Book Buying Ban Month.

As i commented previously in [HERE] last month was a wild month of buying books, not everyday but several times each week. To be honest the idea sounds really fun, and it’s pretty awesome to have new books every week, but at the end of the month when recounting how many books i purchased in 30 days i felt a bit guilty.

I talked about this with a friend, actually my friend because she is the only one i have, which is great because I’m not overload with people to talk and such so my time is pretty much all mine, who told me it’s becoming a little of a problem to buy so many books [“where do you put 35 new books?” “Some of them are in my iPad” “how many are there then?” “About 20? Idk”*friend rolls eyes*”why do you even buy kindle editions, those aren’t even real books!” “Of course they are! And would you rather I’ll have another 15 books around?!”].

Anyway, she made me promise i won’t be buying any books this month so the *universe can rearrange itself* ok, whatever.

Funny thing she told me this by the 30th and i had just finish reading The Knife of Never Letting Go so i went quickly to amazon and bought the other two books of the trilogy .., i know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m not planning on ending the year without finishing the trilogy. [life may get in the middle of my plans, i hope not].

I know, this is going to be extremely difficult, because books are so precious to me, but i’m starting to think people are right, i do have a problem… only now it’s getting more difficult, because i’m so used to check bookdepository and amazon first thing whenever i get to my computer… these days are proving to be excruciating for me.

But i have to be strong, and get through this month without entering those sites or regular bookstores, because i’m weak, and i can’t handle myself while in closeness of books.

On the other hand i can already say that January will be again a wild month, because it’s not as if i won’t want some books that are released this December, i just won’t be able to purchase them at the time… Which may put me in loop of book buying bans forever…

Oh Lord have mercy of my bookless soul this month…

Okay, wish me luck… this is going to be a difficult month…

Confessions of a shipperholic #2: Lost when in relationship

Last week I was watching the new Bones episode when i found out it happens to be a crossover with a tv show i don’t watch, Sleepy Hollow. To be honest a few days before i saw somewhere an article about why a crossover of those shows made sense (which i didn’t read because again, i don’t watch Sleepy Hollow) so, i don’t
know why i was so surprised when i realized what was going on (but i screamed in surprise and my sister got so freaked out she came to check on me [this kind of amazement happened to be maybe four times in my whole life]).

Back in the day i thought about watching the show when it started running, but for some reason i dropped the idea before even checking it out… It may have something to do with a roommate i didn’t like recommending it to me… Maybe i got too caught with other shows i started watching that year, it was a very busy year to be honest.. >> meaning i watched a lot of shows (somewhere about 70 shows .. which means some of them i watched all the seasons in a few weeks and some i watched regularly… anyway.. very busy year).

Anyway… I was watching the show when Lieutenant Abbie Mills and Historian Ichabod Crane appeared on the show and interacted with my very beloved characters from Bones, and i have to say i enjoyed their characters very much, so much actually that last week or so I’ve been catching up with Sleepy Hollow…

<Whomever thought about making this episode, I LOVE AND OWE YOU BIG TIME.>

So, when watching the affinity Ichabod and Abbie share (and even thought Katrina is in my way) i couldn’t help myself but thinking about what are the odds of Ichabbie happening in the show.

Right then i happened to remember that Bones actually thought Ichabod and Abbie where sleeping together, to what Ichabod assured Bones they’re not, and then she suggested him to consider it, because for her it worked just great. When i first hear it i didn’t care, because again, i didn’t know Mills and Crane, but when thinking about it in retrospective i find a bit worrying.

Why would  i worry you ask?

Well, there’s two ways a show can go, when faced with getting two characters together after seasons and seasons of sexual tension (which to be honest from where i’m on Sleepy Hollow there’s none).

I base my opinion in two shows i’ve been watching for a very long time and in which the main characters relationship drove me crazy for a very very very long time.

Please have in mind the following comments are obviously just my opinion on the matter.

Bones vs Castle <the main relationship>

Because i started watching these two shows approximately at the same time and because the outcome of my OTP on each show was so different i’ll be talking and comparing the rest of the relationships to them.

