Reminiscing Monday #17: The first band i’ve ever listened to.

Reminiscing Monday is basically a series of posts where i talk about everything and anything from books to movies, tv shows, and music that influenced me somehow in my life.

Sure i haven’t been posting this series, or anything much these past few weeks/months but seeing as last week one more light was shut down i thought it would be a good time to bring the series back in order to commemorate it.

Reminiscing Monday: The first band i’ve ever listened to.

Last Thursday Chester Bennington, the lead singer in Linkin Park, was found dead in his home. My sister was the one who gave me the news Friday morning and she shoved the thing off as if it wasn’t important.

At first, i was a little in shock but i thought ‘ok… it’s the shock of knowing someone died’ but as the hours kept passing by i felt worse and worse until i couldn’t stop my tears anymore and broke down crying.

For a fan this could be something normal, but the thing is that even though i do have someLinkin Park songs in my phone and i’ve been listening for a while now i’ve never seen myself as a fan of the band.

So i really stopped to think about why the death of Chester hit me so hard that i’m still bursting into tears from time to time and anywhere.

The realization came to me a few hours ago and it is what i want to talk about today.

Back in 2000 when my sister became a teenager she and i shared a room. This may sound as nothing important but you know how in the pre and teenage years one “discovers” music, meaning for the first time she wasn’t just listening to songs from telenovelas as Chiquititas (little girls) and this affected me as it affected her.

My sister’s first years discovering music were full of rock, rap and punk.

Since i shared the room with her my discovering years were the same.

The most prominent band she listened to was… As you may guess Linkin Park, followed by stuff like Limp Bizkit and Nas.

Sure at the time, i didn’t understand a word of what they sang or why the singer was always screaming but Hybrid Theory was the first cd i’ve ever listened from beginning to end and looking back it meant something because since then i have always had some Linkin Park songs with me.

No, i’ve never been a fan of the band per se, to be honest most of the songs i own are their singles but still, even though i was just a casual listener they have had such an influence in the way i look at the world, how do i choose the battles i believe i can fight, how do i show myself to the world… I mean for years ‘Numb’ was my song, i guess, as many others said already, Linkin Park is the kind of band that is just the soundtrack of life.

I guess it’s the little things that shape us and today i know to appreciate them more than i had before.


Reminiscing Monday #16: Digimon

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

Digimon by … wait, who is the creator of Digimon!? … (goes check…) Akiyoshi Hongou

Digimon AdventureI have an eternal fight with my brother, which one is better… Digimon or Pokemon? My brother says it’s Pokemon because it’s still running, to me it’s Digimon because i liked it better and the fact that something still runs doesn’t mean it is necessarily good.

The Digidestinated, the Digimons, the Digievolutions, omg… i have almost tears in my eyes.

Now, maybe i started watching Pokemon before Digimon, but the moment i started the last i lost all interest i might have had for Pikachu and Ash.

I started watching Digimon when i was about 9 or 10, i remember i caught the first episode by chance, and it was in the very beginning of it, when the kids where at camp.

From the moment i watched that episode i knew i would love the show and would watch every episode, which i did and still do, because the anime from my childhood are the ones i rewatch most of the time.

There was something really fun about the show, maybe the fact that it wasn’t happening in our world, but the Digidestinated were humans brought there like it could happen to anyone.. (escaping this regular and boring life is a leitmotiv in my life). Sure, they were animated but who was thinking about that fact then?

Also, i think for the first time i found a character that reminded me of myself in an anime, later i would find some more, i’m talking about Koushiro and maybe a little about Jou.

When i was little (and actually it’s still that way) i enjoyed more shounen than shoujo (CLAMP aside) and the Digimons’ battles were super fun for little Clemence. I could play hours as a Digidestinated and as a Digimon itself.

To be completely honest here, even though i really like Digimon i only completed watching two seasons (Digimon Adventure and Digimon Zero Two) but i watched some episodes of the others seasons and they are all in my TBW list.

Now, last week i talked about my childhood crushes, but now thinking about Digimon i’m realizing i totally forgot about one of them … (maybe two or ten), the one crush i had from Digimon though… Yamato Ishida.. i liked him in both Digimon Adventure and Zero Two. Like omg, i liked him so freaking much  it’s really embarrassing.

