To Read or Not To Read, that’s the question.

While looking for something to read the other day, i went to my Goodreads’ list of already read books, so I could find ‘something like’ some other books i liked. I was checking the list when i realized i have a lot of first books in series, but only that, the first book.

‘Oh no, even with books i start things but never end them…’ i told to myself. Yes, I’m mostly a quiter, but never realized before that i do it even with the thing i like most, reading.

This fact made me wonder,  what is more important when deciding if i should  keep reading or not? For example;

[For example;

A few weeks ago i commented on the fact that last year  i read Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, and i wasn’t sure about it. Someone told me not to waste my time with books i didn’t like, there are too many books I do want to read, why would I spend my time in a book i didn’t enjoy?

The thing is, i really don’t know, but it’s not that i didn’t like it, the story was alright, i’m just not sure about… i don’t know, maybe the writing?]

So, how should i decide if a book is worth giving it a second chance or not? I mean, there really are great books waiting out there, my TBR list has 381 books already and the number never goes down, but up up and out of control…

I need to find a way to decide if a book is worth it or not, one that does not include spoilering myself, because i’ve already done that, and that’s not fun at all.

You see, my main problem is this, i cannot stop thinking about the fact that i may be giving up on something that could be my next favorite book series, i clearly did it with The Mortal Instruments the first time i read City of Bones, i did it with The Knife of Never Letting Go (although i keep wasting time and not reading the next book).So, what if

So, what if i’m really missing just because the first book wasn’t that great in my opinion? what if i made the wrong choice when i decided not to keep reading The Throne of Glass even though everyone loves it so much?

Is reading a book that isn’t that great a real waste of time? What if the characters are good but the writing isn’t or vice versa?

This is making me lose my mind, i have so much to read, and i don’t know if i should give every book the same opportunities or it depends on the author…?


How do you decide which books get a second chance and which don’t? any good ideas? You can leave your opinions and way of deciding below in the comments, i’ll appreaciate it!

‘Til Next Time 😉