The Type Of Fan I Am Of The MCU

Hey there, everyone!

Today i decided to talk about a little about stuff i enjoy, and since this idea came to me while watching The Falcon and The Winter Soldier i thought i could explain a little about my story with the MCU.

Marvel Logo Gif Wallpaper

I hadn’t always follow the MCU, actually when i started watching the Iron Man movies i was a little bored and it took me a while before i’d watch them again and enjoy them.

When i was younger i used to watch more of the X-men. As i might have commented before i had a huge crush on Gambit when i was little (about 5 years old). So, yeah i used to watch the 90s tv show and also the teenager X-men, but i never knew about the Avengers and such until it really exploded on the cinemas.

To be completely honest even then i wasn’t that much of a fan of the movies at first.

I didn’t watch the Captain America first movie when it came out. I only watched it when my then best friend told me she would take me to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the cinema for my birthday back then so it makes it 2014 the year i started really watching the movies.

Now, somehow even though i’m a huge fan of super heroes i still wasn’t that much into it. So i kept missing movies (and i have to admit i’m still missing one movie – Captain Marvel). This was until my counselor at the time told me she really loved Chris Evans and she wanted us to go watch Civil War on the theatre.

Let’s say i had a ton of sh*t to catch up on then because back then, i had only watched the first Avengers movie, the two previous Captain America, some of Iron Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Okay, so i went to watch Civil War with everything pretty fresh in my mind since i’ve seen it all pretty close to the movie, and then somehow it exploded in my mind as it did in the theaters.

I started to rewatch the movies, and i really had my personal favorite characters, like, Wanda, Bucky, T’Challa and Loki, which is awesome because most of them now have tv shows.

Still, i wasn’t a die hard fan, i was just a casual fan, with a few favorites.

Let’s say i wasn’t immune to it, but i wasn’t has much of a fan as i am today.

marvel GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs

I still have a problem with the fact it all belongs to Disney, since i don’t really like Disney and yet i have to give it my money to watch the movies and the shows.

Well, yeah i have the same problem with Star Wars, but i don’t feel like Disney ruined Marvel the way it did Star Wars, which is a complete disaster and i’m pretty done with it. Yes, i haven’t read comics about the Avengers and such so i technically have no idea if they destroyed something…

That’s the thing you know? You can read the comics, but you don’t need to, to enjoy the MCU. Which is awesome because i prefer manga over comics, and i don’t have the time nor the money to read all the comics i would need to understand everything and have my own theories.

Still, there are a few new novels based on Marvel characters i’m still thinking if i should read like the ones about Shuri.

I have to admit i’m really enjoying the new tv shows, Wandavision was great until the end which was a little meh, and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is getting better with every episode which has me very hyped for it. I mean, it’s such an awesome tv show and Sam and Bucky are such great characters.

Then, as i said before i counted myself as a casual fan but the other day i found myself trying to get Wanda and Bucky’s funkos, and i looked for some posters and i understood i may starting a fixation.

I don’t know to where it will develop, i hope i doesn’t become a thing in my life, because i was having a very healthy relationship with Marvel (like i don’t own mugs and little action figures of spiderman already).

I guess what i’m trying to say is, yes, it started as a healthy relationship with Marvel, but it may be becoming something more stressing. I hope i doesn’t become a stress point in my life because i’m being very healthy lately and i’m very happy about it, i’m reading, i’m eating healthy, i’m doing sports and meditating and my mind is just clean, and that’s how i like it.

If i see that it starts to go sideways i may have to stop watching the tv shows, because i don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

Like, i’m talking righ now because i have it under control… i hope it keeps that way.

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What about you? Do you like Marvel? Do you enjoy the movies, the tv shows? Who is your favorite character? Leave your comment down below!

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