Favorites | June 2021

Another month is almost over and it’s time to look back at it and see what did i enjoy the most!


Superman and Lois' tendrá una segunda temporada - Enterate24.com

As i’ve been saying since the show began, i’m really loving it. I’m really enjoying the dinamics of the show, and i love the storyline the children have, like Jordan is my boy. I’m not sure if the season ended or what, but i’m totally up for a second season this very moment.

TV Review: "Love, Victor" Season 2 Deals With the Aftermath of Victor  Coming Out to His Parents - LaughingPlace.com

I wasn’t too sure about this show with the first season but after this second season, i gotta admit i totally like it and i was left really 🤯, i don’t know how they manage these amazing cliffhangers but they did in the first season and now they did it again. And like, OMG, i need the nest season NOW. Who did Victor choose?!

Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Now, i don’t know what i did right but Disney keeps making tv shows about my favorite characters in the marvel universe, first Wanda, then Bucky, and now Loki. I only started watching this show but if it goes as the other two went this will be great. Also, i wonder if it will be a mini-series or if it will, at last, have more than one little season because i could watch Tom Hiddleston for days and days.


I didn’t watch any movies this month tbh, i prefered tv series and books, and obviously a ton of music. I mean, i think i watched Spiral this month but it was BAD.


If This Gets Out

Awesome book, i read an eArc provided by netgalley, the book will come out on December. I totally recommend it. I won’t talk about it much here, but you can read my review: If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich

Thanks a Lot, Universe

Another great book, this time a middle grade book i totally recommend to young readers about how difficult life can be when you are 13. Speaks to readers on an eye level, you can read my review here: Thanks A Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas.


I mostly listened to Rammstein this month, which could explain the headache at the end of it (i’m kidding). I love their music and i have been watching many of their lives, as i ugly cried since i won’t be able to go to any of their shows next year. Ugh, it’s so so close, but there are so many people i can’t, it would make me really anxious and it might end ugly for everyone.

Rammstein celebrará los 25 años de 'Herzeleid' con una nueva versión Summa Inferno | Metal + Rock & Alternative Music

Anyway, those were my favorites of the month.

What were your favorites this month?! Leave your comment down below!

Favorites | May 2021

Another month is almost over and it’s time to look back at it and see what did i enjoy the most!


Superman and Lois' tendrá una segunda temporada - Enterate24.com

Finally, Superman & Lois is back, i was really missing this show! I don’t watch any other DC content but i really enjoy this TV show, it might be because i really like the storyline of the sons and Clark and Lois being parents to teenagers. The story is becoming really interesting (the first time i watched the first episode it felt like a drag) and it’s really growing on me. I’m glad i’m watching it.

RAGNAROK, la nueva serie de Netflix - Chévere Digital

Finally my babies Magne and Laurits came back for a second season i binge-watched. The story had a few of wtf moments and it isn’t flawless but i enjoyed it nonetheless. Lautrits is by far my favorite character on the show but Magne is still amazing. It might be not the best show out there but i still like it, a lot.


Bad Ben (TV Movie 2016) - IMDb

I was recommended these trilogy (?) after watching The Blackwell Ghost series. It hasn’t the best story but i did scare me at times and i really enjoyed watching it. Would totally recommend.


The Last Fallen Star (Gifted Clans #1)

This was without a doubt the best book i read this month, it taught me so much about Korean Mythology and it was so well written. Listen, we need more Middle Grade books like this one, i’m just saying it. It has all the potential Percy Jackson did and it had some plot twist i wasn’t expecting, really a great book, I recommend it with all my heart.

The Great Gatsby

A book i wasn’t expecting to like as much as i did. It was truly something, now i undertsnad the fuss about it. I really enjoyed it and was so surprised by it in such a great way. Absolutely fantastic.


I didn’t listen to much music this month, and nothing really stood out. I just listen to The Pretender by the Foo Fighters and Nirvana more than usual, but it was a silent month for most of it. Nothing really to say here.

What were your favorites this month?! Leave your comment down below!

Favorites | April 2021

Another month is almost over and it’s time to look back at it and see what did i enjoy the most!


