Having Neighbor Problems.

About seven months ago my sister and I moved to this new apartment. To be honest, i wasn’t sure i wanted to move here, but we were running out of time to find a new place so we took it.

We never thought we could have so much trouble with our neighbors… let me explain.

We have a dog, a little own, that apparently believes he is a lion or something, although he clearly isn’t. The biggest problem with him is that when he is alone at home he barks for aIMG_6448 while, we tried to figure it out, and found out he cries sometimes for about half an hour, an hour.

At first, we didn’t know, but when some of out neighbors came to our house and complained we tried to make his stay nicer when we are out. This didn’t work, so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. This didn’t work, and then one day someone threw a rock to our window, breaking some of it.  so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants.

Afraid and sort of angry  we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. We finished the training but it didn’t work.

So we kept trying to leave him with stuff to play with when he was alone.

A few weeks ago my sister traveled to Argentina and i was left with the dog by myself. I wanted to be able to take him to walks and all, so i tried working only mornings, but my mornings start about 6:00 am and  had to leave early. This apparently annoyed my neighbors, but no one said a thing until two weeks later, in which i though everything was okay.

The moment my neighbor told me about my dog bothering them in the early mornings i changed my schedule so it wouldn’t bother them, i started working evening although it was more difficult to me to take my dog out and all. Anyway they complained and sent the municipality to come and check if my dog is legal. Because i do care about my dog, and he i legal,  the municipality guy told me there’s nothing they can do.

He said “so the dog barks, well, it’s a dog, nothing we can do”.

Clearly when he came someone was waiting downstairs, i’m guessing the neighbor that doesn’t like us. Because you see, i totally believe the problem is not just the dog but they have something against us, because they seemed to hate us even before the problem with Chobi, my dog, started. they are just enjoying intimidating us, because they always complain even when he is quiet… every time they see us they tell us something mean or look at us angrily.

Since i can understand that my dog is annoying people, and because my sister always works mornings, like early 4am mornings, i decided that even though i tend to be more depressive when i work evenings, i’ll only work evening so our dog won’t bark at 5am, bothering our neighbors.

But it’s never good enough, because when this weekend i went visit my parents an  y sister left for work, someone, annonimusly left us a letter saying that if we don’t get him to shut up they’ll call animal services so they can take him from us.

Here’s a catch, they left in the letter a recommendation for a barking control collar which is this device that will electroshock the dog whenever he is barking so he will shut up, but now a new dog is our neighbor and everytime he sees our dog he barks too, now who’s to say he doesn’t bark when he is left alone at home? what if they keep blaming my dog for the barking?

Anyway, i’m so tried of all the intimidating they are doing to us. I’m seriously contemplating leaving work and staying home so Chobi won’t cry when we are away.

You see, they scared me, i don’t want peole taking away my baby, he is like a son to me, i love him more than anything…. And to be completely honest, i don’t want to have to shock him every time he barks, because it will hurt him, but apparently i’ll have to. I just wish they could understand what are they making me do to my baby, for me he is likeif he was a human son.

I hope it will be okay, i’m so sorry i have to do this to him.






Post of Shame

Last November i went a little overboard buying books, by the end of the month i managed to buy about 38 … to that moment it was a very low point in my life as a shopper, i always thought i was in control of myself, but apparently i wasn’t.

December was a buying ban month in which i managed to handle myself and stop the madness… but, as the month and year ended my ban was gone from my conscience and all the [minimal] control i had over the need of buying books and my bank account was gone too…

So, here we are now… by the end of January … and because of the huge amount of books i bought this month, i decided to try something different than the ban, … this time i’ll put myself to shame presenting you with the list of all the books i bought this month, next month i’ll do the same, in hope the idea of everyone know how many books and which books i bought will stop me from buying so much [may the odds be in my favor].