It’s weird, but both Bones and Castle got me on my toes when i was waiting to see what is going to happen to Bones x Booth and Castle x Kate (respectively). Both couples i shipped from the very beginning of the show and i was very annoyed every time another “love interest” for each one appeared. I waited and waited and got very frustrated hoping each season for something to happen. When things started to move on i found myself with not two but one OTP left of the two of them.

While the relationship between Castle and Kate became even more interesting as it came closer to going somewhere, i found that Bones and Booth became boring. Yeah, i love Christine and Hank, but they may be all i like about Bones and Booth as a couple.

I don’t know, i remember this Bones’ episode about a woman very much like Brennan that died and how she reacted when understanding she loves Booth, that episode was amazing, I was such an emotional wreck the whole time, how she looked at the photo of the deceased and saw herself, and how she suffered on that episode, i was sure the moment they actually get together i’ll be throwing a party or something. I also remember the episode when she found out she was pregnant, and how, althought i understand they had to make a move like that because the actress was actually pregnant, i felt sort of wronged by the writers. From then, i don’t find much sense on their relationship, i’m sure if i looked back at some episodes before them getting together, i’ll feel the same way again, super hyped at the beginning and now sort of WHY.

On the other hand, i also remember how troublesome it was for Castle and Kate to finally get together, so many ups and downs, the whole “did/didn’t hear you saying you love me” thing, it was nerve wrecking and when they got together i got so happy and such, like, they’re still a strong OTP in my opinion, i love them together so much, right now i’m upset because they are sort of apart, and all i ever wanted was a baby Castle.

Anyway… While the secual tension between characters is very important, and we all love waiting for our ships to get together already, i’m sure it’s difficult to work things out, to make it believeable and right.

So, going back to the crossover and the Ichabbie thing, remembering Brennan saying it worked out fine for her felt a bit nerve wrecking for me, because yeah, currently, and even though there’s still Katrina on the mix, i sort of ship Ichabbie, but i don’t like it to become what Bones x Booth became for me, a huge disappointment, really.

I love Ichabod  (and it may or may not have something to do with the fact that Tom Mison is incredibly handsome, like really and actually WTF?!) and i like Abbie a lot,  i’m invested on their partnership and i find it more important than an actual romantic/sexual relationship.

No, Ichabod, I may ship you and Abbie, but you don’t have to consider such things, hon. Just don’t. Brennan, leave my sweet cinnamon roll out of all that madness for now, maybe you and Booth don’t have many worries on your minds, but Ichabod and Abbie have too much on their plates for them to waste their time on such irrelevant things at the moment.

I think i totally lost the point i wanted to make in this post.

OH yeah! As i manage to still find different and interesting new (for me) shows and books i’m always with the fear for the outcome of my OTPs, as many of them are very rewarding, some of them leave hoping for something better, not sure if keep on waiting, after all i spent many hours on it, or just leave it. But you see, if i had dropped Bones, after seasons and seasons of watching (pretty much as i did with Grey’s Anatomy…) i would never come across a show like Sleepy Hollow, which reminds me of other great shows i love like; Supernatural and Grimm.

No, that’s not the point.. but i don’t know anymore… so,….

’til next time 😉

Watching Tv, Wasting Time, The Family Business.

It’s already October (oh really you don’t say) which means most of the tv shows i watch are back on air. The beginning of the fall season is also a time to decide which new shows i’ll add to my viewing list. I already watch a bunch of shows but i’m not the one to say no to some new gems (in the case there are any).

Picking new shows is difficult really, when starting a new show you have to take count on the fact that it may last a very long time or get cancelled only after a few episodes or even worst, get cancelled after a huge cliffhanger.

Starting to watch a television show that might run for years isn’t a decision to take lightly. I’m wrestling with a big commitment issue here.” 

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Oh my, am i really going to talk about watching tv?

Well, yeah. I mean, i watch a ton of television, so, it’s only normal i’ll talk about it sometime.

