Let’s Talk Bookish | How Has Blogging Affected My Reading?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This week’s topic is: How Has Blogging Affected Your Reading? (suggested by Mini @ Book and Corner)

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I always loved reading, and i always loved writing, so i guess writing about the stuff i read made a lot of sense to me.

Yet, blogging has completely changed the way i read. The most important thing is the amount of books i read now in comparison to the amount i did before i started blogging, or really blogging as i am doing these days.

Before i started blogging i would read one or two books a month, and mostly reread books i loved. Now i feel like an “obligation” to read more books, which i don’t hate, on the contrary, i love the fact that writting about books makes me read even more than i ever did.

The blogsphere opened my eyes to a lot of new content i never dreamed i could get to, i hear about new books and opinions on different bookish topics which help me become a better reader and a better person, or at least that’s how it feels to me. I learn a lot from other bloggers, and i totally love the fact that even if i bring very little to the discussion i can share the platform with so many wonderful people.

I now write stuf down about the books while i’m reading them to remember them instead of rereading all the time the same stuff.

It’s like, now that i know i have a place to share my opinions i feel the urge to read more, so i can have even more content.

Sure, sometimes i write a lot and then i have to delete the stuff i’ve written because it doesn’t feel right, but most of the time i feel safe in my own blog to talk about everything that means something to me.

Blogging opened my eyes to a ot of diversity i didn’t realize i was missing out on. I think, reading more diverse authors helped me to see the world different and outside my little bubbble. I don’t know how much do you know about me but i’m a very lonely person without much life experience and now i find myself reading about so many different ways of living, it’s insane how much i was missing.

It’s not a secret i read mostly YA books because i missed so much in my younger years and this way i get to live it a little. Blogging gives me the place to share this kind of topics i would never talk about with the people around me becuase they wouldn’t understand it. But in here, i feel like there are people out there, like me.

I don’t know if i’m still on topic…

But blogging and reading, in my head, go together. I read, i blog about it, i interact with people, i read more so i can blog more.

I love reading and blogging and i wouldn’t change it for any other hobby.

I don’t know, i feel like i went out off topic, but tis was something i guess i needed to say or something.

If you got to here.. thanks for reading!

Did reading or blogging or both change you in any way? If you participate in this weekly meme i invite you to leave a link to your own post so we can read it too! Also, leave your comment down below!

Have a great weekend! ♥

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | How Has Blogging Affected My Reading?

  1. I’m glad you’ve had such a positive experience with blogging and reading. I started my blog 8 years ago as a book blog and even had my own blog tour company. Books were literally my entire life but then I found myself resenting reading because I knew I had to review the book afterwards and it drained my love for it. I don’t review books anymore and haven’t for a long time but I’ve fallen back in love with reading 🙂

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