The Horror Genre.

But first, what is horror? Horror can be fright, scare or disgust. In literature you may find it, as literary historian J. A. Cuddon defined the horror story as “a piece of fiction in prose of variable length… which shocks, or even frightens the reader, or perhaps induces a feeling of repulsion or loathing”.

Why Do Black Cats Have a Dark Reputation? | Diamond Pet Foods

Horror has always been with us. From the begining of human kind, there had been stories to scare little children so they wouldn’t misbehave or stay up late at night. It started as folklore and stories tell from generation to generation. Even Myth is set upon scaring the people from “the wrath of the gods” so they would behave.

As story went from mouth to mouth to being written, so did the horror genre. It became part of the mythology of different places in the world. IT started by telling stories of monsters that lived in the dark such as vampires and it grew from there more and more.

But horror literature started its way as we know it mostly since the 18th century. It started with a gothic style . It drew inspiration from the late middle ages, finding its first steps in The Castle of Otranto by author Horace Walpole. The book was firstly published as medieval romance, then rediscovered and republished as a fake translation. IT became very popular in no time.

The gothic horror became what we now really know as horror in the 19th century, it was written by great authors like the Grimm Brothers, Mary Shelley, Victor Hugo, Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker.

Un historiador afirma que el Conde Drácula era escocés

The horror presented in the 19th century many of the current and most iconic monsters and horrors in human history.

As we enter the 20th century, we can see a proliferation of cheap newspapers which led to the growth of horror publications. At first it came in parts on the magazines, until the whole novel could be published. This way many became known authors.

In the later years of the 20th century from the ’60s and moving forward started a new beginning for the horror. As slashers movies started to become more and more popular and many books were starting to being adapted to movies, such as Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, the horror got a new apogee in which authors as Stephen King came to be.

Stephen King believes the horror gets popular again in waves, every 10 or 20 years it comes back, which could explain his character IT coming back very 27 years.

As far as we can see horror has been very popular over the last century and into this one, especially with a lot of horror movies coming out every year. Even though many of them aren’t as good.

Creepypastas, nuevos relatos de terror | El Comercio

As we come closer and look into the 21th century we can see that with techonology alongside, horror has shifted and became even more common, even for younger people. Books for Young Adults, and even for kids are released every month. And not only that but the fenomena of Creepypastas, short horror stories on the internet, was created.

Overall, i think it has been a very long time since horror has been relevant, always there, from our very beginning as humans, and to this day when technologies accompany us but it can take away our most deeply rooted fears.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Imagen de creepy, gif, and mask | Creepy photography, Creepy smile, Creepy  images

Confessions of a Shipperholic #3: From OTP to NOTP

It’s been a while since i last wrote about my shipping obsessions, so i figured it was about time to come back to it.

This time i wanna talk about all the ships i once shipped but ended up disliking. Well, more than disliking to be honest i ended up discouraged by them.

What the hell do I even mean, you ask?

There are two reasons for me to start disliking an otp;

  1. The writer/author ruin them by writing stuff that feels just wrong.
  2. When being adapted to a tv show/movie and the actors seem to be a  little uncomfortable by the ship.

Now, let’s talk about those two reasons a little and maybe i’ll give some examples.

Writers that ruin ships – 

Yes, this is actually a whole topic, i hope i’ll be able to develop by itself. Bu basicaly, as i discussed before, sometimes i start shipping a ship before they become a thing, mostly because of the chemistry between the characters and my avid imagination, which it’s wonderful. Only, wonderful things don’t last long.

  • When the chemistry disappears

Sometimes the waiting for a ship it’s so long and so stressing (like happened for me in

Booth and Brennan decide to go forward with the wedding.  Photo: FOX
Booth x Brennan my classical “from OTP to NOTP”

Bones – BoothxBones) that when the couple become a thing it doesn’t live up to the hype, it starts to feel forced and unnatural. Like, they were completely jealous and wanted the other one, so why now it feels forced and ridiculous.