  1. This is where it ends .
  2. The homeroom diaries.
  3. Hold me closer.
  4. 1984.
  5. Macbeth.
  6. Star Wars  – The Trilogy.
  7. Star Wars The Force Awakens the novel. [also in audiobook]
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening
  9. We have always lived in the castle.
  10. The Amazing Book is Not On Fire.
  11. Escape to Wonderland [colouring for adults].
  12. A Collection of Jane Austen’s works.
  13. Writing Great Books for Young Adults.
  14. FanGirl special edition.
  15. Trial by fire.
  16. I will survive: tips and hints to help you survive this zombie infested world.
  17. Becoming Edward.
  18. The testing
  19. Independent study.
  20. Graduation day.
  21. Angelfall trilogy.
  22. Go and set a watchman.
  23. Love and other alien experience.
  24. The scorpion rules.
  25. Jackaby.
  26. Golden Son.
  27. Illuminae Files.
  28. Tape.
  29. Love letters to the death.
  30. The manifesto on how to be interesting.
  31. Columbine.
  32. A natural history of dragons.
  33. The tropic of serpents.
  34. Voyage of the Basilisk.
  35. The shattered empire.
  36. Magyk.
  37. The Colossus rises.
  38. Saving Lucas Biggs.
  39. Vicious.
  40. Alice in wonderland (illustrated).
  41. The girl of fire and thorns.
  42. The color of magic.

tumblr_ndnhyn2M4S1slqa7so1_250 I’m a mess.

Next month, i hope it will be better than this, i have to stop buying so many books, i should start reading the ones i already own instead of keep on buying more! someone send help!



New Year, New Mindset!

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 just started, but my mind is already running, trying to work out some ideas to improve everything around me.. yeah, last year was pretty good except for the end of it which was a bit harder, so this year i’m deciding this is going to be a good one, each month, every month.

I have a few sketched plans made for the year, from what to read and what to do with my free time, to what to blog…

As one of my resolutions for the year is to write at least three times a week i’ve been thinking about what can i write about, i came up with some interesting ideas on how to manage the blog, i hope you’ll enjoy the new dynamics it’ll have.

As for what i’ll do in my free time, i’m planning on taking my health more seriously, people say healthy mind, healthy body… so i’ll start eating more real food instead of instant one, i’ll work out more and take my meds as it’s needed so i’ll be as healthy as possible.

This year i decided i won’t be challening myself in goodreads, mostly because i’m not sure if i’ll be studying or not, and also because i bought some huge books last year and it may take me a while to get through them i don’t want to have to ‘run’ to get to the goal… i don’t want to push myself too much…Maybe later in the year if i know where i’m heading i may set a challenge…

I don’t want to be pressured this year, at least not as long as i don’t have to, i mean… yeah, if i start studying, finally, i may have some pressure, but right now not there’s no reason at all and i want a free and healthy mind as long as possible…

I hope you have some good and possitive resolutions for yourself! Also, i hope you enjoy the start of the year with the people you love, wish you happiness and health…

I’ll leave now, because my back hurts like hell, so i’ll go rest a bit…

Have A Great Start Of The Year!

‘Til Next Time 😉


New Year’s resolutions | 2016

As 2016 approches i started to look back on how this year went, and i checked on my resolutions for this 2015, which weren’t many, just read more than last year (…). I got to admit that as far as it goes i couldn’t have done anything else either way but this 2016 i’m going to try harder.

These past few months i’ve improved a lot; i read many books and started blogging more frecuently, so i decided that it’s time to take myself seriously and do something with about it.

So, after thinking about this stuff a lot i decided to write down my resolutions in the place where nothing ever disappears, the internet, so i can’t take them back.

Without farther nonsenses, here are my new year resolutions for 2016:

Books resolutions:

  • Read at least 4 non-fiction books
  • Read at least 20 of the books i’ve already own
  • Read (at least) 3 complete trilogies
  • Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays
  • Reread 2 favorites
  • Read (at least) 2 completed manga
  • Finish reading a series i started and put on hold
  • Read a classic every month

Blogging resolutions:

  • Start doing the Top 5 Wednesday
  • Post a book review once a week
  • Post at least three times a week

For my entertainment – resolutions:

  • Watch at least 20 of the anime waiting on myanimelist
  • Go to the movies at least once a month
  • Get out more
  • Watch all the Star Wars movies
  • Do something unexpected once every two months

To Do And Not Do resolutions:

  • Leave tumblr.&facebook for good
  • Play less Sims
  • Buy books only if really necessary
  • Start cooking more
  • Take care of everything so i can start studying by October
  • Go back to therapy
  • Find one beautiful little thing every week
  • Be neater in my room
  • Find a new job
  • Start writing more


Being a Fangirl in real life

Sure, as people may find in my blog, i’m an outspoken fangirl, i love reading and watching tv, i ship a lot of couples, i love a lot of characters, obsess and get stressed over fictional things. Yeah well, that’s the internet me. In my real life, although i may seem a bit odd to others, they cannot fathom the magnitude of my fangirling.

