Resolutions update #4

Oh man, this month is killing me.

So, i’m still in this huge, horrible slump… i cannot get past through it, even though i managed to read a few books after Half Lost, i’m still grieving and i just can’t.

It’s like every time i manage to finish reading a book i go like “oh god, i cannot keep reading anymore” and sit for day staring at the books in my shelves, wanting to read them but unable to do so…

I decided on trying the shortest ones, maybe shorter books will work better for now, but suddenly they don’t seem so interesting and so i just don’t read.

Anyway, i started trying reading Hamlet, as my classic of the month, and the second play by Shakespeare which are both part of my resolutions (Read a classic every month/Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays), since it only one piece and it’s fullfilling two goals, i’m still not sure if i’m not actually cheating myself…this is getting more difficult than expected. Anyway, I’m finding it more interesting than Macbeth, at last for now, so i think i’ll make it through.

I went to the library last week and found two interesting non-fiction books, one about conspiracies and the other about what’s going on in the middle east…with a little luck one of those will be the fourth non-fiction i’ll be reading this year and so i’ll be completing that goal (Read at least 4 non-fiction books).

About the “Finish reading a series i put on hold“, i think i’ve actually done it by reading Half Wild & Half Lost, although i should count it only if and  when i read the novellas…

All my other resolutons are quite behind, i’m not finishing a good trilogy to read, and i need three of those… the ones i started… i’m not sure i want to eep reading them…

To be honest, it’s been a weird year, in comparation to last year, i haven’t found many books that actually blew my mind, … last year i had so many new favorites and now it’s getting difficult to even read. Man, this is bad.

I’m still haven’t read manga this year, …. actually i’m not watching anime either, i starting to get worried…

And well, those are the updates i have for now, i’m still looking for The Great Gatsby, but i cannot find it anywhere, so it’s still on hold, it will be one of the classics i read this year! (i hope).

‘Til Next Time 😉






To Read or Not To Read, that’s the question.

While looking for something to read the other day, i went to my Goodreads’ list of already read books, so I could find ‘something like’ some other books i liked. I was checking the list when i realized i have a lot of first books in series, but only that, the first book.

‘Oh no, even with books i start things but never end them…’ i told to myself. Yes, I’m mostly a quiter, but never realized before that i do it even with the thing i like most, reading.

This fact made me wonder,  what is more important when deciding if i should  keep reading or not? For example;

[For example;

A few weeks ago i commented on the fact that last year  i read Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, and i wasn’t sure about it. Someone told me not to waste my time with books i didn’t like, there are too many books I do want to read, why would I spend my time in a book i didn’t enjoy?

The thing is, i really don’t know, but it’s not that i didn’t like it, the story was alright, i’m just not sure about… i don’t know, maybe the writing?]

So, how should i decide if a book is worth giving it a second chance or not? I mean, there really are great books waiting out there, my TBR list has 381 books already and the number never goes down, but up up and out of control…

I need to find a way to decide if a book is worth it or not, one that does not include spoilering myself, because i’ve already done that, and that’s not fun at all.

You see, my main problem is this, i cannot stop thinking about the fact that i may be giving up on something that could be my next favorite book series, i clearly did it with The Mortal Instruments the first time i read City of Bones, i did it with The Knife of Never Letting Go (although i keep wasting time and not reading the next book).So, what if

So, what if i’m really missing just because the first book wasn’t that great in my opinion? what if i made the wrong choice when i decided not to keep reading The Throne of Glass even though everyone loves it so much?

Is reading a book that isn’t that great a real waste of time? What if the characters are good but the writing isn’t or vice versa?

This is making me lose my mind, i have so much to read, and i don’t know if i should give every book the same opportunities or it depends on the author…?


How do you decide which books get a second chance and which don’t? any good ideas? You can leave your opinions and way of deciding below in the comments, i’ll appreaciate it!

‘Til Next Time 😉



Reading Classics

At the end of last year i checked up my read books list just to realize i haven’t read as many classic as one could expect at my age (according to my expectations, right?) … i mean, yeah, when i was little i used to read way more classics than i do now that i finally shaped myself and know which kind of books i enjoy actually enjoy reading.

Being this the case i decided this year i would read (at least) one classic every month… Why did i decide this? well, you see, when you tell people you like reading, for some reason all they expect you to read is classic. Honestly i do not understand the rational over that, but yes, when i tell people i read they usually expect me to say Dickens is my favorite author, which isn’t the truth, obviously.