Yamato Ishida
(My sister thought i was crazy because i was crushing on an animated character -) Yamato Ishida.

So, i really hope i wasn’t the only kid crushing on Yamato Ishidaanimated characters… otherwise07.

But what can i say, since i was never going outside to play with other children, all i saw most of the time was animated series, and kids develop ridiculous crushes all the time!!

Anyway, so i was talking about how much i liked Digimon… Sure, i watched the show at least 1o times from beginning to end. And i still cry with the last episode of the first season.

I talked actually about Digimon coming back when i started the blog, i was really happy because we are now getting some new OVAs (original video animation) with the original Digidestinated (aka; the kids from Adventure) but they grew up and everything is amazing.

Thinking back, Digimon is part of who i am, at least th first two seasons are. Like, to this day when someone makes a change on how they look or something i say they “digievolved”. My sister thinks i need to grow up, but she sas that about all the anime i watch so…

There was something really neat on the show, i can’t pinpoint why i liked so much… i could as well not like it and nothing would have changed in life much. Still, i’m so happy that i enjoyed it and i like it to this day.


‘Til Next Time 😉


Reminiscing Monday #15: Fictional Crushes From Childhood

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Well, actually today i’m gonna talk  about my crushes back in the day when i was a little girl (from ages 5-12 more or less), this is gonna be awkward…

 Fictional Crushes From Childhood

The idea came to me when i was rewatching 12 Monkeys (the tv show). I was happily thinking about how cute Aaron Stanford is (tumblr_inline_n61q9gT5Qa1qhdusl) when i remembered he played Pyro in the X-men movies. Now, i really enjoy the X-men movies (or most of them) although they have a big BIG HUGE flaw. They DON’T HAVE GAMBIT ON THEM.

haha, you may think, why do you even care about about Gambit? but, BUT…

Actually, Gambit was one of my first crushes ever, and i mean Gambit the animated version.

Haha, actually i used to like Cyclops too, but not as much as i liked Gambit. I think it was the first time someone had to tell me i won’t be marrying him because he is animated… I really wanted to be Rogue at the time…

This reminds me i also wanted to be Kimberly, the pink power ranger because of  Tommy, the green/white power ranger. They had a thing going on, didn’t they?


what even, i was like 5 when i liked him.

Dragon Shiryu, from Saint Seiya was also really up on my list back in the day…. right now i’m like really laughing about this, but at the time i was completely serious like it was one of my biggest crushes … omg.

Fou Lafine

Another character i had a crush on created by Saint Seiya’s creator, Kurumada Masami, was Fou “Fao” Lafine from B’t X. Man, i loved this anime so much, but it’s an oldie and i never find people who watched it … i’ll talk about it someday.


Back in the day when i just started reading Harry Potter, Ron was my favorite character… so when Rupert Grint was casted for the movies i immediately  had a crush in him too…

Finally, last but not least, …. in Argentina there was this telenovela for kids called “Chiquititas” (“little girls”) and somewhere in the way they brought a Mexican young actor called Felipe Colombo to play in the telenovela…

Actually in this picture he looks a little older than when i was 11-12, but since i had a crush on him through my teenage years, all the time, all the freaking time… so it doesn’t really matter…

Since having these crushes , a long time has passed but still, though all my life i had them, not these specifically, but through the years i had tons and tons of crushes…. i still do have them actually, … my biggst crush being Jared Padalecki since i was 15-16, when i started watching Supernatural.

Man, i don’t know if this post is more pointless or shameful, but it’s at least a little of both..

Who were your crushes when you were little?

‘Til Next Time 😉





Reminiscing Monday #14: Restaurant City

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

Restaurant City by Playfish

Resultado de imagen para restaurant city One of my goals in life right now is leaving Facebook for good. The main problem i have with closing my account is the fact that I’ve spent so many hours playing the stupid games it has, i feel bad for letting them go.

Yes, i’m the one person that keep playing the games after they stop being trendy, but no.. i don’t send requests to people i know aren’t playing.

Thinking of that i remebered the one game i spent most of my time playing from 2009-2012, yes, i spent like three years logging in every single day to get all the goodies and stuff…

Like honestly, i loved this game, it was an addiction.