To be honest, when Booth and Bones married a while ago, i felt so disturbed by how it looked i had to check back some episodes to be sure i was seen something before. I ended up seen that yes, even in the first episode i was like“OMG ARE THEY GONNA BE A THING? I NEED THIS, I NEED THIS SHIP”. But now it’s just, “OMG, GET A DIVORCE, I CANNOT KEEP SEEN THIS”.

This makes me feel a little betrayed, i spent so many year, shipping them, that now it feel horrible and all i want is for it to be over… My babies, i loved them so much for so long, what are you doing to them?!

  • When the storylines become ridiculous

I used to be a huge fan of Glee. Yes, the story was never the greatest, but it had a couple of OTP that back in the day i loved more than my life. Well, i loved them until the storylines became so terrible and my OTPs kept breaking up one, twice, three times, i just couldn’t stand it anymore. Yes, for years my biggest OTP was Klaine,the first time they broke up i was like “NO MY BABIES COME BACK TOGETHER, YOU BELONG TOGETHER I JUST CAN’T”, the second time i was like no, why are you doing this again?”, and if i remember right, there was a third time i saw them breaking up, and i was like, “okay,  that’s it, three is the charm, i’m dropping glee”. Which is sad, because there were so many characters i loved there,though to be honest by then one of them was already off the show, Mike Chang, and the other was was half of my broken OTP, Blaine Anderson.

How about some Bike Chanderson?

I mean, at the end of the day i felt like the writers didn’t have more ideas for a couple to have as a problem than cheating and then breaking up, or some idiocy like that, also, all the ships had pretty much the same problems… All the time.

I did watch though the wedding episode, because Britanna and such, but i felt to betrayed by the writers of what then was my favorite show, why couldn’t the come up with some inventive problems for the ships of the show. I was so angry i promised i’ll never watch anything made by them again… little do i have to say about the fact that Scream Queens was an awesome show…. tumblr_inline_ndypyvbFjw1rk7l06, i was weak, okay?

  • When the characters become too OOC

I don’t have many examples for this one, but sometimes characters become someone else

Shamy, can you not? stop ruining my ship.

so they can fit their “mate” and it just feels wrong for me. The only character i can think about like this right now is Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I know his character developed through the seasons, but something happened this season like they needed urgently for things to happen and he ended up (spoiler, maybe, wait and read only from the next paragraph) sleeping with Amy before they got married? really? that felt so not Sheldonian for me, i was offended.


So, sometimes it’s like the writers say “okay, so people want it, let’s betray our character and do this thing already”.

Don’t, Just DON’T.

I was so invested in a character that i could relate to in so many ways, what the heck?! is that so freaking important that he will change so suddenly, a character like him will change so suddenly, are you kidding me?

Perfect Shamy moment.


When the actors don’t want you to think about them like that – 

And now, about the actors that play the characters, here i won’t give examples for the simple reason that when i was given examples it ruined my ships for me many ships.

I understand that sometimes a character may develop in a different way that expected, particularly when the story has been on for a long while. Then i can totally understand an actor not wanting for something to be canon or so. Many characters had developed in strange ways along the way, but for a ship to feel so canon on the shop only so then the actors can deny and feel uncomfortable with the things the fans

Many characters had developed in strange ways along the way, but for a ship to feel so canon on the shop only so then the actors can deny and feel uncomfortable with the things the fans wrtie, talk and ask it’s a big no for me. Whenever i see an actor uncomfortable with what’s going on, i’ll stop shipping, because it just doesn’t feel right. And let me tell you that one of my biggest OTP fell off because of that.

But, the ones that i actually cannot understand are those that from the beginning are suppose to become a thing and then you see the actors like, “yikes”. And something like that almost ruined one of my most important OTPs back in the day, but it all ended up great somehow, obviously i imagine different people than those two now, but you know… awkward.

And well, my lovelies, that’s all for today, i hope you you enjoyed my randomness and please do tell, is there any reason an OTP of your becomes a NOTP?

See you soon!




Old Friend Revisited : The Office (US)

Last month i was feeling under the weather, i spent a lot of time at home, so i decided to rewatch one of my all time favorite tv shows, The Office.