How to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier online - stream episode 6  for less | GamesRadar+

Last month i wasn’t very sure of how much i liked this show, because i came from a disappointment with Wandavision, but i gotta admit, that ending. Such a great show. I really enjoed watching Sam and Bucky cooperate, sure we’ve seen them before, but without Steve their chemistry was different and like, amazing. Loved Sebastian and Anthony and who can foreget the amazing dance Zemo gave us.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Release The Extended Zemo Dance - LRM
Shadow and Bone: Complete Cast and Character Guide | Screen Rant

I got to admit i only read Shadow and Bone (the first book) a few years back and i didn’t enjoy it much but after watching the adaptation i’m really wanting to reread it and continue which i may end up doing. I also own Six of Crows (they were what i enjoyed the most in the show) so i might start there. If you think i shoudn’t start with Six of Crows let me know so i don’t ruin my experience with the Grishaverse! Hope i really read them, i tend to talk a lot and do nothing… But the show was amazing, and i totally recommend it to everyone.

Se revela nuevo visual para la segunda temporada del anime Mairimashita!  Iruma-kun - C506 Collectibles TV Comics & Anime

Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun is back for a second season and i’m extremely happy, because even though it is a silly anime i really like it! I’ve been waiting for it since the first season ended, so i’m very glad to see it begin it’s second season! I would recommend but i’m not sure people actually like this kind of silly anime that much. I think it’s really funny though. If you are looking for an easy watch, give it a chance!


The Blackwell Ghost: Real or Fake? - YouTube

This month i watched all five Blackwell Ghost movies and they are great. It’s a fake documentary about a guy trying to prove ghosts are real and let me tell you, these movies are just great. Sure, i didn’t have a problem sleeping after watching them, so they weren’t scary movies, but at the same time i felt like i wasn’t alone at home.


I can’t really choose, i really liked all the books i read this month but Who Moved My Cheese. I think it was a slow month, sadly, i only read 5 books, but 4 of them were exceptional.


This month i was very obsessed with Rammstein. Yeah, i don’t seem a person who would listen to them but i actually like them a lot. And i’ve been listening to them non stop this month. It calms my anxiety and helps me not to think about anything but their songs.

Nuevo álbum de Rammstein a la vista? - Rock and Blog

Favorites | March 2021

Another month is almost over and it’s time to look back at it and see what did i enjoy the most!


I won’t be commenting for the third time in a row about Wandavision because i didn’t like the ending much. And that’s all i’ll say about the matter because, SPOILERS.

New poster for the new Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan series SERVANT. |  Servant, Tv, New poster

However, i did enjoy the ending of season two of SERVANT, this story gives me the creeps every time i watch it and i love it. This season was even more intense than the first one, and it never felt dull, which is hard to do, but they managed, and i enjoyed every moment.

RTVE graba 'Prodigios', un programa que busca el mejor talento en canto,  instrumento y danza

Once more i’m watching TV with my mom, she was the one who accompanied me in the hospital, so we ended up watching together this spanish tv show about prodigies which are very talented kids. I’m not a person of reality tv, but my mom is making me watch so many talent/competition tv shows.


I just rewatched the Saw movies, nothing special.


I read very little this month and so, if i have to pick one of those as a favorite i’ll say Matilda was the most magical reading and thus the one i enjoyed the most.



I’m still listening to my old Jrock music, this time X-Japan made a comeback (on my phone) and i’m enjoying their music the most.

X Japan - Discografía, line-up, biografía, entrevistas, fotos

I know it’s short but that was all for the month!

What were your month’s favorites?! Share your comment down below!

Favorites | February 2021

February passed by like a flash, and i feel like i didn’t have enough time to do ANYTHING. I mean, i can’t even remember how i spent these days, i feel like i accomplished nothing.

Let’s see what did i manage this month anyway!

TV Shows

WandaVision será un rompecabezas con mucha comedia

I’m still very obsessed with Wandavision and i can’t wait for it to be Friday every week, all week. It doesn’t help that they may be developing a solo movie for Scarlet Witch because i’m so obsessed with her it’s ridiculous.

