New Year’s resolutions | 2016

As 2016 approches i started to look back on how this year went, and i checked on my resolutions for this 2015, which weren’t many, just read more than last year (…). I got to admit that as far as it goes i couldn’t have done anything else either way but this 2016 i’m going to try harder.

These past few months i’ve improved a lot; i read many books and started blogging more frecuently, so i decided that it’s time to take myself seriously and do something with about it.

So, after thinking about this stuff a lot i decided to write down my resolutions in the place where nothing ever disappears, the internet, so i can’t take them back.

Without farther nonsenses, here are my new year resolutions for 2016:

Books resolutions:

  • Read at least 4 non-fiction books
  • Read at least 20 of the books i’ve already own
  • Read (at least) 3 complete trilogies
  • Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays
  • Reread 2 favorites
  • Read (at least) 2 completed manga
  • Finish reading a series i started and put on hold
  • Read a classic every month

Blogging resolutions:

  • Start doing the Top 5 Wednesday
  • Post a book review once a week
  • Post at least three times a week

For my entertainment – resolutions:

  • Watch at least 20 of the anime waiting on myanimelist
  • Go to the movies at least once a month
  • Get out more
  • Watch all the Star Wars movies
  • Do something unexpected once every two months

To Do And Not Do resolutions:

  • Leave tumblr.&facebook for good
  • Play less Sims
  • Buy books only if really necessary
  • Start cooking more
  • Take care of everything so i can start studying by October
  • Go back to therapy
  • Find one beautiful little thing every week
  • Be neater in my room
  • Find a new job
  • Start writing more


Top 10 films [that made me sleep with the lights on]

Halloween is around the corner so, in order of not bothering the evil spirits (between Halloween and the Day of the Dead [el dia de los muertos] no one is safe) i decided to be part of the festivities and so.. This top 10 films that scared and scared me for life was born!

But first a little disclaimer; althought i’m a huge fan of horror movies [these days], when i was little i was exposed to some disturbing characters. At the time i was sort of a daredevil in that matter and some of that stuff scared me for life, so… many of the movies i rewatched as a grown up and i’m like “oh wow, that wasn’t scary at all, actually” but the fear for some reason prevails. Also, I know many of these movies aren’t that scary, heck i spent so many days watching horror movie after horror movie i may have watched way worst movies but after a while you just can’t really see how scary they are.


10. Jeepers Creepers.

Info about the movie HERE

This may be weird, but i watched this movie several times the weekend when i discovered it, and it wasn’t as if i wasn’t afraid, i was, very much, but i just couldn’t stop watching it. Also, this may be the only movie from the list that actually gave me nightmares. Yeah, after a while i stopped sleeping unless it was in daylight.

9. The Sixth Sense.

Info about the movie HERE

Whomever had the great idea of letting my [then] 12 years old sister take me [9 by the time] to watch this movie at the theatre was INSANE. I remember it was the first time i went to the movies with “big girls” and i tried to remain cool, i didn’t want them to see me scared, but the moment that girl puked all over the place i lost my shit and just couldn’t. One of my sister’s friends huged me (she was freaking out too) and we spent the rest of the movie that way. Since then i rewatched the movie many times, and i have to admit, it’s not really scary, but at the time i was so scared that i’ll see dead people somewhere, i was so freaked out.

8. Paranormal Activity.

Info about the movie HERE

Okay, although i was already a grown up when i watched it scared me. Well, most of the movie is boring, but the scene when the gal spends hours just standing and watching the guy sleep it’s just creepy. And i mean, it freaked me out pretty badly, because to this day, one of the things i fear the most is waking in the middle of the night to find someone staring at me sleeping (i guess Edward and I could never happen). So creepy, … I watched it only once and i had enough, but I watched the second movie anyway. Never watched the rest.
7. The Blair Witch Project.

Info about the movie HERE

This movie and I go way back, i go to watch this movie when i was about 10, for some reason i can’t understand my mom let me watch it with my sister at night. I remember being scared, like, really scared after… I would stand with my back to the wall always, so i can be sure the witch isn’t coming, and then at some point an aunt of mine got me a book based on the movie, it was “the information the guys in the movie gathered before they disappeared”, the book freaked me out even more, but it also got me to watch the movie again (??). The second time i watched the movie i really enjoyed it, and since then it became on of my favorite movies, like in my top 20 for sure.

