Why I Read More Ebooks Than Physical Books?

Hey there everyone! I hope you are all doing fine. I´m doing a lot better to be honest, so here i am, ready to present you with a new post!

This time i wanna share with you my experience on why i read more Ebooks than physical ones.

To be honest, i do prefer physical books, they look pretty on you home, and you can hug them when you love them too much. So yeah, if you asked me, i do prefer physical books.

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The things is, and this is something i don´t share many times on my blog, but i live in Asia and many times we don´t get many books in English. Since i don´t enjoy much reading books in the country´s language i tend to buy my books in English, so no having a big variety of it is one of the problems.

More so, physical books in here are like twice the price you can get them from other countries or like on kindle. So, mostly i just buy them on kindle because i can get nice prices and i get the book the moment i buy it unless i preorder and then the book is available for me the moment it is released.

So, not having to wait the time i do have when buying physical books helps with the hype. I mean, i my be hyped by a book this week but i´ll lose my interest on it next week because i didn´t get it.

It helps me keep track on the newest books.

Since i live far and book can arrive a month or two after they are released, it´s obvious i´ll prefer the now option of getting a book i´m dying to read the moment they are released. This way, keeping up with all new books i want to read. That way i could read a book and even finish it the same day it is released.

Because i read most my books in English it helps me keep the language fresh in my mind. If i didn´t read as many books in English as i do, my English would be even worse than it is right now. Imagine that.

The most important thing, the biggest problem i have with physical books is the size of the font. I struggle very much concentrating when the letters are too small, and this way, in my kindle i can manage it. I can have the font size i want, read as comfortable as i can.

As you can see, for me, living where i do, being who i am, the ebook option is the rightest. I can have books as fast as they come out, i can save money and it is easier to concentrate. Yet, when i love a book too much or it calls me i still buy them because i want them on my physical library.

And now it´s your turn, do you read more ebooks or physical books and why ? Leave your comment down below!

Books I wish I read as a child

My love for books comes from my childhood when my language and literature teacher made us start reading at least one book a month, that and the amazing librarian we had at school.

I remember pretty well all the books i read since then, so many of them have mark my life forever.  but

Many times while reading a blog entry or watching a booktuber talk about a children’s book i haven’t read or read when i was older i can’t help but think, what if i read ‘x’ in my childhood too? how could have changed my life?

Seeing there are many books i wish i read as a child i decided to share some of them with you. I’m sure you read some of them yourselves, so you are more than welcome to share your experience and how do you feel the books changed you in the comments section!

Matilda Matilda by Roald Dahl

I remember watching the movie adaptation so many times, it’s a shame i didn’t know it was a book. I know Roald Dahl has written some amazing books and i wish i would’ve read any of them when i was little… but i guess i’ll have to conform with the opportunity of reading them being older.

Actually, this book is sitting on my tbr right now, maybe i should go check it asap.

Harriet the Spy (Harriet the Spy #1) Harriet the spy by Louise Fitzhugh

Another movie i just loved when i was a child was Harriet the Spy, i just loved it… yet again, i didn’t know it was a book until a few years ago… i’ve been planning on reading it soon, since i purchased it not long ago, but i still keep wondering how much little Clemence would’ve enjoy if she read this book and the sequels when she was little.


Charlotte's Web Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White

When i was in my teens i had to write a book report in English, and the one book i got for that was this one. At the time i didn’t know it was such a known children’s book and apparently, no one around me knew either, i found out when the movie was made. I enjoyed the book when i read it, but i’m like 100% sure i would’ve enjoyed it even more if i read it when i was about 9-10.


A Wrinkle in Time (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet, #1) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

I’ve been seeing this book everywhere for a few years now, and never really thought about reading it, only now that the book is getting a movie adaptation i wish i would’ve read it when i was younger and before the movie comes out… anyway, I think i’ll give it a try before the movie premieres next year.


Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret by Judy Blume

I wish i would have read any of Judy Blume’s books when i was at the right age for them… i remember reading one when i was about 16 but it just isn’t the same.. is it? … it will not stop me from having some of them in my tbr but still.. i wish i read them when i was little.


The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew, #1) Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene

Last but not least, the Nancy Drew series. These is the kind of books i was looking for when i just started reading and i really wish i knew back then about this series… it’s just so much fun and i love book series because you keep meeting the same characters which is awesome. So yeah, these books could’ve been a great addition to my childhood’s readings and loved books but i guess it will just stay in the ‘what if’ …

Have you read any of these books in your childhood? did you like them back then? would you reread them as a older person?



Would you write it?

This year i’ve read more books than ever before, and it feels great, i found many amazing books. The problem is, along with all those great books i also found some that weren’t that great, actually some of them were simply terrible.

While some of the books i didn’t like i just dropped because i couldn’t stand them, some i did finish, and even though i didn’t enjoy them, they made me think quite a lot.

When books make me think this much i tend to want to write about them, and that’s what i do everytime an amazing book inspires me.

But what should i do with the inspiration i get from bad books?

This is a problem i’ve been thinking about a lot lately, because although i feel i wasted time reading those books i have so much to say about them…

What could be wrong with a bad review? you’ll say, and well, i’m a person that really can’t come and start saying bad things about something or someone without feeling realy bad about it, so i find myself in this kind of conundrum(y) situation, where i really want to say what i’m thinking but i wouldn’t feel right with myself because of it…

Also, some place i read or heard about this one author (i can’t remember the name) who stalked a reader because she wrote a bad review of the book, which i find super creepy, like, seriously, what’s wrong with this person.

Okay, so i’m pretty sure no author could find me, mostly because i live so far away from everything, but the fact that someone could find my words to be rude, i can’t stand it. I don’t like being rude, do you know the quote “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you” ? well, i live by that, i would never do to anyone something i would be hurt by.

While i know it may sound weird, i really believe in that, like, okay.. if i were to write a book i would want people to enjoy it, i mean… i understand that it’s impossible for every single person in the world to like the same thing, heck, i wonder if all those bestsellers are really so good or it is just people following those who said it’s a good book… but when the book isn’t that great, you know, someone worked hard on it anyway… someone give it time and cared enough about it, i just can’t be rude…

But then again, i wonder if i’m not just thinking this things too much? like, who would even read or care about my view on the book/series/show/movie really? The internet is so full of opinions and such, what gives someone will precisely care about what i have to say about anything?

Anyway… would you write a bad review? … do you think it is as important as writing a good review? because, when really thinking about it, yeah, i like to recommend good books, but also, isn’t it important to tell people when you don’t think a book is worth their time?

‘Til next time! 😉