Somehow, i don’t even know how i manage to hide all the oddness in me, but people seem oblivious to my craziness so far. The sad thing of it all is the fact that it’s not that i would mind people knowing how much of fangirl i can be, but i don’t have anyone close to fangirl with.

Yes, if i could find some other people who actually share the same interests i have i’ll be the most outspoken fangirl ever.

But no, wherever i go, i’m always by myself, screaming on the inside, lacking the possibility to talk about books or characters i love. And it’s so frustrating, because people seem not to care about reading at all. All i hear people talk about is parties, sex, alcohol and such, which in my opinion is boring.

The thing is, i find it sort of weird that even though i’ve been in many places i seem to not be able to find people who share my interests. Even more so, because i have so many things i know and am interested in. What are the odds of always being the lone fangirl?

Every time i sit at work, for the first minutes i listen to what people are talking about, but it quickly becomes stuff i’m really not interested on knowing. And so, because of this i turn to some podcasts or youtubers or audiobooks. Yes, those things are way closer to my interests than all the people around me.

Okay, so as my sister likes to remind me all the time, i don’t quite “live” in this world, but it’s so boring, i just can’t help it. I prefer to travel through all those amazing places, those great stories…

Real life is boring and most people i know aren’t interesting at all. They don’t even understand what’s the point of reading fiction, can you believe it? The other day i was at work talking to the responsible at my work, and he was “yeah buy why would you even read something that isn’t real?” apparently he only reads about computers and mathematics, anything else is useless (in his opinion), wasted time. Okay, whatever you say… enjoy your reading i’ll keep to mine.

To be honest, sometimes i think it would be better to just keep the fangirling to myself, mostly because the people around me is so basic in their thinking, they understand nothing about fandoms and such, so why even bother with them…

So… are you a fan girl/boy ? do you wanna talk to a nicely (crazy) fellow? i’m open to talking to anyone who is willing to fangirl/boy about almost everything. – if i don’t know the thing, i’m willing to checking it up, always –

Anyway, you can always talk to me! i’m here for everyone!

‘Til next time 😉

Overbuying books

Everyone at my work place knows i have a problem with buying books and as much as i love buying and reading them, they seem to enjoy it way more than me. Well, they enjoy telling me i have a problem and that i should stop.
Normally i wouldn’t think i do have a problem but as the month is ending i did a recount of the books i bought and i shocked myself.
As of this moment i already bought 28 books. Oh Lord, have mercy of my soul… more like have mercy of my bank account…
But as guilty as i actually feel for spending so much money I’m really wanting to buy some more books, like there are some specific books i really want like,”Made you up” by Francesca Zappia, i’ve been looking for this book everywhere, but i feel the price is a little high right now…

Because i buy a lot of books, i can’t afford to buy pricey books, otherwise my bank account would really suffer with all the buying.. So i mostly wait until they get a nice discount, this way i can afford a lot more books.

The fact that i can’t afford pricey books it’s driving me crazy mostly because i want to buy the new illustrated Harry Potter book but it’s so expensive, with that money i could buy about four other books (at least) and so, i keep hoping for a miracle to happen and so i’ll be able to buying the book…

Another thing i tend to do is buy paperbacks, yeah.. i know… Hardcover books are usually way prettier, but they are also more expensive, so i buy paperback… which is very annoying, because some books are only hardcovers, what why!? how come it’s nearly impossible to find some paperbacks? Why are publishers making it so difficult for me to buy books?! … Are they trying to help me? … what what WHAT?!

