Even if the characters are fictional.

A while ago I was checking updates on Goodreads when i stumbled upon a post made by Jennifer Niven, it was related to my favorite book of all time which was written by her, All the Bright Places.The post was about some merch being sold but that’s not the point i wanna make.

The thing is, there was an image she drew and it was related to the main characters on the book, the moment i saw it i remembered the stuff that happens on the book  and i started crying.. To be completely honest with you, i’m crying as i write these words.

You see, many people don’t understand why I cry when i read books. To be fair, maybe  i cry a little too much when reading them, but come on, if you haven’t cried while reading a book you are not reading the right books. [i’m not actually criticizing the books you read, it’s totally fine if you don’t cry].

I tend to read YA books because they can make me cry, and that’s something i really need, i need the attachment to the characters to like the book, otherwise it feels like it leaves an emptiness in my chest. Fairly enough crying over fictional leaves an emptiness even greater, but one i can deal with by crying some more.

Getting attached to characters and feeling their pain, even when this is fictional is pretty much my reason of being.

Do you know the quote that says “The characters are fictional but the pain is real”?

Well, that’s exactly how i feel. Oh, gosh, is that just completely a fangirling mood? Wait, do only people that fangirl/fanboy and get too attached to characters cry when reading books? Didn’t people who read My sister’s keeper not cry at the end? A regular person that read All the Bright Places, did not cry for days after finishing the book?

That’s impossible, i’m pretty sure the people that don’t understand me crying because of a book is because they are not readers themselves. There’s no way sometimes books make people cry because they are so emotional and the authors nail the story.

Some authors are geniuses, that’s a fact … that has to be a freaking fact. We are talking about people that can create such emotional settings, so lovable characters, such intense scenes, there’s no way in hell they aren’t at least, amazingness walking!

Come on, i read All the Bright Places back in May 2015 and whenever i remember the book i start crying and cannot stop for days! So, maybe not all the people who read the book still cry when remembering it, but i’m sure most of them cried when reading it.

No, i have no idea where all this is going, i’m just upset and crying like a baby and needed to tell someone that the bond created with fictional charcters is as real as a bond we may share with real people in our real lives, the fact that they are fictional does not make it less important or real, or at least, that’s what i believe.

Yeah, i cried when i finished reading Harry Potter, because the characters, i mean.. i grew up with them, that’s fine, right? I cried (of happiness) when i finished reading Aristotle&Dante discover the secrets of the universe, because it put me in such a happy place.. I cried while reading the chapter where Michael (from The Rest Of Us Just Live Here) had the meeting with the his therapist, because it hit close to home. I cried when i finished reading Fangirl because it was such a perfect ending. I’ll cry when reading The Raven King, i’m pretty sure, because i love those characters and whatever happens to them it’s important to me.

On the other side, sometimes i cry  when reading non-fiction, that’s because sometimes i read about difficult stuff and the suffering of real people is obviously heartbreaking. Still, some people don’t understand why would i cry when reading about the suffering of other people …… You see, these people just don’t understand s***.

I just realized, i’m really not sure other people cry as much as i do when reading books…

What about you guys? Do you cry because of fictional characters? they don’t really have to be from books, what about fictional characters from movies or tv shows or even games? Feel free to comment on whatever you are feeling, I’m the queen of tears.






2 thoughts on “Even if the characters are fictional.

  1. I’m not always crying over fictional characters, but when I do, it’s pretty rough, like, I could cry on TFIOS movie and the book anytime. And I’m looking forward to read All The Bright Places!

  2. I get so attached to characters in books and tv shows that I cry a lot while reading/watching. I hate that people in real life don’t understand why since they are “just fictional”.

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