Random Post Sunday: Dogs.

I was wondering what to talk about today, when i looked at my dog and thought to myself , as always when i look at him, he is such a cutie, i could die..

Then i realized i was calling him… well, a ‘him’ and not an ‘it’, and then i wondered, who called a dog an it? Maybe people that don’t own dogs? I mean, if you have a dog (see, i don’t say own, because you don’t own a son or a daughter, you have one, and to me my dog is like my son) don’t you see him as more than just a thing?

Well, obviously there may be people that see dogs and other animals as things, but most of the people that have animals at home, i’m pretty sure are really attached to them, care about them and love them.

My sister and me have a dog named Chobi. She says to him we are his sisters (?) isn’t that weird? I tell him i’m mommy. Because yes, he is really like a son to me. And i think that, even if some believe having a pet at home is like being a kidnapper (and i really know people that think that) and the dog has basically Stockholm Syndrome, it is good foor both sides.

I don’t know, maybe i’m mistreating him by having him at home, but i truly love him and care for him; like always checking he has food and water, playing with him, taking him out, letting him sleep in my bed…

The relationship one has with their pet is truly an important one, even when you are all alone (like myself) you know someone will be happy to see you when you get home.  And you’ll be happy to see them too, because you love them.

Now that i’m thinking of it, i’m gonna miss him in my trip (okay, so i wrote it ahead of time, so i’m actually currently missing him, because i’m currently in Crete).

He is my baby, my life, my everything and i there isn’t anything i wouldn’t do for him, because he matters to me, a lot.

Animals are wonders of the world and they deserve all the love we can give them, because they’ll feel it and reciprocate that love. I’m pretty sure my life became a 100% better since he came to my life.

Oh, do you want to see a photo of my baby?


Well, that’s all for now!

Have a great week 🙂





Having Neighbor Problems.

About seven months ago my sister and I moved to this new apartment. To be honest, i wasn’t sure i wanted to move here, but we were running out of time to find a new place so we took it.

We never thought we could have so much trouble with our neighbors… let me explain.

We have a dog, a little own, that apparently believes he is a lion or something, although he clearly isn’t. The biggest problem with him is that when he is alone at home he barks for aIMG_6448 while, we tried to figure it out, and found out he cries sometimes for about half an hour, an hour.

At first, we didn’t know, but when some of out neighbors came to our house and complained we tried to make his stay nicer when we are out. This didn’t work, so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. This didn’t work, and then one day someone threw a rock to our window, breaking some of it.  so we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants.

Afraid and sort of angry  we took him to a training class. The problem with this is he thinks he is the alpha, and he does what he wants. We finished the training but it didn’t work.

So we kept trying to leave him with stuff to play with when he was alone.

A few weeks ago my sister traveled to Argentina and i was left with the dog by myself. I wanted to be able to take him to walks and all, so i tried working only mornings, but my mornings start about 6:00 am and  had to leave early. This apparently annoyed my neighbors, but no one said a thing until two weeks later, in which i though everything was okay.

The moment my neighbor told me about my dog bothering them in the early mornings i changed my schedule so it wouldn’t bother them, i started working evening although it was more difficult to me to take my dog out and all. Anyway they complained and sent the municipality to come and check if my dog is legal. Because i do care about my dog, and he i legal,  the municipality guy told me there’s nothing they can do.

He said “so the dog barks, well, it’s a dog, nothing we can do”.

Clearly when he came someone was waiting downstairs, i’m guessing the neighbor that doesn’t like us. Because you see, i totally believe the problem is not just the dog but they have something against us, because they seemed to hate us even before the problem with Chobi, my dog, started. they are just enjoying intimidating us, because they always complain even when he is quiet… every time they see us they tell us something mean or look at us angrily.

Since i can understand that my dog is annoying people, and because my sister always works mornings, like early 4am mornings, i decided that even though i tend to be more depressive when i work evenings, i’ll only work evening so our dog won’t bark at 5am, bothering our neighbors.

But it’s never good enough, because when this weekend i went visit my parents an  y sister left for work, someone, annonimusly left us a letter saying that if we don’t get him to shut up they’ll call animal services so they can take him from us.

Here’s a catch, they left in the letter a recommendation for a barking control collar which is this device that will electroshock the dog whenever he is barking so he will shut up, but now a new dog is our neighbor and everytime he sees our dog he barks too, now who’s to say he doesn’t bark when he is left alone at home? what if they keep blaming my dog for the barking?

Anyway, i’m so tried of all the intimidating they are doing to us. I’m seriously contemplating leaving work and staying home so Chobi won’t cry when we are away.

You see, they scared me, i don’t want peole taking away my baby, he is like a son to me, i love him more than anything…. And to be completely honest, i don’t want to have to shock him every time he barks, because it will hurt him, but apparently i’ll have to. I just wish they could understand what are they making me do to my baby, for me he is likeif he was a human son.

I hope it will be okay, i’m so sorry i have to do this to him.