Let’s Talk Bookish | Should Books Have Content Ratings?

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This Week’s Topic is:

Should Books Have Content Ratings? (Dani)

I think this is kind of a tricky question.. don’t books have already content ratings?

If i understand the question right i think books do have content ratings, each book is set in a different genre, where you can choose the genre you prefer. I mean, there are books for children and they are said to be for children, as well as YA, New Adult, Adult Fiction, etc.

The thing i think is missing most of the time are trigger warnings.

There are stuff children should read and learn about but only if their parents or the children themselves are ready to face those topics.

I have found books that were about something else completely and then -boom- somebody dies out of nowhere from a school shooting when the topic of the book was romance? Like, excuse me, what? I truly don’t understand how authors can trigger people that way.

I think the content in books should be told explicitly, especially in books for children and teenagers. I mean, i can manage some triggers, but not all of them, and that’s why i appreaciate so much when reviewers give those trigger warnings. Some authors just don’t care.

I mean, it makes sense that characters will die in a book like The Hunger Games, because it is about kids killing kids, obviously on a dystopia, but a contemporary book like the one i said? I mean, nothing could prepare a person to the school shooting and that is just wrong.

Sure, those kinds of things can happen in real life, it happens more than we would want them to, but bringing up that kind of topic just because, it feels like you didn’t know how to end the book, sorry.

I feel like maybe parents should be more involved on what are they children reading maybe? If i were a parent i would want to know what my kids are reading, maybe read up a little myself just to be sure everything is fine with what are they reading. But adults should just be aware of the topics that can come up on books.

So, i guess what i’m trying to say is, trigger warnings are needed. I don’t know if it is the same as content rating, but it would be a great heads up to help choose the books you read.

I mean, i remember when i was 15 y/o i started reading Games of Thrones only to realize it wasn’t for me or my age. I still think it shouldn’t be on a school library, but that is a different topic really.

Does anything on this post makes any sense? I feel it doesn’t. Anyway, that’s my opinion. Trigger Warnings.

What do you think? Should books have content ratings like tv shows, video games or movies? Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Prologues & Epilogues… Are They Necessary?

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This Week’s Topic is:


Such a great question.

Let’s start with the prologues, since i feel these are too different to talk about together.

So when is a prologue necessary? I never felt like a prologue was out of place. Many times the prologue isn’t about the main character or sets the feeling and set up for the rest of the story, like something you would have to know but the mc doesn’t necessary know or need to know or it happened too long ago so it makes sense they weren’t there (the mc).

I feel they are necessary sometimes. Like, if you are about to tell me something about the main character you can also start by chapter 1. I’m not gonna lie. But yeah, i feel like often, they are necessary.

I mean, i see prologues as necessary especially in fatasy or science fiction novels, a way of introducing us into a world that isn’t ours necessarily and wemay get lost if we don’t know some things before we start the reading. I feel some books wouldn’t be the same without it.

For example, there is the prologue of Daddy-Long-Legs, which was necessary because Jerusha’s life needed to be told before we get to her letters. Sure it doesn’t say “prologue” but Blue Wednesday is for me a prologue. There she sees her benefactor, and without that part things wouldn’t be the same in the story. Also, it wouldn’t be the same if she told them in a letter. I feel it was the right move to make there a prologue.

I can’t think of many books with prologues right now (the problem of answering a question…you are always missing examples), but i think the one i just gave makes a lot of sense and it was right on place.

As for epilogues… I don’t know. I feel since most of the time there a time skip between the story and the epilogue, they are necessary too. I mean, yeah, you have the ending of the story sure, but do you? After all the way you got with the characters you don’t just want to know how the story ends but after.

I remember Adam Silvera saying once he doesn’t know what his characters do after he finish telling a story, and that feels so weird, like, don’t you know how are they doing a few days, months, years after? I would want to know how my characters are doing.

Again always for the best, like i don’t want an epilogue where they tell me the main couple broke up after three days and that was it. I want to see the characters having a little of a good time, you see them struggle all the way through the bookm don’t they deserve aa little fun? A good time? A good moment? I feel like they do.