6. Pet Sematary.

Info about the movie HERE

The other day i was talking about this movie at work, just to remember the most horrible part of it (i won’t spoil it). Normally i can only remember this guy called Pascow opening a trunk door or something like that and it always was enough for me to avoid this movie ever again. I watched this with my sister and my stepdad a few years ago and they were all “meh, i’ve seen better” while i was all “aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!” . Since i’ve never watched it again and i mostly forgot what happens (okay, i remember the basics just fine) i can’t say if i would be scared if i’d watch it again, but just to be sure, i won’t.

5. Sinister.

Info about the movie HERE

This is the movie i LOVE being SCARED OF. I watched this movie two or three years ago, and althought the ‘monster’ of the movie is scary as crap, i totally loved him. I mean, yeah, i’m still afraid i may wake up one night to find him next to my door, and it would be the scariest thing ever, but like, i can’t wait to find the way of watching the sequel, because i totally loved the movie. Is it as weird as it feels to me?

4. It.

Info about the movie HERE

I’m never ever stepping on a sewer. I didn’t watch this movie when i was little, but i’ve been afraid of Pennywise since i remember myself. I’ll blame it on the channel where it was screened because the promos where too explicit for the hours it was showed. It was horrifying really, and for years i would close my eyes and remember him in the sewer, i hated so much when my granma tried to make me step on them, and to this day i don’t. I actually watched the movie a couple of years ago just to find out it wasn’t scary, and i felt betrayed by it, but i will always remember the clown as one of the most horrible things i’ve ever seen.

3. Ringu.

Info about the movie HERE

This was the first asian horror movie i’ve ever seen. And it’s kind of a funny story. When i decided i would watch this movie i was 14 and i was home alone. I knew people would call you if they knew you were watching the movie so i kept the information to myself and watched it as nothing. I didn’t even flinch while watching, and after i finished i couldn’t care less about it. Weeks passed by and i was still very happy, i even started watching even more scary movies. Then, one night a gal i used to talk to by msn told me she saw the movie and described some stuff from it to me. The moment i remember the stuff i saw i completely lost it. For years i was so scared of Sadako, it was horrible. A psychologist told me that it may had happened because even tho i enjoy horror movies i’m very susceptible to them and also my imagination is very strong so seeing it in my mind may have been even worst than the movie itself.

2. The Exorcist.

Info about the movie HERE

There’s a chance i may have the fear for this movie in my own DNA. My father went three times to the theatre to watch it and he couldn’t finish it, ever. Heck, he went to a date with my mom to watch it.

This movie is the only one (on the list) i still haven’t finished watching. My fear of this movie started when i was 14, my sister made me play a concentration game and at some point the face of the girl jumped and i almost fainted. Since then i’ve been really afraid of this movie, … also, many times people showed me parts of it, i still don’t know why everytime i told them i was scared they showed me scenes from the movie. Then, a few years back one night my sister find the movie on tv and told me we should watch it together, it was 4am and i didn’t want to, but she told me it would be therapeutic. She fell asleep even before the girl started acting weird and after a while i decided i’m not brave enough to watch it alone.

