Confessions of a shipperholic #2: Lost when in relationship

Last week I was watching the new Bones episode when i found out it happens to be a crossover with a tv show i don’t watch, Sleepy Hollow. To be honest a few days before i saw somewhere an article about why a crossover of those shows made sense (which i didn’t read because again, i don’t watch Sleepy Hollow) so, i don’t
know why i was so surprised when i realized what was going on (but i screamed in surprise and my sister got so freaked out she came to check on me [this kind of amazement happened to be maybe four times in my whole life]).

Back in the day i thought about watching the show when it started running, but for some reason i dropped the idea before even checking it out… It may have something to do with a roommate i didn’t like recommending it to me… Maybe i got too caught with other shows i started watching that year, it was a very busy year to be honest.. >> meaning i watched a lot of shows (somewhere about 70 shows .. which means some of them i watched all the seasons in a few weeks and some i watched regularly… anyway.. very busy year).

Anyway… I was watching the show when Lieutenant Abbie Mills and Historian Ichabod Crane appeared on the show and interacted with my very beloved characters from Bones, and i have to say i enjoyed their characters very much, so much actually that last week or so I’ve been catching up with Sleepy Hollow…

<Whomever thought about making this episode, I LOVE AND OWE YOU BIG TIME.>

So, when watching the affinity Ichabod and Abbie share (and even thought Katrina is in my way) i couldn’t help myself but thinking about what are the odds of Ichabbie happening in the show.

Right then i happened to remember that Bones actually thought Ichabod and Abbie where sleeping together, to what Ichabod assured Bones they’re not, and then she suggested him to consider it, because for her it worked just great. When i first hear it i didn’t care, because again, i didn’t know Mills and Crane, but when thinking about it in retrospective i find a bit worrying.

Why would  i worry you ask?

Well, there’s two ways a show can go, when faced with getting two characters together after seasons and seasons of sexual tension (which to be honest from where i’m on Sleepy Hollow there’s none).

I base my opinion in two shows i’ve been watching for a very long time and in which the main characters relationship drove me crazy for a very very very long time.

Please have in mind the following comments are obviously just my opinion on the matter.

Bones vs Castle <the main relationship>

Because i started watching these two shows approximately at the same time and because the outcome of my OTP on each show was so different i’ll be talking and comparing the rest of the relationships to them.

It’s weird, but both Bones and Castle got me on my toes when i was waiting to see what is going to happen to Bones x Booth and Castle x Kate (respectively). Both couples i shipped from the very beginning of the show and i was very annoyed every time another “love interest” for each one appeared. I waited and waited and got very frustrated hoping each season for something to happen. When things started to move on i found myself with not two but one OTP left of the two of them.

While the relationship between Castle and Kate became even more interesting as it came closer to going somewhere, i found that Bones and Booth became boring. Yeah, i love Christine and Hank, but they may be all i like about Bones and Booth as a couple.

I don’t know, i remember this Bones’ episode about a woman very much like Brennan that died and how she reacted when understanding she loves Booth, that episode was amazing, I was such an emotional wreck the whole time, how she looked at the photo of the deceased and saw herself, and how she suffered on that episode, i was sure the moment they actually get together i’ll be throwing a party or something. I also remember the episode when she found out she was pregnant, and how, althought i understand they had to make a move like that because the actress was actually pregnant, i felt sort of wronged by the writers. From then, i don’t find much sense on their relationship, i’m sure if i looked back at some episodes before them getting together, i’ll feel the same way again, super hyped at the beginning and now sort of WHY.

On the other hand, i also remember how troublesome it was for Castle and Kate to finally get together, so many ups and downs, the whole “did/didn’t hear you saying you love me” thing, it was nerve wrecking and when they got together i got so happy and such, like, they’re still a strong OTP in my opinion, i love them together so much, right now i’m upset because they are sort of apart, and all i ever wanted was a baby Castle.

Anyway… While the secual tension between characters is very important, and we all love waiting for our ships to get together already, i’m sure it’s difficult to work things out, to make it believeable and right.

So, going back to the crossover and the Ichabbie thing, remembering Brennan saying it worked out fine for her felt a bit nerve wrecking for me, because yeah, currently, and even though there’s still Katrina on the mix, i sort of ship Ichabbie, but i don’t like it to become what Bones x Booth became for me, a huge disappointment, really.

I love Ichabod  (and it may or may not have something to do with the fact that Tom Mison is incredibly handsome, like really and actually WTF?!) and i like Abbie a lot,  i’m invested on their partnership and i find it more important than an actual romantic/sexual relationship.

No, Ichabod, I may ship you and Abbie, but you don’t have to consider such things, hon. Just don’t. Brennan, leave my sweet cinnamon roll out of all that madness for now, maybe you and Booth don’t have many worries on your minds, but Ichabod and Abbie have too much on their plates for them to waste their time on such irrelevant things at the moment.

I think i totally lost the point i wanted to make in this post.

OH yeah! As i manage to still find different and interesting new (for me) shows and books i’m always with the fear for the outcome of my OTPs, as many of them are very rewarding, some of them leave hoping for something better, not sure if keep on waiting, after all i spent many hours on it, or just leave it. But you see, if i had dropped Bones, after seasons and seasons of watching (pretty much as i did with Grey’s Anatomy…) i would never come across a show like Sleepy Hollow, which reminds me of other great shows i love like; Supernatural and Grimm.

No, that’s not the point.. but i don’t know anymore… so,….

’til next time 😉

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