading and being okay and finally having plans in my life…

It’s just four seasons… four seasons and it will be over for me… but do i want it to be over?? Do i prefer having them as they were 4 seasons back or do i want their end? If i do watch am i betraying my community?

It’s too much…

Now i suddenly have the urge of ending my fanfiction about them… and starting a new one that it’s coming alive in my head right this moment.

I think i’ll leave this open for now, i have the option of watching it on netflix, i might do it someday… but i’m not sure today is the day… i’m not ready to saying good bye to Sam and Dean and Castiel yet. I guess it won’t be over for now… maybe the moment i see them in different tv shows will be the right moment, to let them go… speaking of letting go, i’m coming up with my next talk idea..

Letting go is so difficult, especially when these characters helped you through hard times.

Shot, i totally remember being super scared of season four and like, not being able to sleep for some reason… yes… the times when my life went to hell along with the Winchesters.

I love them, i totally do… i just, don’t want to day goodbye forever yet… and i know i can rewatch it, i’m just not ready for that either.

Carry On!

I want to be a reader.

Many kids wanted to be firefighters when they grow up. Some others want to be astronauts or police officers. When i was 5 i wanted to study the stars and the universe, until the day i discovered the joy of reading books and all i wanted was to be a reader.

Sure, being a reader is not a fulltime job, for most people, but as the time and life pass by i’m pretty convinced it’s the thing i want the most.

These days i struggle a lot to read even the news, and that’s because i’m not able to concentrate for long periods of time. I used to listen to audiobooks for 8 hours straight at work, but as it seems now, those times are pretty much gone. I used to sit for hours and hours to read and could finish a book in on sit, but not anymore.

I could look at my *read list* for 2018, i know it’s only March but i’m way behind years prior, and tell myself to give up because reading one book a month is not being a reader. I could watch a million youtube videos of booktubers showing the many books they read last month and feel like a failure.

I could just give up reading because i can’t concentrate and to be honest most people won’t care if you read or not. Actually, most people i know look at me funny because i always have a book in my bag.

But you see.. as i struggle every day to read even a few words just so i don’t lose the habit i came to realize what i love about reading.

I love the way words meet each other and make sentences, wonderful sentences and the way those sentences make up a story. A story someone felt the need to tell the world. Just think about so many writers full of amazing and magical worlds they are wanting to share with everyone who will be willing to read them.

As i sit in my room and stare at my bookshelves, i can’t help but think of all the things those books sitting there are waiting to tell me, the stories and the worlds they are dying to share with me.

I’m the perfect example for the word “loner” and many times i’m very lonely, but then i can get a book in my hands and meet with beloved friends i know and love with all my heart. Because yeah, they can be fictional, but the way feel about them and the way their stories make me feel is real.

Those books, sitting on my shelves and the ones i haven’t bought yet but i will one day and i’ll read and i’ll cry, and i’ll laugh… they mean something. They are the reason i want to be a reader.

Being a reader is not only sitting 10 hours straight reading a book that just came out just to finish it, it also means appreciating the work of the author, enjoy the reading, rereading books you love, caring about fictional characters, waiting for the next book in a series you love, by an author you like.

Being a reader it’s a lot of little things. It’s not just reading. It’s discovering worlds and finding people who love the same places and stories as you do, dreaming of getting to places like magical schools or finding sleeping kings.

Being a reader is to enter the dreams of others and making them also your own. It’s to love and to hate fiercely, caring and dreaming yourself. It’s finding a common ground for all the different dreamers out there and dare to keep dreaming even when you are awake.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I know it’s been a really long time since i wrote something for the blog, and to be completely honest it’s all Skam’s fault.  In case you don’t know what Skam is… well, it’s THE TV SHOW… i’ll be posting about it sometime soon… or at least i hope.

Anyway, this month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

As a person battling mental illness since i was 16 (though i’m pretty sure it started before, but i was diagnosed at 16) i believe it’s part of my ‘job’ to talk about this topic. Obviously relating this to books, since my blog is about books and literature, but not only that.

I was hoping you could give me your opinion on what would you want to read about relating to mental health, i have a lot to say about it, but i don’t wanna just throw all of that to you.

Obviously, this month i have a tbr just consisting of books that feature mentally ill characters, which i hope will make the cut and become reviews.  I’ll be posting the

I’ll be posting the tbr later in the week. I want to talk about mentally ill characters and their representation on books and tv shows. I’ll be giving some book recommendations and i may talk about books that didn’t work out for me. Maybe,  if you want me to also recommend some movies or just talk about own experiences, or if you want to share your on experience with mental illness… i’m open to all ideas right now.