I remember i started playing it a few minutes a day, like, okay, i’m waiting for something to load so i’ll play a little, but it became more and more time consuming as they started adding stuff you could get for your restaurant. It was riddiculus, i could spend about 3 to 5 hours a day trying to get stuff for my restaurant, and i would think it was well spent time.

What the hell was i thinking?


Resultado de imagen para restaurant city
I was so invested in the game i owned every possible thing


Luckily for me i might have invested my time, but not money on the game because even though it was a lot of fun and everything it was closed in 2012.

Wow, i cannot believe it was such a long time ago…

I mean, at the time it was everything, it was i think the first game i played on facebook and the one that started the madness, to this day i still try a lot of the games, bwecause i’m hoping to find one this awesome… But no, they aren’t that good anymore…

Okay, not that it was such a great deal, i had to find vegetables and different ingredients to make different dishes and just let my workers do everything else, like i would just give them shifts, but still, i loved it so much.

If i recall right (which i may not) the last level it had was level 90, like, you would level up by making money, so it wasn’t that hard, and i was the final level for like forever and wouldn’t understand why couldn’t i level up anymore, only to discover now that the company that made the game was bought by EA and they destroyed it and then closed it 12.


I’m never getting over this.

But seriously, looking back, what a tremendous waste of my time. Like, EA, either you give me my time back or somehow you have to pay me back because i spent a lot of my time and life in this game WTF.


Now that i think about this i feel such an idiot for spending all that time on decorating my restaurant and adding unknown to me people to facebook because they played the game and that way we could trade ingredients.

My gosh, what was i thinking?!

Seriously, never play these games if you can avoid it… now i’m stuck with other two games…and i don’t know how to stop myself from playing them every day.

What a waste of my time.. well, it’s not like i have much more to do anyway.. but still…. what the heck!?

Save me from myself.

‘Til Next Time 😉


Reminiscing Monday #13: Glee

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.


Glee poster Oh Wow, this is bringing back a lot of memories already.

So, back in 2009 all i would watch was Anime. Well, that was until the very day i discovered this awkward, funny, full of music and heart tv show where, get this, actual people played! (XD).

I don’t remember why exactly i decided on giving the show a chance, but i did and by the second episode i was hooked. Glee became at the time my everything, i would watch it 24/7, like each and every free moment i would watch it and rewatch and rewatch …

I loved the music, the characters, the fact that the show was full of color. There was something i was truly needing at the moment, Glee changed my life.

I started singing at random moments and was feeling pretty happy with life, maybe because of all the music in the show, maybe because i saw myself in the outcasted characters…. i don’t know, everything seemed perfect to me.

I watched the first four seasons a million times each… at the time i also was so obsessed with it, i’d buy everything Glee related. To this day i own the first four seasons, all the CDs they released, even the *special ones*; Madonna, Christmas, The Warblers, you name it… i bought some weird books that were published, i had[have] posters, magazines …. whatever there was to be purchased i owned, well… for some reason i never bought any shirts …but everything else i had.

Glee was more than a show i loved, i was completely obsessed with it… so much, i think i couldn’t talk about anything else for quite some time.. i’m so sorry to the people that had to deal with me every day at that point in my life.

Well, as i already *admitted*, Glee was my life for four, five years… man, even now, if i think about glee i cannot truly express it with words all i have in my mind is GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE GLEE… like, not even some coherent sentences.

Yes, i did mention i was a fan for four/five years and there’s a reason.

I was a huge fan of Glee (obviously…) when Cory Monteith died.

His character was never my favorite, but i really liked him as an actor, and when he passed away something broke within me. I mourned his death for months and when Glee came back after i just, i couldn’t watch it knowing that he wasn’t coming back.  Yes, there was a special episode commemorating him, and to tell you the truth, that was the last episode of Glee i ever watched.

Many times i thought of watching the last two seasons, since i knew some stuff went on with my OTP (at the time), Klaine, especially in the last season…. but i felt like it was betraying Cory.  Like, without him it wasn’t truly Glee. There wasn’t any GLEE.

At times i still think of binge watching it all, but since then so much happened… i don’t know if i’ll ever get to actually do it.