Okay, so yeah, i know i’m going a little too far with all this overbuying, but i didn’t understand the magnitude of it until last week, when i was talking with my coworkers.. it’s stronger than me… i really can’t help it, maybe i should seek for help, but to whom?

Hope next month i’ll be a little more in control of my doings…

I’ll keep you posted, ’til next time 😉



P.s: forget it, i bought some more now .. The final count is of 35…

Beware of the spoiler

There’s something really nice about reading a book when it is published, isn’t it? The time when you can still use the internet without being afraid of  getting huge spoilers on that new book you want to read/finish so much.

But well, nothing is perfect apparently, who hasn’t been spoiled about critic events about to happen on that book series you’d been reading for ages but had been too busy to pick up the book that was released last week and by the time you are about to get to it you get spoilers, spoilers everywhere.

Spoilers are the natural enemy of a reader, right next to the writers (i’ll be talking about that on an upcoming post of “confessions of a shipperholic).

For a reason that escapes me, people really enjoy throwing spoilers over the internet, ruinning so many plot twists, it almost hurts. I can’t tell you how many books i won’t be reading anytime soon because the internet has accidentally spoiled the most crucial point of it all.

Let me tell you something, you cannot accidentally throw the fact that an important character dies while randomly commenting on a book. You just don’t do it, because it may ruin the experience to many other readers..

Although i have to admit that spoilers have saved me for picking up books i wouldn’t enjoy, for the most part, spoilers are just a pain in the arse. Like, you seriously thought i wanted to know my favorite character dies in the next book?

Another incredibly annoying thing is avoiding a spoiler so obvious that ends up being a spoilers by omission. Of the books i haven’t heard any major spoilers there are some that are extremely obvious, even though i haven’t read them all.

Let’s talk about some of the books that have been ruinned for me without spoiling anything to other readers.

A few of the books i wanted to read but i got spoiled on are:

Looking for Alaska. I’m not the biggest John Green’s fan, as i already commented on my unpopular opinion booktag but i had huge hopes about this book until in a weird list of recommendations someone compared the book to another one i had read and the spoiler became too obvious for me to even try and read the book, thanks for nothing person whom wrote that list.

The Throne of Glass. This book is the classic “we aren’t saying any spoilers – and by it we are actually making it a spoiler” series. I started reading this book at the beginning of the year, but as i got into it too many hints were thrown at me by the writer and then by people recommending it. Also, it had a little too perfect main character (but that isn’t the point of this post).

Clockwork Princess. Oh, now this book and all these series are huge spoilers to one another. You cannot actually read first one and then the other series, unless you read them by the way these books were published you are going to get spoiled. Also, if you watch the movie before reading the first three books you are in for a massive spoiler, a very annoying one.

Okay, so those are the books i currently remember, i checked my goodreads account but apparenly i have erased all the otherbooks i wanted to read but got spoiled about, except for the ones that were rightfully spoiled.

Rightfully spoiled? and what would that be?

Well, sometimes for the sake of the readers you have to make some disclammers, when a book may contain triggers, i think my favorite book of all time have a massive “spoiler” in the way it is presented, because i’m sure i was waiting for the thing to happen all the time, and yet when it did come to it, i wasn’t prepared, and yes i still think about it and cry, like, a lot.

Anyway, please, when you are writing/commenting on a book/series/tv show/whatever , remember there are people that haven’t yet got to the same place you did, and so some of those comments may spoil many surprises for them.

As i said at the beginning, waiting for something it’s incredible and so, having a thing you’d been waiting for so long it’s a great bummer…

Well, that’s all now. ‘Til next time!;)



Confessions of a shipperholic #2: Lost when in relationship

Last week I was watching the new Bones episode when i found out it happens to be a crossover with a tv show i don’t watch, Sleepy Hollow. To be honest a few days before i saw somewhere an article about why a crossover of those shows made sense (which i didn’t read because again, i don’t watch Sleepy Hollow) so, i don’t
know why i was so surprised when i realized what was going on (but i screamed in surprise and my sister got so freaked out she came to check on me [this kind of amazement happened to be maybe four times in my whole life]).