I truly see this month as an opportunity to make a change in how people see and think about mental illness. I think it’s our job to make the difference, to speak up about the issue and not be afraid to say ‘yeah, i suffer from…’ (in my case depression and avoidant personality disorder).

So yes, i’m open to ideas and any recommendations really at the moment.

I hope we can make the best of this month.

‘Til next time!




Some previous posts i made on the topic of mental illness:

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2017’s resolution?

Hello there guys and happy new year! I know i’m sort of late but i actually like wishing stuff later when you aren’t expecting anyone else to come forward… That’s just something i do. Like, i’ll be calling on someone’s birthday but when it is almost over…so you know, one last wish before the day is over.

Anyway, i know the past few months i was pretty awol and though i tried my best i couldn’t bring myself to pick up where i left.

To be completely honest with you i was overwhelmed by the idea that i just had to read as much as possible. Because of that idea i ended up reading books i didn’t truly enjoy and by September/October i felt like i’ve just wasted a year of my life reading just for the sake of having something to write about instead of enjoying my favorite thing, reading books and discovering new worlds.

This is why i decided on one resolution for this new year, which is, to read books i do enjoy even if they take more time to read. It took me long enough to remember it is not about the quantity but about the quality of what you read.

Sure this doesn’t mean i’ll be reading only classics (because of ‘quality’, you know how many people think that quality it’s only the classic and basically all the contemporary literature is pure S***) but books i really want to read and enjoy.

I’ll be sharing with you my truest and happier opinions this year (i hope) as much as catching up with some stuff i want to share and maybe adding some other content that isn’t book related.

I hope we’ll keep reading about each other and for my writing to keep on a steady rhythm all year long.

Random Post Sunday: I’m a listener. 

I’m a listener. I am like a serial listener.

I’ll be waiting at the bus station and an old lady will approach me to talk about her problems. I guess i have the look of a listener.

You see, i don’t share my problems with people, they don’t understand. I don’t complain to them because i know they don’t care. At all.

That’s most people for you. People like sharing their problems but not listen to others’s.

It’s not like i don’t have problems. Although if you just look at me you’ll think i don’t have any.

Well, i used to have a soul but it died at some point and i’m now dead inside. I don’t tell that to people. They wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t care either.

So i conceal and people see it as an invitation to talk and share their *problems*.

I used to care and try to give my help or advice but then my soul died. So if i’m giving advice unless it is about books, movies or tv shows i don’t recommend you to follow them.

You may be thinking, but you are sharing here right now, aren’t you? Well, joke’s on you. I don’t truly believe any of this is even real.

Not A ‘Good Reading’ Year [thus far]

We are about half way through July 2016, so i figured, i can already talk a little about how my reading is going this far.  Now, i’ll talk about both sides of my reading, meaning the amount of books and how much i enjoyed them.

My goal for the year, i wanted tove a doable goal, i set it at 60 book, which means 5 books per month. Pretty doable right? Right. As of today i already read 74 books and i’m trying to get to the 100 by the end of the year, just because it seems like i can do it right now.

You may think, ‘then you are doing fine, Clemence… how is it not a good reading year?’.

So, let me explain this;

When i started this year i knew it will be a difficult one. 2015 was an amazing year, i had it difficult to choose my favorites because there were too many of them. Out of the 105 i read last year i LOVED at least 85, like a lot.

So, when 2016 started i was worried i wouldn’t be able to find good books as all those again, at least not that much… this far i’d been right.

It doesn’t matter how many books i read, i cannot find *the* books. Like, yeah

Like, yeah i might like them, but they don’t change my life (with only a few exceptions) and it feels really sad… I feel like yeah, i can finish reading those books but i would totally rather find books to fall in love with, the kind of books i will reread a few more times.

I’ m really trying to find these *amazing* books, i just cannot find them… and it is making me lose hope. This far i’ve been trying but i’m scared of the big reading slump that may come because i cannot find books i really love and enjoy.

So, here i am… still hoping to find books, and maybe because of that i’m writing this, to ask you guys if you could give me some books recommendations, and i mean books that really made an impression on you. Pretty please?

I’d be forever thankful.

Will be waiting for your recs!

‘Til Next Time 😉



Random Post Sunday: The One In Which My Mind Is A Mess

I used to love writing. NO.

I used to write a lot. NO.

My mind is a mess.

Back in high school i was sure what i wanted to do with my life. Everybody knew i was about to be a writer. There was no doubt, i had a way with words, they just flowed through me to the paper, i was going to be a writer.

