New Year’s resolutions | 2016

As 2016 approches i started to look back on how this year went, and i checked on my resolutions for this 2015, which weren’t many, just read more than last year (…). I got to admit that as far as it goes i couldn’t have done anything else either way but this 2016 i’m going to try harder.

These past few months i’ve improved a lot; i read many books and started blogging more frecuently, so i decided that it’s time to take myself seriously and do something with about it.

So, after thinking about this stuff a lot i decided to write down my resolutions in the place where nothing ever disappears, the internet, so i can’t take them back.

Without farther nonsenses, here are my new year resolutions for 2016:

Books resolutions:

  • Read at least 4 non-fiction books
  • Read at least 20 of the books i’ve already own
  • Read (at least) 3 complete trilogies
  • Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays
  • Reread 2 favorites
  • Read (at least) 2 completed manga
  • Finish reading a series i started and put on hold
  • Read a classic every month

Blogging resolutions:

  • Start doing the Top 5 Wednesday
  • Post a book review once a week
  • Post at least three times a week

For my entertainment – resolutions:

  • Watch at least 20 of the anime waiting on myanimelist
  • Go to the movies at least once a month
  • Get out more
  • Watch all the Star Wars movies
  • Do something unexpected once every two months

To Do And Not Do resolutions:

  • Leave tumblr.&facebook for good
  • Play less Sims
  • Buy books only if really necessary
  • Start cooking more
  • Take care of everything so i can start studying by October
  • Go back to therapy
  • Find one beautiful little thing every week
  • Be neater in my room
  • Find a new job
  • Start writing more


Would you write it?

This year i’ve read more books than ever before, and it feels great, i found many amazing books. The problem is, along with all those great books i also found some that weren’t that great, actually some of them were simply terrible.

While some of the books i didn’t like i just dropped because i couldn’t stand them, some i did finish, and even though i didn’t enjoy them, they made me think quite a lot.

When books make me think this much i tend to want to write about them, and that’s what i do everytime an amazing book inspires me.

But what should i do with the inspiration i get from bad books?

This is a problem i’ve been thinking about a lot lately, because although i feel i wasted time reading those books i have so much to say about them…

What could be wrong with a bad review? you’ll say, and well, i’m a person that really can’t come and start saying bad things about something or someone without feeling realy bad about it, so i find myself in this kind of conundrum(y) situation, where i really want to say what i’m thinking but i wouldn’t feel right with myself because of it…

Also, some place i read or heard about this one author (i can’t remember the name) who stalked a reader because she wrote a bad review of the book, which i find super creepy, like, seriously, what’s wrong with this person.

Okay, so i’m pretty sure no author could find me, mostly because i live so far away from everything, but the fact that someone could find my words to be rude, i can’t stand it. I don’t like being rude, do you know the quote “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you” ? well, i live by that, i would never do to anyone something i would be hurt by.

While i know it may sound weird, i really believe in that, like, okay.. if i were to write a book i would want people to enjoy it, i mean… i understand that it’s impossible for every single person in the world to like the same thing, heck, i wonder if all those bestsellers are really so good or it is just people following those who said it’s a good book… but when the book isn’t that great, you know, someone worked hard on it anyway… someone give it time and cared enough about it, i just can’t be rude…

But then again, i wonder if i’m not just thinking this things too much? like, who would even read or care about my view on the book/series/show/movie really? The internet is so full of opinions and such, what gives someone will precisely care about what i have to say about anything?

Anyway… would you write a bad review? … do you think it is as important as writing a good review? because, when really thinking about it, yeah, i like to recommend good books, but also, isn’t it important to tell people when you don’t think a book is worth their time?