I feel like epilogues are a way of saying, yes, they have been through a lot but it all way worth it. Don’t worry about them, they are doing just fine. Look, they are having the time of their lives! or everything went back to normal! YAY!

Also, sometimes epilogues are an opening for a different story. Like, if you speak about a side character that you could esaily forget about but you bring them back in an epic epilogue, you have now an opening to a different story.

So overall, i feel like used in the right stories prologues and epilogues can be the right choice. I’m still to find one that doesn’t feel in place, but we’ll see. You can never truly know until you find them.

What is your opinion on prologues and epilogues? Leave the link to your own post or just a comment down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Judging A Book By Its Cover?

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This Week’s Topic is:

Good Covers vs Good Plots (suggested by Krupali @ Musing of Souls)

When you pick books to buy, what is more likely to sway you: a good cover or a good plot?

I have a problem buying books. I’m always looking for new ones, and that is something i canno stop doing. It’s just stroger than me. Since i’m always looking for books, most of the time i prefer to go by what the book it’s about. I prefer a good plot to a nice cover, but i’ll be lying if i didn’t admit i’m always trying to find the nicest cover of the book i want to buy. It’s like, yeah, i want a great story, but also i want you to be super cute. Although if the book doesn’t have a nice cover it won’t stop me from buying a book. I prefer books with drawings than real people on the cover, that’s for sure. The biggest problem i have with covers is when the different covers of the same series don’t match.

When you choose to unhaul books do you sometimes keep bad books if they’re pretty?

I don’t. I don’t care how pretty the books are most of the time because i don’t really have space in my bookshelf to show them off. They are mostly for me or if i even borrow a book for the person i’m giving the book to. I really don’t care how they look, if i didn’t like you and i’m not about to read you again or loved you, you can leave and i won’t care at all. Look, i don’t usually unhaul books, but it’s not because they are pretty or ugly but because i may find someone who like it and i can give it to them. So i don’t usually give up on book that easily.

Do you love a book less if the cover is ugly even if the story is good?

Not at all. I have tons of book i read from the library and they had a better editions than the ones i got. I never cared about it, and i won’t start now. Sure, there are some covers that annoy me and i won’t buy the rest of the series with that kind of cover.

Do you like covers less if it turns out the story inside isn’t very interesting?

I don’t truly care about that. I mean, all i care is the content of the book not how it looks. I mean, i bough the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it was awful both inside and out. I still own it because it’s part of the collection of Harry Potter. Don’t look at me i really want to get rid of those books but my childhood doesn’t let me.

Would you rather have a shelf of good stories or beautiful covers?

I rather a bookself full of good stories for sure. Books are such a huge part of my life and i always tell people my goal in life is to find books i would want to reread one day, so yeah, i totally prefer them being great book than looking amazing. It’s like with people the moment you love them you see the good things in them, not the bad ones, you can love a book by their content and don’t care of they are “ugly” like you can love a person and see them imperfect as they are and still find them beautiful…

I don’t know if that last part makes any sense but i feel the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a great story makes a book beautiful no matter what.

That’s it for this week’s topic…

What is your opinion on it? Do you prefer pretty cover or good plots? Leave the link to your own post and a comment down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Book Bloggers, I Love.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

Appreciation For Book Bloggers (Rukky)

I truly don’t know how to approach this topic. I mean, book bloggers are everything to me. Sure, i don’t usually comment on their posts, but that’s just because i’m really shy. But if it wasn’t for many of them i follow i wouldn’t be here posting stuff myself.

So, should i just comment on how much love them and that’s it or should i make a list of amazing people i follow and love and wish they knew i exist?

I think i’m about to do both.

I love book bloggers. I love bloggers per se. I also love youtubers and especially booktubers, but having a blog is so different and special. I don’t know i might feel it tha way because i have a blog myself, but having a blog is so… retro? i don’t even know. All i can think about is the fact that here people are not judging you or how you look as it happens many times with youtubers. People in here judge or more like you or not because of your words.