1. Ju-On.

Info about the movie HERE

Fun fact: i watched the trilogy alone in one night.
These movies are what nightmares should be made of, i dreaded these movies from the moment the gal entered the room and the dark thing was draining(?) the old lady (i think it was a woman or was it a man? I think it was a woman). My sister was sitting near me and asked me “why are you doing this to yourself?” then she left me alone with the movies. By the end of the first film i knew that 1- i was scared to death by those entities 2- the movie was genius 3- i wouldn’t be sleeping that night so i might as well watch them all.
I think the scariest thing about the films is that it leaves you with the feeling that nowhere it’s safe, if it can appear under your sheets and that little boy feats everywhere, you can’t escape.
Yeah, by the middle of the second film some parts where predictable, but i don’t think any movie made a strong impression in me as this movies, i was scared of my bed, of stairs, i was sure the creepy thing will find me in a public restroom and kill me, i started imagining sounds at night and since then i can’t sleep without white noise, because of the sounds that thing made. Yeah, I’m still afraid. Obviously it didn’t stop me from watching the American remake, which wasn’t scary as the Japanese ones to be honest.
Fun fact 2: the day after i watched the movies i had a friend visiting and she told me she marathoned the movies the night before too, while we were talking my little brother [6 at the time] decided to play in my room, strangely enough he played by hiding at random places (like under my bed) and then graving me by the foot, he scared me more than once that day.
Fun fact 3: my sister decided i wasn’t scared enough, so one night before we went to bed she told me she heard noises in my room and thought it was me, but she checked and i wasn’t even home. She also told me she thought she heard a little boy’s voice in my room. I didn’t slept in that room again for weeks.

Have a great Halloween!!

’til next time :3

Almost there…

Only 11 days away from my trip to London, and my dog decided my itinerary looks tasty enough for him to it. So long, Mr. Intinerary. As I started planning this trip almost a year ago, i had  a lot of ideas and stuff i’ve planned, now inexistent, la foto (1)because i’m pretty much an idiot. Why would i have only one copy of that thing?

Say it with me; because Clemence is an idiot. 

So now, i’m having to rearrenge so much, i have to find the previous drafts of the itinerary and try to remember all the stuff i ended up adding…

Maybe now i’ll be able to include a visit to the Summer in the City convention, there are some booktubers i wanna meet (Actually only one is very critical, one of them, i really need to meet, my blood is screaming for it).

Oh, please ignore my stupidity. I just have so much to do now that the trip is so close, i find it stressful and wonder why do people even like to travel. Like, all i do before i go to sleep is think about the possibilities of the airplane falling from the sky leading the passengers to certain death. I had to ask my sister to burn all my notebooks if something happens to me.

Seriously, if i die i don’t want my family to know the stuff i wrote on them. My personal stuff…

By morning my fears seem irrational, yeah, but by night they are all i can think about and then i can’t sleep. Because i keep imagining the nothingness of death and me lying on the coffin, rotting for good.4

Yeah, have i told you i’m a dramatic person?

Well, I am.

For instance, right now, an accident seems plausible, and all i can think is how many books i won’t be reading, how many shows i won’t get the chance to watch… and somehow i find it sad. But yet, i’m not thinking about the people how know me, my family… i wonder if anyone outside of my close family would care…

No, stop. I came here to talk about happy stuff, trips to London and Cardiff, the Making of Harry Potter, Stonehenge (maybe), the change of guard, a chill in the mornings, a little rain on August… on AUGUST.

Yeah… i’m suffering this summer very much, thank you for caring, so the Londonese Weather will be a bless. As i don’t plan on being much outside, i don’t care for the rain (in a bad way..). Pretty awesome really.

The only problem i find myself having really (first world problem) is th fact that i won’t be able to read much. My sister told me not to take books with me.. after all i’ll be out all day, yeah, but before bed? … i really wanted to take some book with me, i’ll be there two whole weeks after all, i cannot not read for that long. I thought i could buy books there actually (which would be awesome) but i don’t know… maybe i’ll take a list of books i may want and then buy some when i’m there…? my tbr list is so extense (about 300 books) that i won’t be able to rememeber all.

Man, i’m never finishing that list.

By the way, I’m also planning on leaving some stuff here …

I have no idea what was i talking about…

Somany things to do, so little time! I’ll better be going, … i have so much to prepare!

So, good news… i guess…

Last friday, somehow, even though i was not ready to be really productive, i found myself in a  psychometric’s exam preparation class… I gotta admit that i don’t remember s**t about the stuff in the exam, but i guess that’s because i took the exam a long while ago. Anyway, it felt really good to start studying and actually doing something apart of working, reading or watching tv shows all day. Wow, when saying it like that it feels more than in my mind, but i guess it isn’t, normally i can think about what i do properly, so i suppose that if i thought it isn’t much, it ISN’T MUCH.