‘Til next time! 😉


Overbuying books

Everyone at my work place knows i have a problem with buying books and as much as i love buying and reading them, they seem to enjoy it way more than me. Well, they enjoy telling me i have a problem and that i should stop.
Normally i wouldn’t think i do have a problem but as the month is ending i did a recount of the books i bought and i shocked myself.
As of this moment i already bought 28 books. Oh Lord, have mercy of my soul… more like have mercy of my bank account…
But as guilty as i actually feel for spending so much money I’m really wanting to buy some more books, like there are some specific books i really want like,”Made you up” by Francesca Zappia, i’ve been looking for this book everywhere, but i feel the price is a little high right now…

Because i buy a lot of books, i can’t afford to buy pricey books, otherwise my bank account would really suffer with all the buying.. So i mostly wait until they get a nice discount, this way i can afford a lot more books.

The fact that i can’t afford pricey books it’s driving me crazy mostly because i want to buy the new illustrated Harry Potter book but it’s so expensive, with that money i could buy about four other books (at least) and so, i keep hoping for a miracle to happen and so i’ll be able to buying the book…

Another thing i tend to do is buy paperbacks, yeah.. i know… Hardcover books are usually way prettier, but they are also more expensive, so i buy paperback… which is very annoying, because some books are only hardcovers, what why!? how come it’s nearly impossible to find some paperbacks? Why are publishers making it so difficult for me to buy books?! … Are they trying to help me? … what what WHAT?!

Okay, so yeah, i know i’m going a little too far with all this overbuying, but i didn’t understand the magnitude of it until last week, when i was talking with my coworkers.. it’s stronger than me… i really can’t help it, maybe i should seek for help, but to whom?

Hope next month i’ll be a little more in control of my doings…

I’ll keep you posted, ’til next time 😉



P.s: forget it, i bought some more now .. The final count is of 35…

They Were [Re]Born To Be [Ever] Free; A Tale of Music, Heartache and Lunacy

Yesterday was a very slow day at work, especially because my coworkers are being slugs … i mean it, we are suppose to end this project we had been working on for ages and instead of doing it, they are playing games on their smartphones… they played for eight hours…

So, because they were making too much noise, but i still can’t concentrate on listening to audiobooks i decided to listen to some of the music i have on my phone. Curiously until the very moment i had to decide what to listen to, i didn’t realize it’s been a very long time since i listened to music at all. I ended up chosing my Japanese playlist…

Okay, yeah, i’d been into Japanese culture for a very long time and i really enjoy their music, to be honest, the first band i’ve ever decided to start listening by myself in my teenage years was a Japanese band, it’s also the one i’m going to talk about today.

I was going through the playlist when the song ‘Unfinished’ by X-Japan began, now, you don’t know it, but that’s a song i can never skip, i love it so much.. and so i sat at my cubicle and listen to the lyrics (the song it’s completely in English, i may understand some spoken Japanese but not that much). While sitting there i sort of felt as if some ‘furniture’ was being moved inside me, .. i mean, i’ve been so numb for so long, and yet while listening to Toshi’s voice i felt like crying.

So i felt a little melancholic. After all, i’ve love them for so many year (half my life), so i teared up a little. Because i was at work i decided i’d better listen to something more cheerful, luckily they have some amazing songs, so i opened youtube and looked up for a song called “Rusty Nail”. Funny thing, i never checked them on youtube before, but it turns out they have an animated video clip for the song. It was so freaking awesome i got super energized by it and went looking for some more music, which i’ve been avoiding much to be honest..

Now let’s talk about this band a little, because i have some major issues with it.

Well, it’s really only one issue,… Once upon a time (wtf is this start?) there was a
musician named Hideto ‘hide’ Matsumoto, he was a member (lead guitarist) of X-Japan along YOSHIKI (drums and piano), Toshi(lead vocal), Pata(rhythm guitar) and Heath (bass) until they broke up back in 1997. Back then each one went his way and off they started solo careers or so.. May 2nd, 1998 hide died and with him the (in my reasoning) possibility of X-Japan ever getting together again, back then YOSHIKI said they had plans for it, but well, hide was gone and so my favorite guitarist ever.

Yeah, well, even though i started listening to X-Japan much after they broke up they became quickly my favorite band ever, and i suffered a lot because hide was gone (i still cry because of him, a lot).

