Favorites | May 2021

Another month is almost over and it’s time to look back at it and see what did i enjoy the most!


Superman and Lois' tendrá una segunda temporada - Enterate24.com

Finally, Superman & Lois is back, i was really missing this show! I don’t watch any other DC content but i really enjoy this TV show, it might be because i really like the storyline of the sons and Clark and Lois being parents to teenagers. The story is becoming really interesting (the first time i watched the first episode it felt like a drag) and it’s really growing on me. I’m glad i’m watching it.

RAGNAROK, la nueva serie de Netflix - Chévere Digital

Finally my babies Magne and Laurits came back for a second season i binge-watched. The story had a few of wtf moments and it isn’t flawless but i enjoyed it nonetheless. Lautrits is by far my favorite character on the show but Magne is still amazing. It might be not the best show out there but i still like it, a lot.


Bad Ben (TV Movie 2016) - IMDb

I was recommended these trilogy (?) after watching The Blackwell Ghost series. It hasn’t the best story but i did scare me at times and i really enjoyed watching it. Would totally recommend.


The Last Fallen Star (Gifted Clans #1)

This was without a doubt the best book i read this month, it taught me so much about Korean Mythology and it was so well written. Listen, we need more Middle Grade books like this one, i’m just saying it. It has all the potential Percy Jackson did and it had some plot twist i wasn’t expecting, really a great book, I recommend it with all my heart.

The Great Gatsby

A book i wasn’t expecting to like as much as i did. It was truly something, now i undertsnad the fuss about it. I really enjoyed it and was so surprised by it in such a great way. Absolutely fantastic.


I didn’t listen to much music this month, and nothing really stood out. I just listen to The Pretender by the Foo Fighters and Nirvana more than usual, but it was a silent month for most of it. Nothing really to say here.

What were your favorites this month?! Leave your comment down below!

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