Yeah, well… i do have some classic favorites, Wuthering Heights and Daddy Long Legs are all time favorites of mine, but none more than those.

So, i found myself wondering what am i missing? are those books so incredible as everyone want us to believe? should i be ashamed of myself for not reading more classics?

Well, when back in January i started reading (and enjoying) Pride and Prejudice i found myself with an answer. To be completely honest, it was an obvious answer but it wasn’t as simple as i imagined at first.

There’s a reason why people love the classics to this day. Classics, and i’m not speaking only of old books but books that speal too people even when the generations pass by, thhey are made from a different thing than regular books. It’s the way the manage to touch us in ways other books cannot.

But, even if you like one of the classics and one only, there’s no reason to feel ashame. Heck, even if you don’t like any of them there’s no reason to feel ashamed. Books cannot always speak to all the people.. Yeah, there are books that can speak to a wider range of people, but it’s alright if you are not one of them.

The beauty about readig and literature as a whole is the fact that each person can enjoy reading very different things, the important thing remains to actually  take time to enter the world the book is presenting you and loving what you are reading.

There’s no point on forcing yourself to read a book you find boring or annoying even if every single person in the world says it’s the best book they’ve ever read. The book may just not be for you… And i’m saying this after reading twice A Hundred Years of Solitude after not liking it the first time i read it and feeling like i should reread it, maybe i missed something important that would change my mind forever.

It didn’t.

So, yeah. We are very different people and we cannot always like everything or even the one same thing. There’s no shame on it. You are free to read what you like, the books that give you joy, the ones that make you feel alive.

Read because you enjoy it,  not because you have to.

‘Til Next Time 😉



Reading Habits Tag

Another day, another tag! This time The Reading Habits Tag,


[So sorry, i couldn’t find the original video/post of the tag, as always, if you know who created it please send me a message telling me so i can give them full credit!]

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?Mmm, not really… i read pretty much wherever i can or feel comfortable at the moment… it mostly depends on how badly my back hurts…

Mmm, not really… i read pretty much wherever i can or feel comfortable at the moment… it mostly depends on how badly my back hurts…

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Bookmarks, i love them. I normally use the ones i received from BookDepository, they are made by buyers and they are wonderful!!

Bookmark 1Kelly Duncan  Bookmark 2Tze-Chiang Lim Bookmark 5Jack Henseleit(some examples)

3. Can you stop reading or do you have to wait until you finish a chapter?
I prefer to finish a chapter, but it isn’t always possible so i try to at least finish a page that ends in a period, i would hate to stop middle sentence, obviously…

4. Do you eat or drink while eating?
mmm, when reading physical books no but i don’t mind when reading on a tablet or so…

5. Can you read while listening to music or watching tv?
Actually no, i need as much silence as possible when reading really.. i know there are people who have like playlists for specific books and such and i think it’s so cool i wish i could do that too.

6. One book at a time or several at once?
Lately i’ve been reading more than one at a time, for some reason i end up reading them faster or something. I find it difficult to just read one now, mostly because my reading depends on my mood at the time and sometimes i’m not in the mood for a specific book. Although i try to have one physical and the rest in kindle at the same time, otherwise i would have to bring a lot of books with me everywhere… I also use quite a lot my audible application, although there i have some favorites i just want to ‘reread/relisten’

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere!! I love reading in buses and such, at parks, wherever..

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Silently mostly.. unless i’m really feeling the characters then i may reenact the scenes (…)by myself [….]

9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I tended to check the end of the books when i started but i’ve been just reading the book itself as it goes for a few years now :3

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
I really enjoy looking at them new, but there’s nothing you can really do, it is bound to happen at some point…

11. Do you write in books?
It’s weird, i see all the people that write in books, and it seems ‘cool’ but at the same time books are sacred so why would you do that?! i case it wasn’t clear my answer is no, i don’t write in my books…nor others’ of course…

Well, that was the tag for today! I hope you liked it!

‘Til Next Time 😉



Endgame by Nancy Garden

Hello there,

so before we start with this review i want to say that this one comes with a trigger warning just in case, because i’m not sure how sensitive people may be to the subject, only while reading about some real cases and books like this one (fictional) i realized that i get anxiety and panic attacks because of the sensitive subject. The book is about school shooting and bullying, so if it may trigger you, please stop reading. Thank you. Continue reading