Books I’d Want To Read Again For The First Time.

Some books were made to read a thousand times. You know, those books you totally adore and you read over and over, and some other, althought not always, are made for the plot twist.

Sure, you can reread a book that has a massive plot twist again and look for all the foreshadowing leading to that moment (i’m looking at you We were liars) but it’s not the same, at least for me.

So, while thinking about More Happy Than Not (by the amazing Adam Silvera), the other day, i thought to myself… If I had the oportunity to erase my memory of a book, which books would i want to have the ability to reread for the first time?

It’s not an easy question… not because i’ve read that many books, but because there are those i don’t mind rereading them knowing what is going to happen, actually i’m mostly looking forward to it.

So, what are actually the books i would want to reread for the first time… and why?

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

I know, i know… this is not a “mystery” book, but not knowing who is Jerusha’s Daddy-Long-Legs is actually quite a mystery on the book. I remember the mindblown i got the first time my sister finished reading the book to me… i was… i could not believe it (well, i was 8 or 9). I wish i could try to resolve it again at my age, see if i could figure out the truth… I still enjoy the foreshadowing. This is a book i still read and read… and it’s one of my favorites of all time.

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Another one of my favorite books of all time… I wish i could go back and rediscover who Blue was. I remember i got it the day it came out and i loved it so much i just couldn’t put it down and i tried and tried to figure out who Blue was but i did not discover it myself. I wish i could go back and try again.

Gone For Good by Harlan Coben

Before i got into YA, i was a huge fan of thrillers. My favorite author back then was Harlan Coben and i read all the book that were out back then. Until i realized they all were pretty much the same. But this ne stuck with me and i really love it. I wish i could go back before the massive plot twist.

I’m thinking of ending things by Iain Reid

A book that had me guessing and guessing all the time i was reading it… i wish i could go back and try again to understand what the heck was happening, i did figure it out but just before it was revelead in the book.

Half Lost by Sally Green

The book i wish i never read, period. Don’t get me wrong i absolutely ADORE this trilogy, Half Life, but i was not ready, nor will ever be for that ending, okay? Can all the people who read it agree that never happened? This book never came out. (i love this book so much i have more than one copy of it).

My sister’s keeper by Jodi Picoult

Last but not least … this book. Okay so much happens in this book, i could never reread it without knowing… i wish i could erase my meory of it and read it again for the first time because so many powerful plot twist. If you haven’t read it yet and you don’t have a problem wth books making you vry you should give it a try.

What are the books you wish you could read for the first time again? Leave your answers and comments down below!

Happy readings!

Foe by Iain Reid


Genre: Thriller, Science fiction
Pages: 261
Publisher: Gallery/Scout Press
Rating: 3.67 stars

Summary: A taut, psychological mind-bender from the bestselling author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

We don’t get visitors. Not out here. We never have.

In Iain Reid’s second haunting, philosophical puzzle of a novel, set in the near-future, Junior and Henrietta live a comfortable, solitary life on their farm, far from the city lights, but in close quarters with each other. One day, a stranger from the city arrives with alarming news: Junior has been randomly selected to travel far away from the farm…very far away. The most unusual part? Arrangements have already been made so that when he leaves, Henrietta won’t have a chance to miss him, because she won’t be left alone—not even for a moment. Henrietta will have company. Familiar company.

Told in Reid’s sharp and evocative style, Foe examines the nature of domestic relationships, self-determination, and what it means to be (or not to be) a person. An eerily entrancing page-turner, it churns with unease and suspense from the first words to its shocking finale.

When a stranger gets to Junior and Hen’s home out of nowhere and he tells them Junior has being selected for an interplanetary mission their lives as they know them changes completely, complicating their relationship, or is something else getting between them?


I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t because the moment i started reading it i got gripped by it. There was no second thought, the moment i read the first few words i was intrigued.

The book is unique. I think the author and the way he thinks makes incredible stories.

The way it is written is intriguing, but easy to follow and completely interesting. The narrator is very easy to empathize with and that makes the book the more amazing.

I enjoyed the characters. There are only three but you get to know them or so you’ll think. Even the little characters make important points for the plot.

The main problem i got with the book was guessing the ending in the beginning. If you put a little attention you’ll get to the plot twist pretty fast. But, to be completely honest, it didn’t bother my enjoyment of the book as it was. It’s interesting to get into the little details that help you forshadow the ending.