Back in the day i thought about watching the show when it started running, but for some reason i dropped the idea before even checking it out… It may have something to do with a roommate i didn’t like recommending it to me… Maybe i got too caught with other shows i started watching that year, it was a very busy year to be honest.. >> meaning i watched a lot of shows (somewhere about 70 shows .. which means some of them i watched all the seasons in a few weeks and some i watched regularly… anyway.. very busy year).

Anyway… I was watching the show when Lieutenant Abbie Mills and Historian Ichabod Crane appeared on the show and interacted with my very beloved characters from Bones, and i have to say i enjoyed their characters very much, so much actually that last week or so I’ve been catching up with Sleepy Hollow…

<Whomever thought about making this episode, I LOVE AND OWE YOU BIG TIME.>

So, when watching the affinity Ichabod and Abbie share (and even thought Katrina is in my way) i couldn’t help myself but thinking about what are the odds of Ichabbie happening in the show.

Right then i happened to remember that Bones actually thought Ichabod and Abbie where sleeping together, to what Ichabod assured Bones they’re not, and then she suggested him to consider it, because for her it worked just great. When i first hear it i didn’t care, because again, i didn’t know Mills and Crane, but when thinking about it in retrospective i find a bit worrying.

Why would  i worry you ask?

Well, there’s two ways a show can go, when faced with getting two characters together after seasons and seasons of sexual tension (which to be honest from where i’m on Sleepy Hollow there’s none).

I base my opinion in two shows i’ve been watching for a very long time and in which the main characters relationship drove me crazy for a very very very long time.

Please have in mind the following comments are obviously just my opinion on the matter.

Bones vs Castle <the main relationship>

Because i started watching these two shows approximately at the same time and because the outcome of my OTP on each show was so different i’ll be talking and comparing the rest of the relationships to them.

It’s weird, but both Bones and Castle got me on my toes when i was waiting to see what is going to happen to Bones x Booth and Castle x Kate (respectively). Both couples i shipped from the very beginning of the show and i was very annoyed every time another “love interest” for each one appeared. I waited and waited and got very frustrated hoping each season for something to happen. When things started to move on i found myself with not two but one OTP left of the two of them.

While the relationship between Castle and Kate became even more interesting as it came closer to going somewhere, i found that Bones and Booth became boring. Yeah, i love Christine and Hank, but they may be all i like about Bones and Booth as a couple.

I don’t know, i remember this Bones’ episode about a woman very much like Brennan that died and how she reacted when understanding she loves Booth, that episode was amazing, I was such an emotional wreck the whole time, how she looked at the photo of the deceased and saw herself, and how she suffered on that episode, i was sure the moment they actually get together i’ll be throwing a party or something. I also remember the episode when she found out she was pregnant, and how, althought i understand they had to make a move like that because the actress was actually pregnant, i felt sort of wronged by the writers. From then, i don’t find much sense on their relationship, i’m sure if i looked back at some episodes before them getting together, i’ll feel the same way again, super hyped at the beginning and now sort of WHY.

On the other hand, i also remember how troublesome it was for Castle and Kate to finally get together, so many ups and downs, the whole “did/didn’t hear you saying you love me” thing, it was nerve wrecking and when they got together i got so happy and such, like, they’re still a strong OTP in my opinion, i love them together so much, right now i’m upset because they are sort of apart, and all i ever wanted was a baby Castle.

Anyway… While the secual tension between characters is very important, and we all love waiting for our ships to get together already, i’m sure it’s difficult to work things out, to make it believeable and right.

So, going back to the crossover and the Ichabbie thing, remembering Brennan saying it worked out fine for her felt a bit nerve wrecking for me, because yeah, currently, and even though there’s still Katrina on the mix, i sort of ship Ichabbie, but i don’t like it to become what Bones x Booth became for me, a huge disappointment, really.

I love Ichabod  (and it may or may not have something to do with the fact that Tom Mison is incredibly handsome, like really and actually WTF?!) and i like Abbie a lot,  i’m invested on their partnership and i find it more important than an actual romantic/sexual relationship.