Today is the day.

There are two things that really [extremely] bother me on tv shows. There are some tv shows i loved and got cancelled, leaving me very sad, because i was super invested in the story and the characters.  I understand that i’m not the only one watching tv and that shows need good ratings for it to keep running, and still, it hurts, especially when TOMANY  questions are left unanswered (yeah, like in Lost, which is actually ridiculous of me to complain about because i started watching the show after it ended).  But how do you end a tv show and never give answers, if not as a season at least some kind of wrap up? an episode? a essay explaining the stuff that was left unanswered, something?!

The other problem i find very annoying and sometimes worth dropping out a show because of it is… the endless tv shows that ran out of ideas, but the ratings are so high they even watch them on Pluto.

Yeah, there’s nothing beautifuler that watching a long running tv show, where you know the characters as if they were your family (examples; The Simpsons, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Criminal Minds [note that these are some of the shows i’ve been watching for ages]). These are the shows that had been running for so long the day they’ll end you’ll be left wordless, or at least i’ll be.

I love these shows to pieces, and many of them i’ve watched more than once, i also may or may not have watched them on loops from beginning to end to beginning to the episode of the day – as i’m doing these days with thebigbagtheory again and again.

But, as much as i may love these shows, some days i want to drop them because they are going way too far. I mean, there’s only an amunt of times you can die before it becomes ridiculous, really. You see, i don’t know how others feel about these shows, but i’m mostly watching them to this day because i love the characters, many times i sort of ignore the storyline because it’s getting really annoying and improbable and ooc. And yet, i cannot always win these fights.

I think the last season i really, truly, enjoyed of Supernatural was season 8.. (season gr8). I keep watching because of Sam [even though these days he isn’t as important as he used to], until season 8 I enjoyed Dean and Cas and everyone else, now i’m just like, why even. And i know many people could tell me to just drop the show and stop complainning, but hey, i invested many weeks of my life watching and rewatching episodes, it’s too late to back down.

So, even thoguh i’m too far down the rabbit hole to just leave, what will it take from me to say NO, NO, NO AND ALSO NO, I’M NOT WATCHING THIS ANY LONGER?

Oh well, i guess it’s different with every show, some random deaths on some of the shows, or an inexplicable ooc moment that i can’t leave be. Some of the shows can go to hell all they want and i’ll keep watching (a.k.a: The Simpsons).

Main problem with the shows may be the breaking of a truly important (to me) canon fact; a ship, a character, an unforgivable death. I’m a die hard fangirl, i have some stuff that is sacred to me on some shows and i can’t let everything pass through.

How fun is it to watch a show you read the book it’s based on, and so even if it gets cancelled you know what needs to happen? (as long as it stays faithful to the original work), for example, i really wish for Shadowhunters, premiering this 2016, to have a million seasons, because i love the books so much, they may be one of my favorite series, and also because the tease and the trailer for the show look AMAZING, but, i read all the books and i know what has to happen, even if they changed the story a bit, i do have an ending for the characters. Although i’ll be sad because i love the cast to much. Anyway, i hope they get many seasons after this one!

Not the same in many others that were changed so much you may never know again.

Oh, the time i’ve wasted…

Tv shows i had to let go even though i spent so much time in them:

2 Broke Girls, Awkward, Dexter, Gilmore Girls (the only show i had to drop because the friend i watched it with passed away and i couldn’t keep watching without her), Glee, Grey’s Anatomy (although i may catch up and keep watching), Homeland, House, The Vampire Diaries.

TV shows i’ll be watching this season:

American Dad!, Black-ish, Bones, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Castle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Elementary, Family Guy, Fresh Off The Boat, Grimm, Heroes Reborn, How To Get Away With Murder, iZombie, Jane The Virgin, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Mike&Molly, Modern Family, Mom, Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Quantico, Scream Queens, SuperGirl, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, The Goldbergs, The Middle, The Simpsons.

The “I Might as well keep watching because there’s nothing else at the moment” list:

New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, Suits, Veep, Wilfred.