Now, bloggers are really something. And book bloggers are for me the SOMETHING on the something bloggers are.

People who talk about reading books, sharing opinions, enjoying many lives. It’s not that i don’t follow other kinds of blogs but book blogs are the most fun for me because i love books so so much.

I enjoy reading so many posts every week, and there are so many interesting people who i can think about while writing this. I love so many bloggers. It’s increidble. This community is so special and so random and it has everything in it. From people who read only historical fiction, to non-fiction, to children books. It has so much to offer. Most of my TBR is made by recommendations of people i follow and i have read so many amazing books because of them too.

These people make me smile with posts they make, they made me cry with recommendations they made, they make me feel so much. I know those are words written by authors, but the book bloggers are the ones who recommended them to me and i’m so thankful for every word they write.

Thank you guys, you are amazing.

So, i think i should also recommend or more like comment on some of the bloggers i follow?

So i could never not start with Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion who made this topic even possible. I enjoy they work on the weekly meme and the other stuff they post.

There’s also Sam at Taking On A Wolrd Of Words who hosts the WWW Wednesday.

Leslie @BooksAreTheNewBlack | Ritz @ Living, Loving and Reading | Becky @ CrooksBooks | Amy @ AFangirlsOpinion | Stepanie @ BookFever | Jody @ ImIntoBooks | RealLifeReading | thatbookgalblogs | Julia @ OwlsRead | Marta @ MonogamistReader | Lola @ Lola Et La Vie | Cathy @ What Cathy Read Next… | Laurel-Rain Snow @ RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS | Kate @ ReadingThroughInfinity | Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant |

And a lot more, i know i’m forgetting a ton of people and i’m really sorry for that, but i’m leaving you with some amazing blogs you should check out if you didn’t already. Also, keep looking for more blogs because there are some amazing beauties out there, i just can’t remember them at the moment, but even little blogs have something to bring to the table and that is just amazing. I recommend them with all my heart and i hope you enjoy with them as much as i do.

Have some fun! Find some new friends!

Lots of Love ♥

Let’s Talk Bookish | The Most Annoying Trope.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

“I’m Not Like Other Girls” Trope (Dani)

If there is one trope that really, truly, annoys me it’s the “i’m not like other girls” one.

It isn’t just the idea of it, it’s everything related.

I feel like most YA books are about “special girls” who read, listen to indie music, have a different kind of family… you get the idea. And yeah, i was one of those girls myself while growing up, and to this day i still read, listen to indie music and have a different kind of family (my dad passed away when i was extremely little). But that’s not the point.

I think eveyrone deserves to read and find themselves portaited in some books. And yeah, usually i feel very well represented.

But what about a regular girl who literally didn’t enjoy reading but decided to pick up a book? Is she not deserving of having good representation in a book?

This comes because most of the “other girls” in the books with this trope are shallow and mean, and not everyone is like that. I’ve met many people who read sporadically, meaning aren’t bookworms (like my sister), and they never get to be represented in any books like a nice girl.

Yes, the biggest problem for me in the books with this trope is the fact that

  • she is the only good person in the universe
  • the guys all fall for her for no reason
  • all the other girls in the world are MEAN

And that makes zero sense to me. There are a lot of “regular” people who are awesome people.

Also, you don’t have to be different to deserve love. Everyone deserves it. Ergo, there should be books about all kinds of girls. Like, now there are some books about bigger girls, smaller girls, girls from different ethnicities, with different kinds of lifestyles and that is amazing, because again, everyone deserves to be represented.

I think the “i’m not like other girls” trope is getting old, we deserve books aboout all kinds of girls, and boys, and everything in between, you know? I LOVE that many authors are getting their place in the book industry and we get so many different girls in all kinds of books, still obviously we need more but it’s important that the change has started.