No, Ichabod, I may ship you and Abbie, but you don’t have to consider such things, hon. Just don’t. Brennan, leave my sweet cinnamon roll out of all that madness for now, maybe you and Booth don’t have many worries on your minds, but Ichabod and Abbie have too much on their plates for them to waste their time on such irrelevant things at the moment.

I think i totally lost the point i wanted to make in this post.

OH yeah! As i manage to still find different and interesting new (for me) shows and books i’m always with the fear for the outcome of my OTPs, as many of them are very rewarding, some of them leave hoping for something better, not sure if keep on waiting, after all i spent many hours on it, or just leave it. But you see, if i had dropped Bones, after seasons and seasons of watching (pretty much as i did with Grey’s Anatomy…) i would never come across a show like Sleepy Hollow, which reminds me of other great shows i love like; Supernatural and Grimm.

No, that’s not the point.. but i don’t know anymore… so,….

’til next time 😉

Top 10 films [that made me sleep with the lights on]

Halloween is around the corner so, in order of not bothering the evil spirits (between Halloween and the Day of the Dead [el dia de los muertos] no one is safe) i decided to be part of the festivities and so.. This top 10 films that scared and scared me for life was born!

But first a little disclaimer; althought i’m a huge fan of horror movies [these days], when i was little i was exposed to some disturbing characters. At the time i was sort of a daredevil in that matter and some of that stuff scared me for life, so… many of the movies i rewatched as a grown up and i’m like “oh wow, that wasn’t scary at all, actually” but the fear for some reason prevails. Also, I know many of these movies aren’t that scary, heck i spent so many days watching horror movie after horror movie i may have watched way worst movies but after a while you just can’t really see how scary they are.


10. Jeepers Creepers.

Info about the movie HERE

This may be weird, but i watched this movie several times the weekend when i discovered it, and it wasn’t as if i wasn’t afraid, i was, very much, but i just couldn’t stop watching it. Also, this may be the only movie from the list that actually gave me nightmares. Yeah, after a while i stopped sleeping unless it was in daylight.

9. The Sixth Sense.

Info about the movie HERE

Whomever had the great idea of letting my [then] 12 years old sister take me [9 by the time] to watch this movie at the theatre was INSANE. I remember it was the first time i went to the movies with “big girls” and i tried to remain cool, i didn’t want them to see me scared, but the moment that girl puked all over the place i lost my shit and just couldn’t. One of my sister’s friends huged me (she was freaking out too) and we spent the rest of the movie that way. Since then i rewatched the movie many times, and i have to admit, it’s not really scary, but at the time i was so scared that i’ll see dead people somewhere, i was so freaked out.

8. Paranormal Activity.

Info about the movie HERE

Okay, although i was already a grown up when i watched it scared me. Well, most of the movie is boring, but the scene when the gal spends hours just standing and watching the guy sleep it’s just creepy. And i mean, it freaked me out pretty badly, because to this day, one of the things i fear the most is waking in the middle of the night to find someone staring at me sleeping (i guess Edward and I could never happen). So creepy, … I watched it only once and i had enough, but I watched the second movie anyway. Never watched the rest.
7. The Blair Witch Project.

Info about the movie HERE

This movie and I go way back, i go to watch this movie when i was about 10, for some reason i can’t understand my mom let me watch it with my sister at night. I remember being scared, like, really scared after… I would stand with my back to the wall always, so i can be sure the witch isn’t coming, and then at some point an aunt of mine got me a book based on the movie, it was “the information the guys in the movie gathered before they disappeared”, the book freaked me out even more, but it also got me to watch the movie again (??). The second time i watched the movie i really enjoyed it, and since then it became on of my favorite movies, like in my top 20 for sure.

6. Pet Sematary.

Info about the movie HERE

The other day i was talking about this movie at work, just to remember the most horrible part of it (i won’t spoil it). Normally i can only remember this guy called Pascow opening a trunk door or something like that and it always was enough for me to avoid this movie ever again. I watched this with my sister and my stepdad a few years ago and they were all “meh, i’ve seen better” while i was all “aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!” . Since i’ve never watched it again and i mostly forgot what happens (okay, i remember the basics just fine) i can’t say if i would be scared if i’d watch it again, but just to be sure, i won’t.