                                                      <The band in their last live together, 1997; left to                                                       right: Heath, Pata, YOSHIKI, Toshi and Hide>

So, you may think, well, this band is gone for good, right? Well, somehow in 2007 they decided to reunite and brought a new lead guitarist, Sugizo.

This is going to sound fake but i really mean it; I like Sugizo, i like him quite a lot, since i started listening to Luna Sea back in the day, he is every possible kind of awesome and also seems to be a really neat person, a very good guy. I really think so, i’m not saying this because what’s coming next, i swear, you’ll see.

For years, since knowing Sugizo took hide’s place i tried to avoid any news about the band because i felt like no one could (or should) take hide’s places… just thinking about it now is making me tear up… hide loved X-Japan, and he was such a presence in the band, no one could possibly take that place, it felt wrong to me. Like, VERY VERY WRONG. So i kept to the past and didn’t even try to check any of it out.

But yesterday i felt curious, you know? Aside of the Rusty Nail video there were some recommendations of live videos of the band, some recent concerts and that… One of the recommended videos was one with a title i’ve never seen, so i was curious. The song IV was actually a “new” song, back in 2007, which means it includes Sugizo, but as i watched the clip it seemed to me hide made a sort of cameo… So i checked another one. In the second video “Born to be free” hide made also a cameo. Things were getting weird but here’s the thing;

As i said myself, hide was a huge part of X-Japan, yeah, X-Japan wouldn’t be X-Japan without him, as it wouldn’t be without Toshi or Pata or YOSHIKI or Heath… and so, apparently he still is part of the band… I find this sort of weird too, and i’m not sure how it really works, like, they use his records from the last show the band did together before he passed away (or something like that). This made me rethink Sugizo’s position in the band, he isn’t really replacing hide, actually he is adding with his awesomeness, as i said, the man is GOLD.

Current members of the band (from left to right); YOSHIKI, Toshi, Sugizo, Pata and Heath.

And so, i continued checking up some other live videos and it actually looks really great, i should have checked this out before… not that they released much stuff these past 8 years but you know..but i did miss the oportunity to try and travel somewhere they were doing a concert …nah, not really i wouldn’t be able to listen to them without crying until i faint, so that’s never gonna happen, if i cry while jsut listening to them now, imagine me on a concert… what a disaster.

I wonder if the solos Sugizo did on the live shows were changed on purpose or if he just can’t do the solos Hide did for some reason… i mean, he can do such jaw dropping things, … i don’t understand, maybe it’s sort of a statement ‘i’m nor replacing Hide, i’m bringing something new to the band’ or something like that… I really don’t know, but he is a complete babe (sorry, it had to be said). However, Sugizo is the sixth member of the band, because Hide was upgraded to eternal member, yep, not even death will stop the greatness of the man.

Sugizo at Hide’s memorial.

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to X-Japan, check them out, they are after all the most successful rock band in the history of Japan… just so you know they are tagged as metal but they have also some great ballads, YOSHIKI is the composer and he writes some incredible songs, like, it’s mind blowing.

Well that’s all for now, ’til next time 😉

p.d: did you get the lunacy punch?

Top 10 films [that made me sleep with the lights on]

Halloween is around the corner so, in order of not bothering the evil spirits (between Halloween and the Day of the Dead [el dia de los muertos] no one is safe) i decided to be part of the festivities and so.. This top 10 films that scared and scared me for life was born!

But first a little disclaimer; althought i’m a huge fan of horror movies [these days], when i was little i was exposed to some disturbing characters. At the time i was sort of a daredevil in that matter and some of that stuff scared me for life, so… many of the movies i rewatched as a grown up and i’m like “oh wow, that wasn’t scary at all, actually” but the fear for some reason prevails. Also, I know many of these movies aren’t that scary, heck i spent so many days watching horror movie after horror movie i may have watched way worst movies but after a while you just can’t really see how scary they are.