Sorry, but all i can think about while thinking about the “i’m not like other girls” trope is Bella Swan. And yeah, she wasn’t like other girls, because she fell in love with a vampire, wow (sarcasm) and she read a trillion times Wuthering Heights. Is that what really makes someone special? falling for an edgy boy and reading classics? sorry, one classic. Why is that so amazing? Why does every “different” girl need to have a favorite classic author? a classic book she loves? What if my favorite author is Jennifer Niven, am i not enough?

I hope you understand what i’m trying to say here.

I understand that many readers are fangirls, but we are not the only ones looking for a book to read sometimes and it needs to be shown in the books we get and read. As Aiden Thomas can write about a trans brujo, everyone needs that representation and we need to read more books about how others are so we can empathize with them too.

I hope i made my point.

What do you think about the topic and the trope? Leave your comment down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Do We Lie About Reading Books?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

Why Do People Lie About Reading Books? (suggested by Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly)

Do people lie about reading books? Really? Pffff….

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading | Tommy Greenwald | Macmillan

Well, of course people lie about reading books. I always wonder why every other person i meet their favorite book is either The Little Prince or A Hundred Years of Solitude. Those are for some reason the “well seen” books. Like, omg you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez? You are so intelligent and well cultured.

Look, i’m a reader, i don’t lie about it. I read books, but sometimes the books i read aren’t seen as important books and they “don’t count” in other readers’s opinion.

We may lie because we want to be part of something, like, if i told i read A Hundred Year of Solitude, to be seen as a more cultured person. I did not read the book. I tried, but it was too boring for my young self. Maybe one day.

I think people see readers as cultivated people, they might be better at writing, spelling and understanding when reading something. They seem more intelligent. So, when you want to impress someone you might say you enjoy reading.

Reading is actually a hobbie. A good one, if i may, but a hobbie nonetheless. Yes, it taught me a lot of english and english grammar, but that’s just as if i took a course.

In my opinion it’s just the fact that people who read are seen as smarter than the others, which is not always the case, as we can see some books aren’t that well written and/or problematic. There are many reasons why reading doesn’t really make you the smartest cookie on the jar.

I think, the stigma, because it’s a stigma even if it’s a good one, of readers being the intelligent people is a wrong one, there are many people who doesn’t read books, but read essays and news and know about a lot of things. For example, my brother is a rather intelligent guy, he just doesn’t enjoy books. Well, maybe just a few, and mostly about politics.

The only time in my life i had to lie about reading books, was when i was working at a bookstore. I just had to lie, because even if i read i didn’t have the time to read all the books that come out and when people asked i needed to convince them to buy the books. I didn’t last much at that job because i had to lie too much.

Overall, i think it’s the need to look smarter than others. There’s no other reason i can think of at the moment, i mean, why would i say i like something that i don’t? Does it make me look better? Does it make sound smarter? That would be th eonly reason i would lie about doing something i don’t.

Obviously i do read, not as much as i would want but i do.

So, what do you think? Why do people lie about reading books? Leave your comment or the link to your own post down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | What Makes A Good Sequel?

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This Week’s Topic is:

What Makes a Good Sequel? (suggested by M.T. Wilson @ The Last Book on the Left)

I’ve been thinking about this topic all week because i never really gave it a thought before.

So, as i was thinking about it, it occured to me that only bad sequels came to mind. Being the first one i came up with Star Wars. Now that’s a bad idea. It wasn’t well done, it was a waste of potential and you can see how problematic it is, because it could ruin a franchise.

Now, while thinking about what went wrong there (so many things) i saw the light. I understood what in my opinion needs a sequel to be good.

For me a good sequel has a purpose, a good purpose and a reason to be that isn’t only the many they can’t make with it. You need to have characters who need to tell an important story.

So let’s talk about a good sequel.

I’m not taking trilogies that were meant to be trilogies from the begining as i’m talking about this topic. Like for example, it makes sense that The Raven Boys had a sequel because it left so many open questions, but what about the Dreamers Trilogy, the The Raven Cycle sequel?

