Reading The Classics #6: The Goal It’s Alive!

Hey there, fellow readers! ~ ♥

One of the main goals of this year for me was to read a classic each month. So far it’s being going great so it’s time to share with you a little of the book i read this month.

This may contain spoilers of a novel that came out in 1818… so, read under your own risk…

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Reading The Classics Update #4: Growing Up Without Peter Pan.

One of the main goals i have for 2021 is to read a classic each month… so far i read Slaugther House Five, Alice’s Adventures in Winderland and Matilda, this month i decided to get far far away…

So, one of my personal heroes is, the only person i can truly relate to, Peter Pan. Which is funny because i never read his book. I know, i know, that’s not really a great start but i’ve seen him in so many movies, tv shows and plays that i feel like i know him.

Obviously i don’t really, so i decided this April is the perfect time to read his real story.

So far i’m still in Wendy, John and Michael’s bedroom, but Peter has appeared and he already stole my heart. Obviously it sure has something to do with the fact that i loved him from before, but you get the idea…

Peter Pan is one of my personal heroes, as i said, mostly because he never grows up. Or at least that’s what i know about him and all the movies i watched.

Never growing up has always been my dream. I wished i could stay a child forever for a very long time, and so the story of Peter Pan has always been one of my favorites in that.

It’s weird, this is a story my mother never told us when we were little, because she saw the fact of never wanting to grow up as an irresposible thing to do. To this day she thinks that’s not a children’s book because it teaches a bad thing.

She never let us watch the Disney movie when we were little. I watched Peter Pan for the first time when i was about 16 years old and i was already too old to believe in fairies it.

Peter Pan it’s such a topic in my household, so so important, we still discuss it.

Only, a few days ago my mother told me he is called Pan after the god Pan, and Panic comes from the very same name, as in he was scared of growing up and because of that he is called Peter Pan… Peter how is afraid (of growing up).

As i grew older, i learned it’s okay, time won’t stop because i’m afraid of growing up, but the story of the child who could stop it is so amazing, i can’t let go of the idea.

I guess i will be enjoying it very much.

Then i’ll rewatch some movies about him.

Wow, i’m feeling so nostalgic about a book i never read, this is hilariously weird.

Have you read Peter Pan? Do you like his story? Did you know it has a sequel? Leave your comment down below!

Reading The Classics Update #3: She’s a kind of magic

One of the goals i gave myself this year was to read a classic a month. This far i’ve was doing just fine, i mean… it was only two months so i wasn’t that surprised i managed to do it, i read Slaughter-house Five and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (January and February). This month though i thought i wasn’t gonna make it.

I already said in a few posts i’m having renal problems and i’m going from hospital to hospital, so i haven’t been reading much this month since i’m really in pain.

Mostly i’ve been resting (sleeping a lot) to get away from the pain.

Yet, last week as i was visiting the hospital the other week and as i was waiting for my treatment i really remembered a movie i really loved as i was a child, Matilda. When i was growing up Matilda was one of my favorite movies. Obviously i hadn’t watched it since Mara Wilson talked about her bad experience as a child actor, but i thought that was a movie that could lift my spirits as i was waiting so i decided on doing the best next thing if i couldn’t watch the movie, read the book.

To be honest, i never read it before, but i thought to myself, Matilda is a classic, i could totally read it and set it like the classic for the month. So i bought it on kindle in spanish and set myself to read it as i was getting my treatment.

Oh my gosh.

It was so so epic to finally read it. I adored it. It made the time i was at the hospital fly by. Matilda truly is a magical story.

So, i guess this post is to let you know the “challenge” for the year is still going strong, and that i’m doing a little better and next week I’ll be back as always, writing and sharing my opinions.

I hope tomorrow i’ll be posting my new review, I just have to finish writing it.

Well, that’s all i have for this post. Hope you are all doing okay.

Have you read Matilda? At what age? Leave your comment down below!

Reading the Classics Update #2: Down the rabbit hole.

As you may or may not remember (or know) I decided this year I’ll be reading at least one classic book per month. I told this tomy mother a few weeks ago and she gave me her list of classics she thinks i should read… now let me tell you a little about my mother’s expectations….

She thinks i should read stuff like, The Iliad, Faust, The idiot, War and Peace.

Now, those weren’t the kind of classics i was hopping to read, but something more interesting. So i decided the kind of classics i will be reading are more “original”. They aren’t necessarily the greatest books of all time, they also aren’t all books written for adults.

Yes, i decided in my search for interesting classic i’ll be adding some childhood classics.

Or those which should be childhood classics, because the first one i have in mind never touched my house and that’s because my mom never liked the story, or the movie (which i never saw).

The first “children” book i’ll be reading in my classics list is no other than; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

I bought this copy a while a go thinking i’ll read it one day, i just didn’t know exactly when… but hey! it’s time to read it, don’t you think?

Yes, i did watch Tim Burton’s adaptation but it was so long ago i don’t remember anything.

So i thought i would be a fun and strange read since i never heard the real story.

What do you think?

Have you read the book? Did you like it? Do you have any recommendations for Classics i should read? Leave your comment down below!