Storytime: The Ghost in the Apartment.

This is s a story many won’t believe and i wouldn’t myself if it wasn’t because i happened to me and years after my sister told me something pretty close to it too.

It all happened when we moved to our first apartment in Nahariyya, Israel. It was the summer of 2002 and we had just arrived to the country two months before.

The apartment was close to the center of the city and the school, which was great. But the moment i got to that apartment i didn’t like it. It was old and very dark, but that’s what my parents could afford at the time so, that’s it.

I don’t remember when it started, maybe a month or so into the summer, whenever i came back from anywhere i would see a person standing in the bathroom. It was a white shadow always there.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would be there.

I would do anything and i’d think i just saw it, but only there, in the bathroom.

The thing is, i always had the feeling it was the owner of the house, since he had passed and his wife was the one renting us the house.

So to me it was a man.

I could never see a face, just the shadow.

The weirdest thing to ever happen to me in that apartment though wasn’t the ghost aparently only i saw, it was that one i was sitting at the computer and i felt watched. I looked back to my sister’s bedroom and the door was a little open and it seemed as if two red eyes were looking at me. I got so so scared i started sleeping with the lights one for a very lng time after that.

The thing is, my mom never believed me about the ghost in the bathroom. But years later talking to my sister she told me she used to see things in that house too.

She explained to me she used to see also a white shadow, but or her it was a woman, and she would see it anywhere in the house.

She told me she was so scared about it but no one else in the house would talk about it so she stayed quiet about it until i told her my own experience.

I thought about that “ghost” for years until one day i remembered the celling of the bathroom was lowr than the rest of the house’s. now, you may thinking “she is going the say a body was there”.

Well, not exactly.

There was an empty space to put things there, we could never use it because it was full of this man’s things. So, i ended up believing he needed something from there. and since he was a ghost he couldn’t get it or something, so maybe he was waiting for me to help him, and i never did.

I know you are not supposed to talk to ghosts because it supposedly give them more power, but i always remember the little ghost who got not help because a little me never asked what he needed. Imagine living an afterlife just to stand there and wait for somebody to help and that help to never come. He must be so bored by now of standing in the entrance of that bathroom… i hope someone helped him.