Leah on the Offbeat Audiobook | Becky Albertalli | Audible.co.uk

Well, to me it’s obvious in the world that the author created there were still topics that could be presented and creating a few more characters, as well as using characters from before and their aptitudes she could tell a lot more. I’m not saying there wasn’t anything to say in Star Wars i’m just saying it wasn’t planned well.

Another example i struggled with at first and i wondered if it was necessary was Leah On The OffBeat. We know the world of the Simonverse from before, and we knew Leah, as well as the author had something different to say and how important it was for Becky herself. At first i didn’t enjoy the book but when i knew why Becky wrote it i could accept and understand the idea behind the book better, and it all made more sense. As of for Love, Creekwood, i think we deserved a little more of Simon and Bram so i’m not complanning.

So yeah, i can understand expanding a world you already created is way simpler than keep creating another worlds, but many others manage to that too, which i find AMAZING.

And that’s it. I think that’s all i have to say on the topic. At least on books and movies. Manga it’s a different story but i won’t start talking about my opinion on the many prequels Yuu Watase made for Fushigi Yugi because i could be talking here for hours and hours.

What do you think makes a good sequel? Leave your response and/or the link to your own post down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Creating Bookish Content.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

How Do You Create Bookish Content? (Rukky)

Qué tanto te fluyen las ideas? - Hacedores.com | Maker Community

This is a great question… i often wonder how to come up with bookish ideas.

Most of the time i come up with ideas while on the bus. I know it sounds weird but i try to come up with ideas all the time, and it’s something i try to think of often. Sometimes i can spend hours just thinking about what could i post.

While at work i often look at my TBR and my read books on Goodreads and try to find ways the books are different or the same to each other, it’s a great way to find topics to talk about, at least for me.

I also sometimes look at topics other people come up to, see if it can inspire me to find my own questions and ideas. Most of the time it’s about booktags which i ask if i can answer to them too. Right, i don’t usually post booktags but that’s because i save them for better times.

I used to prepare a month ahead of time what will i be writing about so i needed to know the bookish content i wanted to talk about. These days i just try to prepare a week ahead of time even though i know it’s not much time to prepare myself.

Like this post i’m wrting the day i need it to be posted. Not prepared at all.

Obviously to come up with content i also read books, which allows me to create the most important content – book reviews.

Another way of creating bookish content is following my favorite authors on twitter, instagram, etc., so i can share the news on their new books, tv shows, movies and such being adapted and more.

I also buy some books which talk about creating content for your blog, i tend to take some inspirations from them about what can i talk about, the most recent book i bought was Consistent Creative Content: A Guide to Authoring and Blogging in the Social Media Age by the author @LeeHall, i only started it but it is looking great, he is an author and a blogger i follow and enjoy his writing, he writes about his own experiences so i find it to be insightful to read his book.

The last way i have of coming up with bookish content for my blog is the weekly memes i participate in every well, week. I find it a way of answering to questions other people come up with without stealing content. I love to respond to different questions and because of that i find it really enjoyable the fact that i can participate in these weekly memes.

At the time i’m answering this question i have more than 300 ideas on my notebook, ready to be talked about at some point. It’s difficult for me to use them because it took me time to come up with those ideas and i’m scared of losing them but obviously i’ll end up using them at some point… for now i’ll keep trying to come up with great ideas! And hope you do too!

UX Writing: una disciplina en crecimiento - Blog IDA Chile | Estrategia  para el éxito de tu negocio

How do you come up with ideas for your bookish content?! Leave your answer and the link to your own post down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Books Based On.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is: Books Based on Games/Shows/Movies/Comics? (Dani)

I don’t really know what kind of approach should i tsake on this topic so i’ll just ramble about it…

I really enjoy watching book adaptations on the screen and i love even more book that adapt shows, movies, comics and games.

If you ask why is that, it’s because i really feel they add a new level on the story. The thoughts of the characters, little moments added. It’s really fun.

I started reading books based on movies with the Star Wars novelizations a few years ago, and since then, whenever i find a book based on any show/movie i love i just have to read it. There is so much that can be brought up in the world when you read books based on movies and shows.