Even now, when i can see the flaws in the show since i’m not the blind superfan i used to be anymore, i hold the show in a very special place in my heart… Glee brought me back to life when i was really down, i still listen to the songs they covered because those people are extremely talented.

I still check on what the different actors are doing, what’s going on with their careers… even thought the only one i’m watching in another TV show currently is Harry Shum Jr. in Shadowhunters… but about that show, i’ll talk in another post… no wait, i watched Scream Queens too…

Anyway, Glee was and may still be a great part of my life, even if at times i feel ashamed i was so obsessed! And i think it’s a good thing to actually put in on the table.. i don’t know maybe i’m just rambling.

‘Til Next Time 😉




Reminiscing Monday #12: My Name Is Memory

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Name is Memory

Infinite reincarnations, two souls, one eternal love.

My Name Is Memory is about a guy living dozens of lives, always remembering the previous ones and forever looking for the one girl he always loves. Daniel is the sweetest guy ever. Just remembering him my eyes get all teary.

This one is the romance book i will recommend first when someone ask me for a YA romance.

The ‘magical’ story of Daniel & Lucy is one of the most beautiful ones i got to read. The story itself is mostly told from Daniel pov both in first and third person, which is pretty peculiar itself in YA. His character is pure and honest all the way through the book.

We also get to know each and every one of the lives where they met before, from the very beginning. Sometimes she falls for him, sometimes she is an old lady and he is a little boy (i know this sounds weird, but it is just fine, i swear).

It is a story about looking for someone and hoping to do things right for once so they can get to be happy.

The stories along history are one more beautiful than the other, i enjoyed each one of them.

I really liked the way the author writes, it’s so raw and emotional. I couldn’t help but fell the pain and the happiness the characters were feeling. It was just amazing.

Daniel & Lucy OTP forever! Like, seriously their story is the sweetest and i regret nothing, they are so freaking cute <3.

Ok, i’m rambling…

Anyway… many people didn’t like the ending of the book and yes i can understand why. But i found it to be soothing to the story. I mean, i obviously wish it had a sequel, but when thinking about the story in the book that ending makes so much sense.. i won’t give an explanation because i don’t want to spoil anyone, but i swear, it makes sense.

Would i recommend this book? Well, there’s a catch. As i said the book ends in a way that many people felt ‘betrayed’ by it, so i would recommend it only to people with open minds that can deal with ambiguous endings.

To be completely honest, in my opinion even with that ending the book is really worth it because of the story, the writing, and the characters. The book is for me a 9.5/10.

So, as i said… i truly recommend you give a chance to this book, it is such an incredible reading. Well, it’s one of my favorites, i may be a little biased …

‘Til Next Time 😉


Reminiscing Monday #11: The Giver

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver (The Giver, #1)

I remember i picked up this book because at the time i was really into dystopian books and it looked as such a small and harmless one. I was so wrong. This book is just one of those i just read oin one sit because it was so damn freaking intense. From the very first moment to it’s climax i was owed.

Telling the story of a boy called Jonas in a ‘utopian’ community where everything is colorless and they live in conformity, or so he believes until he receives his life assigment as the receiver of memory and hen he starts to understand all the wrong going in the community.

It was the story as a whole and the ones behond each character, it was Jonas’s feelings, the way he started to understand his job and life, it was the way the book was written. I was on the verge of tears more than once or twice, i was just…. WOW.

You know that one book you weren’t expecting much from but, BUT by the time you remember you actually have to breath the book has its paws on you forever? That was this book for me. I wasn’t looking for something really special at the time, i just wanted a fun reading or something.  I was just coming back from years of not being a very active reader (other than Harry Potter) ad this book just fired me up.

I remember even the littliest details of the book and the exact images thta came tom y mind when reading it for the first time. It is so vivid in my mind it’s alms as if i could touch it.

There are sequels to the book, but since those weren’t planned from the begining i feel a little scared of reading them. What if those aren’t this good? Because in my mind The Giver was pretty close to perfect, i don’t want anything to ruin that image in my mind.

You may or may not know it also has a movie. Again, i did not watch it, yet. I planned on doing it a while ago, when it came out but i just couldn’t.

Still, i do own all the books and the  movie just in case, you know… some day i’ll be able to read and watch them, hopefully.

Highly recommend you to give the book a chance!

‘Til Next Time 😉