10. Jeepers Creepers.

Info about the movie HERE

This may be weird, but i watched this movie several times the weekend when i discovered it, and it wasn’t as if i wasn’t afraid, i was, very much, but i just couldn’t stop watching it. Also, this may be the only movie from the list that actually gave me nightmares. Yeah, after a while i stopped sleeping unless it was in daylight.

9. The Sixth Sense.

Info about the movie HERE

Whomever had the great idea of letting my [then] 12 years old sister take me [9 by the time] to watch this movie at the theatre was INSANE. I remember it was the first time i went to the movies with “big girls” and i tried to remain cool, i didn’t want them to see me scared, but the moment that girl puked all over the place i lost my shit and just couldn’t. One of my sister’s friends huged me (she was freaking out too) and we spent the rest of the movie that way. Since then i rewatched the movie many times, and i have to admit, it’s not really scary, but at the time i was so scared that i’ll see dead people somewhere, i was so freaked out.

8. Paranormal Activity.

Info about the movie HERE

Okay, although i was already a grown up when i watched it scared me. Well, most of the movie is boring, but the scene when the gal spends hours just standing and watching the guy sleep it’s just creepy. And i mean, it freaked me out pretty badly, because to this day, one of the things i fear the most is waking in the middle of the night to find someone staring at me sleeping (i guess Edward and I could never happen). So creepy, … I watched it only once and i had enough, but I watched the second movie anyway. Never watched the rest.
7. The Blair Witch Project.

Info about the movie HERE

This movie and I go way back, i go to watch this movie when i was about 10, for some reason i can’t understand my mom let me watch it with my sister at night. I remember being scared, like, really scared after… I would stand with my back to the wall always, so i can be sure the witch isn’t coming, and then at some point an aunt of mine got me a book based on the movie, it was “the information the guys in the movie gathered before they disappeared”, the book freaked me out even more, but it also got me to watch the movie again (??). The second time i watched the movie i really enjoyed it, and since then it became on of my favorite movies, like in my top 20 for sure.

6. Pet Sematary.

Info about the movie HERE

The other day i was talking about this movie at work, just to remember the most horrible part of it (i won’t spoil it). Normally i can only remember this guy called Pascow opening a trunk door or something like that and it always was enough for me to avoid this movie ever again. I watched this with my sister and my stepdad a few years ago and they were all “meh, i’ve seen better” while i was all “aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!” . Since i’ve never watched it again and i mostly forgot what happens (okay, i remember the basics just fine) i can’t say if i would be scared if i’d watch it again, but just to be sure, i won’t.

5. Sinister.

Info about the movie HERE

This is the movie i LOVE being SCARED OF. I watched this movie two or three years ago, and althought the ‘monster’ of the movie is scary as crap, i totally loved him. I mean, yeah, i’m still afraid i may wake up one night to find him next to my door, and it would be the scariest thing ever, but like, i can’t wait to find the way of watching the sequel, because i totally loved the movie. Is it as weird as it feels to me?

4. It.

Info about the movie HERE

I’m never ever stepping on a sewer. I didn’t watch this movie when i was little, but i’ve been afraid of Pennywise since i remember myself. I’ll blame it on the channel where it was screened because the promos where too explicit for the hours it was showed. It was horrifying really, and for years i would close my eyes and remember him in the sewer, i hated so much when my granma tried to make me step on them, and to this day i don’t. I actually watched the movie a couple of years ago just to find out it wasn’t scary, and i felt betrayed by it, but i will always remember the clown as one of the most horrible things i’ve ever seen.

3. Ringu.

Info about the movie HERE

This was the first asian horror movie i’ve ever seen. And it’s kind of a funny story. When i decided i would watch this movie i was 14 and i was home alone. I knew people would call you if they knew you were watching the movie so i kept the information to myself and watched it as nothing. I didn’t even flinch while watching, and after i finished i couldn’t care less about it. Weeks passed by and i was still very happy, i even started watching even more scary movies. Then, one night a gal i used to talk to by msn told me she saw the movie and described some stuff from it to me. The moment i remember the stuff i saw i completely lost it. For years i was so scared of Sadako, it was horrible. A psychologist told me that it may had happened because even tho i enjoy horror movies i’m very susceptible to them and also my imagination is very strong so seeing it in my mind may have been even worst than the movie itself.