It’s been a while now since i finished high school, and even though it took me more than the average person because of illness, i never wrote a book.

It’s not like i wanted to be published or something, i just wanted to put my ideas on a paper and read them to myself. That’s all i really wanted.

But those days are gone now. (And i’m having a deja vu).

I remember having a clarity for words growing up, i knew how to arrange the words to give them the best use. I could develop one idea into a lot of pages, like in exams and stories.. words were part of me.

Then something happened. I don’t know what… but one day i just couldn’t keep seeing and telling the stuff i saw in my mind.

My mind became havoc one day and since then i’m pretty sure all i write have no sense whatsoever. I’m not quite sure anything that comes out of my mouth make any sense. Do people understand me? Am i talking right?

A while ago i commented on having a lot of thoughts through the day, so much i would wake up in the middle of the night to keep thinking. But nothing of that makes sense. And i’m not sure why my mind became such a mess.

Why am i even talking about this?

Well, i was writing a different post a few minutes ago, and when i checked it up it made no sense even to me. Which is weird, because i usually know myself enough to undertsand what i’m talking about. That was not the case thi time, and i started thinking, what if all the stuff in here makes no sense?

Things became suddenly complicated.

I feel like i usually mumble a lot and because of that when i’m around people iprefer not to speak.

The thing is i’m not sure if this is a self esteem issue or something else, and there’s no one i can talk about it with, because since i don’t speak i don’t have friends to go to… Anywya, it’s not like i would be able to explain to them any of this. Words wouldn’t come out my mouth if i was with them…

So i write. But i no longer write stories, because my mind is a complete mess and i don’t know how to interact with people any longer.

I write about books and the stuff i love, i write about it a lot, more than you actually see here, because even though my mind is mess and i don’t have people to talk to i still have a lot of thoughts that i need to take out of my mind.

I really have no idea what was the actual point of this post.

Maybe a little rumbling to clean my head a bit.






Had writers run out of ideas?

I was watching Fuller House the other day, taking a break from my Full House binge (…) when i started to see patterns on the episodes. I mean, they were at moments parallel to the old ones. When i caught this i could not help myself but ask are they doing this because they want the watchers to feel at home with the beloved characters or because they couldn’t think about any new ideas?

use I wouldn’t have thought of the second option if it wasn’t because lately there had been a lot of reboots and useless remakes. And yes, i like the reboot of Full House, because i really love the characters (and seeing John Stamos is always good), but i’m kinda worried and i couldn’t help but ask myself,

Had writers run out of ideas?

There’s this theory that in the world exist only 7 stories archetypes, which says that every story ever develops from one of the seven basic plots. You can totally understand why this could happen.

A while ago i found myself surprised by the fact that people around the world may be thinking the exact line of thought i do, even when we don’t know each other.. and that’s just weird. Like, the human mind has so much they can create, so why wouldn’t it apply to ideas for plots and such. Like there aren’t about 700 crime tv shows that all look the same.

Is that why there are so many tv shows now based on books and movies? Like, the writers of tv shows have no creativity anymore, are they using the last few ideas created  by humankind and developing them to entertain us? Well, that would explain so much reality show these days, but more important…

Is humanity really running out of ideas?

… Man, thinking about this is totally scary, think about how literature will look in another 100 years, … if writers are retelling their own books changing povs and genders thesse days, imagine when wannabe authors of the next century use those books to create some ‘literature’ … yes, i know it’s already happening with all the fanfiction being published as books already… man, the future is screwed.

I mean, is it really happening are we out of ideas? or people is just becoming lazy? … I understand that people would love to see their beloved characters again in new situations, but aren’t they overdoing it? like, is every tv show from the early 90s’ getting a reboot?

In my opinion, they are way out of line, …and don’t get me wrong, if there’s someone that can understand loving and getting too attached to characters …that is totally me, but hey, if you are willing to revive something, at least be creative about it, otherwise why would i bother?

Say, remakes of movies from the early 00s’, do they really need to be done? Are you for real? If you cannot think of a good sequel, then leave it alone, nothing good can come from it.

Then there are the good sequels, even when you see the same plots in the movies, … i remember reading a lot about how The Force Awakens was a copy of A New Hope, but there i think, it was on purpose, and it was extremely well done. Also, the story varied enough so it wouldn’t really be a rip off its own predecessor.

Yes, that happens, a lot.

So, which one is the real answer? … which one do you believe is the real reason? Have we touch bottom, are humans out of ideas or are they making easy money out of us? …

I personally think the second seems more probable..

And that’s all for now, sure i’ll be talking about this topic more, i think it’s enough for today…

‘Til Next Time 😉