Ruler Of Books Tag

Hey everybody! As you may or may not know it’s time for another Tag Saturday!

This time i found the tag while lurking on Youtube (as i always do). The Tag was originally created by Ariel Bissett, if you don’t know her, check her out she is amazing!

And now, let’s start with the tag for today

Ruler Of Books Tag

If you were the Ruler of Books…

1. What book would you make everyone read?

The Harry Potter series without doubt. Since i was little i’ve found only a few people that read the books, even if it sound weird (as i always say, i don’t have many readers in my surroundings) and i’d love to have a lot of people to talk about these amazing books. Think about you, you go down the streets and every few steps you hear references to Harry Potter, Harry Potter everywhere. It would be like it was christmas everyday tumblr_inline_n61q9gT5Qa1qhdusl.

2. What would you abolish in book construction?

Oh, that’s an easy one.. i’d abolish books with really small letters. I hate it so much, it hurts my eyes to try and read them.. then many times i cannot buy a book i really want because of itand i hate hate HATE it.

3. What author would you commission to write any book?

Patrick Ness. He writes so many different kinds of books and all of them are amazing.. so far there wasn’t one book by him i read that i didn’t love to pieces, like seriously, all his books are almost instantly a favorite.

4. What book would you demote to make room for new books?

Okay… so, here i’m going to talk about a very famous book that i truly don’t understand why people love so much, like honestly i had to read it for school and i felt like ripping my eyes off just so i could stop reading it. I’m talking about Don Quixote.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with my opinion, i just have to say it(?).

I understand the book changed so many things in literature at the time it was written and all, but honestly, it bored me a lot. Like, why do you have to push that book down the throats of young students that are not interested on it and that may get scared by it and never want to read a book again.

5. What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?


Adam S. Doyle, he is the artist behind The Raven Cycle covers and his are is absolutely breathtaking. I mean, look at these;

Cover of Blue Lily, Lily Blue made by Adam S. Doyle.
Art by Adam S. Doyle

It’s beautiful! Sometimes i just pick up one of The Raven Cycle books and stare at the cover for a while because i love them so freaking much! Sadly, after checking in the book he wasn’t credit for his work..

6. What character’s face would you put on a coin?

3770585-9693277282-vlcsn copy

I would put Albus Dumbledore in every coin and under his face will be the quote “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” just so everyone always remember the genius he was.

7. What book would you award the ‘Ruler of Books’ 2016 prize to?

Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy, #3)
My King Of Kings 2016

Half Lost is so far my favorite book of the year. For me it was so intense to read it, i cried so much and sometimes i still do,  i’m not over it. Without doubt this is one of my favorite books of all time and one of the best endings i’ve read. Oh, the tears were everywhere. I want to marry this book.

Haha! That’s it for this tag! I hope you like it and feel free to do it if you want, i honestly really enjoyed answering it :3

‘Til Next Time 😉


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