2. The Exorcist.

Info about the movie HERE

There’s a chance i may have the fear for this movie in my own DNA. My father went three times to the theatre to watch it and he couldn’t finish it, ever. Heck, he went to a date with my mom to watch it.

This movie is the only one (on the list) i still haven’t finished watching. My fear of this movie started when i was 14, my sister made me play a concentration game and at some point the face of the girl jumped and i almost fainted. Since then i’ve been really afraid of this movie, … also, many times people showed me parts of it, i still don’t know why everytime i told them i was scared they showed me scenes from the movie. Then, a few years back one night my sister find the movie on tv and told me we should watch it together, it was 4am and i didn’t want to, but she told me it would be therapeutic. She fell asleep even before the girl started acting weird and after a while i decided i’m not brave enough to watch it alone.

1. Ju-On.

Info about the movie HERE

Fun fact: i watched the trilogy alone in one night.
These movies are what nightmares should be made of, i dreaded these movies from the moment the gal entered the room and the dark thing was draining(?) the old lady (i think it was a woman or was it a man? I think it was a woman). My sister was sitting near me and asked me “why are you doing this to yourself?” then she left me alone with the movies. By the end of the first film i knew that 1- i was scared to death by those entities 2- the movie was genius 3- i wouldn’t be sleeping that night so i might as well watch them all.
I think the scariest thing about the films is that it leaves you with the feeling that nowhere it’s safe, if it can appear under your sheets and that little boy feats everywhere, you can’t escape.
Yeah, by the middle of the second film some parts where predictable, but i don’t think any movie made a strong impression in me as this movies, i was scared of my bed, of stairs, i was sure the creepy thing will find me in a public restroom and kill me, i started imagining sounds at night and since then i can’t sleep without white noise, because of the sounds that thing made. Yeah, I’m still afraid. Obviously it didn’t stop me from watching the American remake, which wasn’t scary as the Japanese ones to be honest.
Fun fact 2: the day after i watched the movies i had a friend visiting and she told me she marathoned the movies the night before too, while we were talking my little brother [6 at the time] decided to play in my room, strangely enough he played by hiding at random places (like under my bed) and then graving me by the foot, he scared me more than once that day.
Fun fact 3: my sister decided i wasn’t scared enough, so one night before we went to bed she told me she heard noises in my room and thought it was me, but she checked and i wasn’t even home. She also told me she thought she heard a little boy’s voice in my room. I didn’t slept in that room again for weeks.

Have a great Halloween!!

’til next time :3

When the circus came to town

I never thought much of a bucket lists, apparently many people have them, but i never thought i needed one…or had one for what it matters, although i guess i just saw it a my tbr list (?). 

A few weeks ago i went to a Cirque Du Soleil show – “Quidam”. When i was waiting for it to start i remembered how much i’ve been willing to see one of their shows… so many years longing for it. While sitting there, it popped to my head that would be something to cross off my bucket list, … and then rewrite it there because i have to go see them again.

What a magical evening it was. I mean, my inner child was in tears the whole time. I can’t remember the circuses i’ve been in before, something with dogs in parachutes, the Moscow Circus (?). Don’t really know, i only remember a puddle being thrown by someone to the ground. … Anyway… The Cirque Du Soleil show was nothing i could ever dream, it was just so freaking amazing. Those people, the performers  (all of them; acrobats, actors, musicians) are so talented, all of them. Tears, i was in tears (of joy of course).

Being in the first row (i couldn’t believe it!), seeing their faces for real, not from afar imagining them (not at all), seeing their muscules shaking from all the work they were doing, it was amazing.