Anyhow, having to study math again feels so weird, and i don’t remember anything which made me feel very uncomfortable and kind of embarrased because i want to  major in biochemestry or biotechnology and math is such a big part of science that not remembering anything, i felt unworthy of my dreams…

Obviously the fact that i only started studying for the exam give me a little hope, i can still nail the mathematical part of the exam if i give all i have studying and preparing for it, i have until July to work it out.

English and Spanish don’t scare me as much as Mathematics, mostly because i never had a panic attack while studying those subjests, also because i use them way more in my daily life… The teacher told us we have to read everyday in both languages to help us in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and so… and i was likeem291 “oh, no.. having to read or write in both languages as practice everyday” 

I don’t know, like… having to study so i can start a proper education is really important to me, mostly because i always wanted to have a degree…it may be the only dream i really had my whole life so it’s kind of nice keep on track, keep believing i can do it, but what if i can’t? i know it’s not like it’s my last change on doing something with my life really, i’m young and i really hope i have many more years ahead of me, but then i can’t help but thing, what if i don’t? what if i don’t have as much time as i thought? and why do i have to creep out myself every single time?

Nevermind, i guess, i’ll have to keep myself from dropping out again, it’s just an exam.. i don’t have to figure out my whole life this very moment… as i said, i’m young, i’m trying my best, i’m doing as much as i can…now i just have to really start believing in myself.

And so, hoping for the best, i start (yet again) studying for this horrible horrible exam…

wish me luck!

(sort of.. ) Dreaming of London

About two years ago, my mom, my sister and I travelled together – 8 days/3 countries – we visited England (London), France (Paris) and Germany (Berlin). Honestly, i can’t even remember why did i accept to go with them, maybe because i really wanted to travel to England … it went kind of alright i guess, we fought a lot and we didn’t plan anything (also they didn’t want to visit stonehenge {why wouldn’t they!?} and my sister hates museums, so i got to spend about 1.5 hours in the british museum meaning; i only saw mummies).
So we ended up not really enjoying any of the cities… well, i got to admit that for a person like me even if i didn’t get to really enjoy the Louver, 3 days in Paris was enough for me.
The problem was that I, being a huge fan of so many British things as i am, felt like my time in London was kind of wasted away, so last year i decided i’m travelling by myself to London, 2 weeks and visit every place i wanted, this including going out of London for a few days, seeing another cities, and awesome places.
Now, when i decided i’ll do it and bought the plane ticket i was so excited! I dreamt about being there already, i really couldn’t wait anymore! And so, i started planning everything, nothing to be missed; hotel, train tickets, londonpass, tours, etc. Everything was to be planned. I even bought a personalized notebook for my trip.
Everything felt great …
…and then another year started.
At first, even though the trip was a year away it felt so much more exciting! “August next year, August next year, AUGUST NEXT YEAR!” I kept repeating to myself all day, until one day it was all gone, all the happiness it brought to me, it was all gone. I started thinking about how troublesome will be to actually having to fly – alone – when i’m so scared of planes. I could totally say i wasn’t in my right mind when i made the decision. I was clearly insane when i paid for the ticket, and also when i bought the londonpass, what was i thinking to myself?!
So, now i feel stucked with this trip i’m not quite sure i’m able to do all by myself, yeah, i keep thinking of the option of going on a bookstores spree and buy a lot of books, even if it means the suitcase will be so heavy i won’t be able to move it around, i don’t care. I am as obssesed with books right now as i was with London last year, and that’s a lot… if i may say…

Anyway… the fact is the important purchases were already made, and now i’m here, with this trip in my hands. not really sure what may come my way until August,  just know i have 2 weeks reserved for myself, a good cup of tea, some great museums, some intresting sightseeing places and (i hope this time i’ll be able to enjoy) the change of the guards.

(Last time they cancelled on us because “it was rainning”, i gotta say.. if that was rain for THEM... i was spechless, some policemen came and asked from everyone to leave.., correction, they told to some of the people it was cancelled and asked from us to tell everyone else… it was such a weird day, and i say .. it wasn’t rainning, it rained in the early morning, but by the time it was suppose to start it was a grey but clear day, anyway.. how do you tell 20,000 people that may have come just to watch the change to go home?).