Favorites | February 2021

February passed by like a flash, and i feel like i didn’t have enough time to do ANYTHING. I mean, i can’t even remember how i spent these days, i feel like i accomplished nothing.

Let’s see what did i manage this month anyway!

TV Shows

WandaVision será un rompecabezas con mucha comedia

I’m still very obsessed with Wandavision and i can’t wait for it to be Friday every week, all week. It doesn’t help that they may be developing a solo movie for Scarlet Witch because i’m so obsessed with her it’s ridiculous.

New poster for the new Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan series SERVANT. |  Servant, Tv, New poster

I’m also very obsessed with Servant, which got to a point i don’t understand anything going on but still… i love it. It is so freaky nd crazy. It’s great.

Maestros de la Costura 4" regresa con más nivel y más espectáculo

Once again my mother go me to watch with her one of her reality shows, Masters of Sewing (maestros de la costura) and it’s addictive. I need to stop visiting my mom, because she always makes me watch this kind of things and i just can’t i can’t believe i end up enjoying this kind of tv show.

Also, i need to catch up with the seasonal anime, i left it all and now i feel guilty for it. Need to come back to them asap!!


I don’t have a favorite of the month, i watched some marvel movies, but it wasn’t the first time for any of them, also all the other movies i watched… weren’t that good… so here goes nothing.


What Big Teeth

WHAT BIG TEETH by Rose Szabo was my favorite reading of the month. It was such a peculiar reading, i loved it, a lot.



Nothing special, I mostly listened to anime’s openings and endings…


This is stupid, but i’m totally obsessed with

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! | Nintendo Switch | Juegos | Nintendo

I bought it as a early present for my birthday and i do nothing but play it. I still wonder if i should’ve choosen Eevee but, I got this one so we’ll never know. It is my first time playing a pokemon game and it is so addictive, i need welp.

Yes, it wasn’t such a productive month and i hate that. I hope March comes with better vibes and energies!!

What were your favorite things of the month? Leave it in the comments down below!

7 thoughts on “Favorites | February 2021

  1. What big teeth looks so interesting! And don’t forget.. sometimes being less productive means less reasons to be! 🤭

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