The “I’ll watch them if and when they are back” list:

Ancient Aliens, Game of Thrones, In Search Of Aliens, Mr. Robot, Orphan Black, Sense8, Sherlock, Silicon Valley, The 100th, The Librarians.

*These lists do not include anime i may watch (although this year i haven’t watched much).

** Wow, that’s a LOT of shows.

*** These lists do not include the shows that i haven’t checked up yet, like SHADOWHUNTERS that i’m pretty sure i’ll watch, but hasn’t started yet, and shows that may start next year.

****Series in bold are my favorite ones.

I guess that’s it for today…

Oh my.. so many shows, … so little time!  Not to mention i still have to keep reading .. oh wow, i have much catch up to do :0.

Confessions of a shipperholic

I’m not big on real life romance, actually I’m not big on human contact at all.  Basically, do you know the character Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory? Do you know why relentless he is about human contact? (Mostly on earlier seasons) well, that’s how I roll.

And yet when it comes to fictional characters i go berserk.
Honesty, i obsess over fictional relationships, i get invested on so much that if people who know me irk would know it would change the way they looked at me forever.
There’s a sort of insanity, that I’m not quite sure if it’s just the Fangirl way or if it runs deeper in my veins or something. It’s ridiculous I swear.
If i ever invested half the time i do on thinking about my otps (one true pairing [s]) into a real relationship, I would get an award for being the best girlfriend in the universe.

No, not really, i don’t like people around me at all, and don’t get me started on people touching me, that’s just wrong. So wrong.

But to be honest, i think we live in a time when these kind of behaviors aren’t the weirdest things you can find. So, i spend my time and emotions on fictional relationships and everything is fine.

As being a shipper [and a fangirl] is a way of living, i’ve been fangirling over my favorite ships since i was very young. Like, when i was about seven or eight i would watch anime and ship many ships (even though at the time i didn’t know it was shipping).

But i guess the obsessiveness of it all started when i read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the first time. I remember how much i got crazy about Viktor Krum getting in the middle of Hermione and Ron, how much it bothered me at the time. Yeah, my first OTP (which i carry to this day) was Romione, although i didn’t call it that until two years ago.

I still ship them very much, i even remember being very nervous when the last book got out, because until the books weren’t over there was still the chance that my ship wouldn’t happen, i may even have prayed at some point, i’m not a 100% sure.

Since that first ship, i had a lot (and i mean A LOT) of OTPs, when normally i’ll have only one in a particular fandom, i’ll still have some other that i ship (just not that much).

For some reason i prefer canon ships, or ones that may be canon at some point, mostly because my fangirl heart struggles too much when i have to make it all in my head. But yeah, i had some crazy ships…

Well, yeah, at some point i totally shipped Tomoyo and Meiling.

And i say shipped, which is weird, because normally if i shipped it at one point, i’ll ship it for eternity, i honestly don’t remember why i stopped shipping them together. If i decide to ship a ship it’s for good, but there are a very few i had to drop just because it was too impossible or something ruined the ship for me. Something like the actors interpreting the characters being horrible people in real life, or too much against the ship … yeah, i also won’t ship real life people…

Anyway, obviously it’s impossible to have so many OTPs and obsess over them the same amount all of the time, so, i obsess over one particular ship (like most of the day) the same way i’ll obsess over a show or book (and the OTP normally will be of that same tv show/book) while i’ll still obsess a bit (much) over other OTPs.

At the moment the ship i’m obsessing the most over is Shamy from the Big Bang Theory, which means i’m watching and rewatching the show all day over these days.. (yeah, my capacity of rewatching and rereading stuff i love is remarkable, i’ll talk about that one day).

(My relationship goals right there)

Because i have so many OTPs, and a very short attention span, i’ll be talking about my ships in short entries, …

Oh wow, what a way of saying that with this entry i’m presenting a new “segment” on this blog, apart of the nonsenses i talk about on a monthly basis, i’ll be adding the “confessions of a shipperholic” from now on…

So, for today this is all..

’til next time! 😀