More than anything it felt as a surreal dream. A dream i wouldn’t mind having every time i close my eyes. It reminded me of movies such as Paprika. It was so weird, good weird, of course. There’s a peaceful, relaxing beauty on watching such talented performance in such a short time. You didn’t finished gasping about something yet anohter as incredible as that one already started. Man, those people are so talented, they are art, ART THEMSELVES.

I wish i could really describe in words my feelings for what i saw. It’s weird because i could describe the acts here, tell you what i enjoyed (everything), but i have the feeling that describing, just describing it wouldn’t make it justice. This is something you have to see with your own eyes (or go home), because the feelings, the colors and the performance it’s too much.

So, instead i’ll talk about what catched my eye during the whole show, the talk i had with my sister (who accompanied me) after and my future plans…

Maybe i should start by giving  a little summary of the show;

Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world – the world of Quidam – where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.

Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past and swallowed by the crowd. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming or going at the heart of our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all. This is the “quidam” whom this show allows to speak. This is the place that beckons – a place for dreaming and genuine relations where all quidams, by proclaiming their individuality, can finally emerge from anonymity.

taken from the official Cirque Du Soileil website.

So, there were two characters who i saw picking on  Zoe the whole time, John and Target. John was hillarious, Target was the cutest character to ever cute. 

<Zoe with John and Target; respectively>

Okay, yeah.. Target was the character i found myself most drown to, he was most of the time at the back doing goofy stuff (he reminded me of a little boy or a puppy) , many times on a cage and although he was merely a part of the background my sister had to keep telling me to look at the main actm because i was staring at him instead.  So yeah.. he catched my eye badly. I could spend days just staring at this man doing so much cute stuff.

Target, the bae

<the original planwas to buy another ticket to go to the show again, because i needed to watch it again, but it turned to be an impossibility>

So, as i started as an idiot (i’m sure of this) i enjoyed not only the main acts, but also the little things on the show. And by the end of the show Target was my bae (in my mind obviously).

Anyway, it was not as if he was the only thing i paid attention to (although a large amount of it was, it was pretty intense), i liked.. more like LOVED all the acts. I was surprised to discover my sister enjoyed the most the diabolos and jiggling acts. I never thought she could love those, but to be honest, i didn’t think she would love any of it, as i had to obligate her to come with me.

After the show when talking about what we saw, she described to me so many things i’ve missed, meanings and ideas i didn’t see, which felt weird to me (not to say awkward), i saw people being art, she saw meaning on everything. But i guess it’s kind of my sister’s thing, she studying art and creative design, so that’s something she should do .. (not all the time but.. hey, not my thing..)

As for my dreams…yeah, it’s not as if iwas running away to join a circus right now .. (that ship sailed away from me). But i always looked for wonder in life, and i gotta admit this reality thing we live in makes it difficult to find, and then sometimes, without really looking you find something really great, and it makes you happy even if just for a little time. That happened to me while watching the show, that evening. I won’t become an acrobat (for so many reasons), but i can go watch more of those kind of shows.

So, the plan now is ;

  1. whenever they come to where i live; i’ll go to their shows [maybe even more than once].
  2. some of their shows are in fixed places or will never come here, so to those i’ll have to go myself.

Technicaly the idea is to become a Cirque Du Soleil fangirl, next time i’ll be prepared! Not like this time, i just randomly saw the poster and remember how much i always wanted to go to their show, but my mom could never take us, so i just thought “wait, i’m a working grown up! i can buy a ticket myself!” and so it happened…

Now.. thinking of it… do they have fans? or is it just random people that happen to go to their shows? Do they have a fanbase? I guess i couldn’t be the only one that loved it so much, right? … I surely hope so!

Okay.. so, next stop; finding the Cirque Du Soleil Fanbase!

Wish me luck! see you next time!

no time, no internet, no nothing

These past days have been a nightmare, i don’t have internet in the new apartment yet, so i’m bored and with nothing to do.. i also haven’t had a lot of free time, i’ve been pretty stuffed with so much with all the moving and so…Although i planned so much, i haven’t done any of those things. The reviews i had in mind and all are still to be written, and my room is still to be ordered… i hope will be back soon..