My favorites are, of course as i already said, Star Wars books, because it expands the universe so so much, there are so many great stories told, stuff you could never dream about, characters are more developed (no, Finn was not well developed in the books either in my opinion), it is just fun.

There are so many books based on this universe, it’s a shame some of them became canon and some didn’t because people have read so much material over the years, and for it to become uncanon it’s just mean and wrong.

Star Wars Books: A Guide to Canon Novels in Chronological Order | Den of  Geek

Another great books are the ones based on manga. Light novels are just amazing, they are really easy to read and they become so much more real, it is just fun, i used to read a lot of light novels. Rught now i’m waiting so i can buy the Evangelion ANIMA. There is a new way of watching the story of Evangelion, a new adapation which adds to the world build and it’s so AMAZING.

I also used to read the books based on Glee, though they weren’t that great to be honest.

So, you know, it is great to have a new light on a world you love, i really appreaciate the way these novels adds “magic” to worlds i absolutely adore and couldn’t live without them, but they need to be well written.

So, i guess what i’m trying to say is, books based on shows, movies, comics and games are just AMAZING and many more stories can and need to be told, so i’m so grateful for them, especially because it is so difficult for me to say goodbye to the content i love.

And that’s my opinion for this week’s topic! I’m sorry i couldn’t post it yesterday, i just had so much to do, i didn’t have the time. Hope next week i’ll be on time!

Do you enjoy books based on movies, shows, games and comics? Leave your comment down below!

Let’s Talk Bookish | Why I (Still) Read YA/MG Literature.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!


When i was younger i used to read mostly classics, but as i started to grow up i discovered these genres more according to my taste and age Middle Grade and Young Adult. At first i read stuff like Twilight and Percy Jackson but i feel like i’ve come a long way since those were my favorite books.

I’ve come a long way mostly because it’s been a while since i was a teenager.

Yes, i’m a grown up woman, in my 20s, who still reads Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, and i love it.

There is something about these kind of books that isn’t in adult fiction and that is the naivity in them. I like it, i see myself reflected in them more than in any “adult” book i’ve ever read and i’m happy with what i read. Many people think i’m not okay, just because i read these kind of books, but i don’t really care.

When i was younger my life was boring and nothing ever happened, when i read these books i feel like i’m reliving my younger years and having the time of my life. Like, falling in love in high school? Never happened to me in real life, but i feel in love a thousand times while reading. So yeah, i sort of live through these books and i find it fascinating.

Also, another topic i don’t enjoy in books is the sexual content in it, i just don’t like it. Many adult books have this as an important part of their story, and i since i don’t like this topic in books, i can’t enjoy much of the books. Like, i remember reading Harlan Coben books with this topic in them and i felt just bad with it.

So yeah, i know coming-of-age books touch the topic of sexuality and such but it does it in a tenderer way than adult books do it.

Since i don’t think i’ll ever feel comfortable reading about that kind of topic i don’t see myself enjoying adult books, at least for the time being. Yes, you can call me childish and immature, and you’ll be right, i just don’t like reading about that stuff.

I know many YA books are talking more explicitly about these topics lately and i have a little of trouble with it too. But it isn’t as bad as it is in grown up books, so i sort of try to read through it, or sometimes i just skip those parts.

Am i an increidbly childish person? I am. I know it and i’m pretty proud of it, i’m like Peter Pan. Never growing older in my mind, never thinking about grown up stuff.

The Breakfast Club When You Grow Up GIF - TheBreakfastClub WhenYouGrowUp  YourHeartDies - Discover & Share GIFs

Well, not really, i don’t think so, i know many grown ups who are really great people, but growing up it’s not really for me. And since it is not for me their literature is not for me either.

I think i’ll never stop love reading YA and MG books, because they bring you back to times when life was way better, when friendships and love were more naive. I’ll never stop enjoying this kind of thing, and because of that i think i’ll always read YA/MG books.

Does what i just said make any sense? I don’t know, but as any child at heart i tried my best and did what i could to explain myself.

Do you still read YA/MG? If yes, why? if not, why not? Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!