New poster for the new Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan series SERVANT. |  Servant, Tv, New poster

I’m also very obsessed with Servant, which got to a point i don’t understand anything going on but still… i love it. It is so freaky nd crazy. It’s great.

Maestros de la Costura 4" regresa con más nivel y más espectáculo

Once again my mother go me to watch with her one of her reality shows, Masters of Sewing (maestros de la costura) and it’s addictive. I need to stop visiting my mom, because she always makes me watch this kind of things and i just can’t i can’t believe i end up enjoying this kind of tv show.

Also, i need to catch up with the seasonal anime, i left it all and now i feel guilty for it. Need to come back to them asap!!


I don’t have a favorite of the month, i watched some marvel movies, but it wasn’t the first time for any of them, also all the other movies i watched… weren’t that good… so here goes nothing.


What Big Teeth

WHAT BIG TEETH by Rose Szabo was my favorite reading of the month. It was such a peculiar reading, i loved it, a lot.



Nothing special, I mostly listened to anime’s openings and endings…


This is stupid, but i’m totally obsessed with

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! | Nintendo Switch | Juegos | Nintendo

I bought it as a early present for my birthday and i do nothing but play it. I still wonder if i should’ve choosen Eevee but, I got this one so we’ll never know. It is my first time playing a pokemon game and it is so addictive, i need welp.

Yes, it wasn’t such a productive month and i hate that. I hope March comes with better vibes and energies!!

What were your favorite things of the month? Leave it in the comments down below!

Favorites | January 2021

January is almost over so it’s time to wrap up emotions and look back at the stuff i enjoyed this month. I gotta admit, most of my time i was with my family so i didn’t watch much tv shows and such but hey, let’s see what were my favorites of the month!

TV Shows

Julie and the Phantoms Trailer and Poster Debut - VitalThrills.com

I’ve heard of this show last year but i didn’t give myself the time to watch it. Julie and the Phantoms was a very nice surprise to discover what a wonderful show it is. I really enjoyed it, i laughed, i cried. It was really a great show to watch. I hope for season 2. And i’m obsessed with the music in it, the songs were beatiful.

WandaVision será un rompecabezas con mucha comedia

I started Wandavision mostly because i truly love Paul Bettany and don’t get me started on Elizabeth Olsen, but it ended up being so a GOOD show. I have a hard time waiting every week for a new episode to come out! Such a fun and extraordinary watch! And omg that forth episode!!!

New poster for the new Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan series SERVANT. |  Servant, Tv, New poster

I really enjoyed the first season of Servant and now the second season has me on edge. I can’t wait every week, I need to know what is gonna happen next!

MasterChef Junior 2 - Programa 6 - 03/02/2015 - RTVE.es

As I said a spent most of my time with my family and that includes us watching the Spanish version of MasterChef (Junior) which was AWESOME! We enjoyed watching it together so much! That’s the best kind of experiences!


RENT-A-PAL - Film and TV Now

By far Rent-A-Pal was the best movie i saw this January. Guys, i totally recommend it to you! I don’t wanna talk about it much so i don’t spoil anything, but WOW. I got this recommended by my favorite youtubers (well, they just talked about it haha) but like, it blew my mind.


Felix Ever After

Guys, FELIX EVER AFTER was everything i needed this month. It was such an amazing book, i admit i had a hard time at some point reading it, but it always happens to me when i’m loving a book too much, i just don’t want it to end.

Clap When You Land

Clap When You Land was another book that moved me a lot this month. It was written so beautifully i cannot begin to explain how it made me feel. I recommend it to everyone.


Julie and the Phantoms': Netflix's spin on the Disney Channel Original  Movie | The Michigan Daily

You guys, not only the show is great but the songs in it. I’m obsessed.

Luna Sea— – MAG manga, anime, games

I went back in time this month A LOT with the songs of Luna Sea. I used to listen to them a ton when i was in my teens and god, Ryuichi Kawamura has the most beautiful voice in the world (in my opinion). Such wonderful music. My most listened to song this month? GRAVITY. Gosh not only their music is epic and the voice is amazing, but the lyrics too… i just can’t.

What were your favorites this month? Leave your comment down below!