This may be one of the best readings i had this year so far, i gave it 5 stars. Would i reread it? of course, the books by this author really get to my core and make me absolutely love them.

Do i recommend it? Absolutely.

Have you read this book? If not, would you like to read it? Leave your comment down below!

i’m thinking of ending things: book vs. movie

This weekend was the official netflix release of the movie i’m thinking of ending things based on the book by Iain Reid. The book was released back in 2016. You can check the review i wrote for the book here.

As i heard this was being made into a movie i was pretty interested since i truly enjoyed the book (and got a bit obsessed over the title for a while).

But now, while watching the movie which is 2h14m long i have to admit i could not see the end of it.

For some reason, all the stuff that checked right while reading the book felt dull on the screen. The script felt pretentious and little approachable. I mean, i could never know to whom could i recommend the movie since it doesn’t feel like it is for everyone.

I know it was supposed to be a thriller, but to me it didn’t. Maybe because i knew the story, maybe because i felt to me so tedious to watch.

There’s a joke that says “i watched the movie three times but the third time i didn’t understand it” and that’s exactly the feeling i was left with when i finished the movie.

There was something of the book in the movie, i mean, a lot of it was the same. Sure they made a few changes which i find a little questionable, for example why did they erased the part where people where talking about something bad happening at the school and instead they showed the janitor working in school. I think the approach of the book was better for the understanding of what’s going on.

I mean, if i didn’t read the book i wouldn’t be able to understand what happened at the end of little tpuches of the story which i think some may need to reatch the movie to fully comprehend if they have the will to rewatch the movie.

Now, if i need to talk a little about the good things in the movie, i’ll highlight the performances by the actors, Jessie Buckely, Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette and David Thewlis were absolutely great in the movie.

Another thing i really liked about the movie was the photography of it. They really made it all look creepy, lonely, sad and beautiful, all at the same time.

I don’t know how much people who didn’t read the book will enjoy and/or understand the movie.

Overall i came to the movie with a lot of expectetions, since i enjoyed the book so much when i read it back n the day, but i left with my hands empty, feeling i wasted 2h14m of my life that i’m never getting back, because even the good performances couldn’t save the movie. Sometimes books just need to be left alone, they don’t need movies. Also, in my opinion most of netflix’s movies aren’t that great anyway, so why bother. I could count with one hand the netflix original movies i enjoyed over the years and that’s just sad. But my opinion on netflix, if anyone cares, could make a great post some other time.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

I'm Thinking of Ending Things I’m Thinking Of Ending Things by Iain Reid

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense
Pages: 224
Publisher: Gallery/Scout Press
Rating: 3.75 stars

Summary: You will be scared. But you won’t know why…

I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It’s always there. Always.

Jake once said, “Sometimes a thought is closer to truth, to reality, than an action. You can say anything, you can do anything, but you can’t fake a thought.”

And here’s what I’m thinking: I don’t want to be here.

In this deeply suspenseful and irresistibly unnerving debut novel, a man and his girlfriend are on their way to a secluded farm. When the two take an unexpected detour, she is left stranded in a deserted high school, wondering if there is any escape at all. What follows is a twisted unraveling that will haunt you long after the last page is turned.

My opinion on the book:

There was something about this book. The moment i read the name of it i knew i wanted to read it.

The things about the book is that it is unsettling, and dyou really won’t know what’s really happening, which in my opinion makes a great thriller.

The characters are very well written, the thoughts of the narrator are very real and touchable. I liked that she described little things that her boyfriend did, even the little details that make a person.

The book felt very personal, and i truly enjoy that. The story goes back and forward between the couple and some people talking about an incident that happened, which makes the suspense even greater.

There isn’t much i can say about the book without giving away spoilers about what happens in the book, but there are some raw imagery, especially when they get to the farm… I loved the scenery, it was creepy and at the same time thrilling.

Overall, i did enjoy the book, it reminded me the ‘wtf’ feeling i had while reading Haruki Murakami’s After Dark.

I understand by the reviews in goodreads that the book is equally loved and hated, so i really hope you are of the second group and enjoy the reading. I know i’ll be rereading it somewhen soon enough.

‘Til Next Time 😉