5. Sinister.

Info about the movie HERE

This is the movie i LOVE being SCARED OF. I watched this movie two or three years ago, and althought the ‘monster’ of the movie is scary as crap, i totally loved him. I mean, yeah, i’m still afraid i may wake up one night to find him next to my door, and it would be the scariest thing ever, but like, i can’t wait to find the way of watching the sequel, because i totally loved the movie. Is it as weird as it feels to me?

4. It.

Info about the movie HERE

I’m never ever stepping on a sewer. I didn’t watch this movie when i was little, but i’ve been afraid of Pennywise since i remember myself. I’ll blame it on the channel where it was screened because the promos where too explicit for the hours it was showed. It was horrifying really, and for years i would close my eyes and remember him in the sewer, i hated so much when my granma tried to make me step on them, and to this day i don’t. I actually watched the movie a couple of years ago just to find out it wasn’t scary, and i felt betrayed by it, but i will always remember the clown as one of the most horrible things i’ve ever seen.

3. Ringu.

Info about the movie HERE

This was the first asian horror movie i’ve ever seen. And it’s kind of a funny story. When i decided i would watch this movie i was 14 and i was home alone. I knew people would call you if they knew you were watching the movie so i kept the information to myself and watched it as nothing. I didn’t even flinch while watching, and after i finished i couldn’t care less about it. Weeks passed by and i was still very happy, i even started watching even more scary movies. Then, one night a gal i used to talk to by msn told me she saw the movie and described some stuff from it to me. The moment i remember the stuff i saw i completely lost it. For years i was so scared of Sadako, it was horrible. A psychologist told me that it may had happened because even tho i enjoy horror movies i’m very susceptible to them and also my imagination is very strong so seeing it in my mind may have been even worst than the movie itself.

2. The Exorcist.

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There’s a chance i may have the fear for this movie in my own DNA. My father went three times to the theatre to watch it and he couldn’t finish it, ever. Heck, he went to a date with my mom to watch it.

This movie is the only one (on the list) i still haven’t finished watching. My fear of this movie started when i was 14, my sister made me play a concentration game and at some point the face of the girl jumped and i almost fainted. Since then i’ve been really afraid of this movie, … also, many times people showed me parts of it, i still don’t know why everytime i told them i was scared they showed me scenes from the movie. Then, a few years back one night my sister find the movie on tv and told me we should watch it together, it was 4am and i didn’t want to, but she told me it would be therapeutic. She fell asleep even before the girl started acting weird and after a while i decided i’m not brave enough to watch it alone.

1. Ju-On.

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Fun fact: i watched the trilogy alone in one night.
These movies are what nightmares should be made of, i dreaded these movies from the moment the gal entered the room and the dark thing was draining(?) the old lady (i think it was a woman or was it a man? I think it was a woman). My sister was sitting near me and asked me “why are you doing this to yourself?” then she left me alone with the movies. By the end of the first film i knew that 1- i was scared to death by those entities 2- the movie was genius 3- i wouldn’t be sleeping that night so i might as well watch them all.
I think the scariest thing about the films is that it leaves you with the feeling that nowhere it’s safe, if it can appear under your sheets and that little boy feats everywhere, you can’t escape.
Yeah, by the middle of the second film some parts where predictable, but i don’t think any movie made a strong impression in me as this movies, i was scared of my bed, of stairs, i was sure the creepy thing will find me in a public restroom and kill me, i started imagining sounds at night and since then i can’t sleep without white noise, because of the sounds that thing made. Yeah, I’m still afraid. Obviously it didn’t stop me from watching the American remake, which wasn’t scary as the Japanese ones to be honest.
Fun fact 2: the day after i watched the movies i had a friend visiting and she told me she marathoned the movies the night before too, while we were talking my little brother [6 at the time] decided to play in my room, strangely enough he played by hiding at random places (like under my bed) and then graving me by the foot, he scared me more than once that day.
Fun fact 3: my sister decided i wasn’t scared enough, so one night before we went to bed she told me she heard noises in my room and thought it was me, but she checked and i wasn’t even home. She also told me she thought she heard a little boy’s voice in my room. I didn’t slept in that room again for weeks.

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