Let’s Talk Bookish | Should Books Have Content Ratings?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

Should Books Have Content Ratings? (Dani)

I think this is kind of a tricky question.. don’t books have already content ratings?

If i understand the question right i think books do have content ratings, each book is set in a different genre, where you can choose the genre you prefer. I mean, there are books for children and they are said to be for children, as well as YA, New Adult, Adult Fiction, etc.

The thing i think is missing most of the time are trigger warnings.

There are stuff children should read and learn about but only if their parents or the children themselves are ready to face those topics.

I have found books that were about something else completely and then -boom- somebody dies out of nowhere from a school shooting when the topic of the book was romance? Like, excuse me, what? I truly don’t understand how authors can trigger people that way.

I think the content in books should be told explicitly, especially in books for children and teenagers. I mean, i can manage some triggers, but not all of them, and that’s why i appreaciate so much when reviewers give those trigger warnings. Some authors just don’t care.

I mean, it makes sense that characters will die in a book like The Hunger Games, because it is about kids killing kids, obviously on a dystopia, but a contemporary book like the one i said? I mean, nothing could prepare a person to the school shooting and that is just wrong.

Sure, those kinds of things can happen in real life, it happens more than we would want them to, but bringing up that kind of topic just because, it feels like you didn’t know how to end the book, sorry.

I feel like maybe parents should be more involved on what are they children reading maybe? If i were a parent i would want to know what my kids are reading, maybe read up a little myself just to be sure everything is fine with what are they reading. But adults should just be aware of the topics that can come up on books.

So, i guess what i’m trying to say is, trigger warnings are needed. I don’t know if it is the same as content rating, but it would be a great heads up to help choose the books you read.

I mean, i remember when i was 15 y/o i started reading Games of Thrones only to realize it wasn’t for me or my age. I still think it shouldn’t be on a school library, but that is a different topic really.

Does anything on this post makes any sense? I feel it doesn’t. Anyway, that’s my opinion. Trigger Warnings.

What do you think? Should books have content ratings like tv shows, video games or movies? Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Should Books Have Content Ratings?

  1. “There are stuff children should read and learn about but only if their parents or the children themselves are ready to face those topics.” This is more what I meant, like how games are rated M for violence or sexual content!

  2. I agree that the genres like YA, NA and such act as content ratings themselves. I also agree that content warnings are necessary as well. I have been recently trying to incorporate content warnings into my book reviews as well but I guess there is the question of whether we need/have a standardised system/database of those warnings.

  3. Content warnings are more about an appropriate age for reading a certain book. I agree that trigger warnings could come in handy and warn in advance what to expect from the book. I’ve noticed more and more authors and publishers implement them which is great.

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