So, what’s the office all about?

The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. To simulate the look of an actual documentary, it is filmed in a single-camera setup, without a studio audience or a laugh track. The show debuted on NBC as a mid-season replacement and ran for nine seasons, and 201 episodes. The Office features Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B. J. Novak, Ed Helms, and James Spader on the main cast.

[info taken from wikipedia]

And now …

When did you start watching the show?

I think it was about 5 years ago…

Why did you started watching it?

I started watching the show when a roommate i had recomendad it to me. I was skeptic about watching this kind of comedy at first, but it catched and captivated me very quickly.

When did you knew you love the show so much it’ve become a favorite?

Pretty much after the “I’ve always been your biggest flan” joke in the pilot, i knew i had found a new favorite.

How many times did you watch the show?

I watched this show at least five times from begining to end and it never disappoints me. For some reason, for me the jokes don’t get old.

Who is your favorite character?

Most of the time is Jim Halper, but sometimes i think i prefer Dwight, … anyway, most of the time Jim.

Who is your least favorite character?

Ryan… i just hate him.

Favorite season?

Either four or five, i can’t choose.

Least favorite season?

It may be season nine.

One thing you just totally loved;

The pranks Jim was always doing to Dwight, it was freaking hillarious most of the time, the beets, bears, battleastar galactica is the best thing ever!

One thing you disliked;

I never found funny how people treated Toby, the HR guy, he was so nice to everyone, maybea little slow and such, but he didn’t deserve the hate he got.

Would you recommend it?

Yeah, i think it’s a great show, but all the people seem to not like it for some reason, although it may be because it has nine seasons and it’s pretty much a commitment, but i think you can just watch random episodes and enjoy it too…

Any last words about the show?

I don’t know… i mean, i think it’s a good show, mostly because most of its humor is healthy humor, it doesn’t go cheap, there’s only a few “that’s what she said” jokes, because there’s this character that likes them, but i believe it is good tv, not like the things that are now going on….

If you are looking for an easy going and funny show that won’t break your heart [much] i totally recommend this show to you!








Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson

Homeroom DiariesHomeroom Diaries by James Patterson

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Humor, School Life, Young Adult
Pages: 250
Publisher: Random House Uk
Rating: 2 stars

Summary: Margaret “Cuckoo” Clarke recently had a brief stay in a mental institution following an emotional breakdown, but she’s turning over a new leaf with her “Operation Happiness”. She’s determined to beat down the bad vibes of the Haters, the Terror Teachers, and all of the trials and tribulations of high school by writing and drawing in her diary. And when life gets really tough, she works through her own moments of uncertainty through imaginary conversations with her favorite literary characters.

Cuckoo’s also got a nearly impossible mission: she, along with her misfit band of self-deprecating friends (who call themselves “the Freakshow”) decide to bridge the gap between warring cliques and “bring the Nations together”. Not everyone is so willing to join hands and get along, but Cuckoo never stops smiling… until one of her closest friends, pushed to desperation by a Hater prank, decides that enough is enough.

(Summary taken from GoodReads)

My Opinion On The Book:

It’s not easy to talk about mental illness, not in real life nor in fiction…although for some is easier than for others.

When i picked this book up, i was ‘starving’ for some inspiring book to start the year. The book seemed cool, its illustrations are very attractive and all, but the story wasn’t at all what i expected.

The story is about a young girl that was hospitalized for a few days, she is ‘Cuckoo’, as her friends call her (it’s okay, because all her friends have hurtful nicknames) and now she has to deal with real life in high school.

To be completely honest, I didn’t really find the reason for her to have been hospitalized credible, not the amount of attention it got from her counsler and the people around her… that’s not how it happens in real life, come on!

As a person that suffers from mental illness, i know how difficult it is to deal with, which just made her plain complains seem false, and cliche, just for the sake of make her special between the most special kids in school…

Another thing, I know it was written as diary entries, but the supporting characters were there just because, they never did much… they didn’t develop at all. They were plain and boring.

Overall, the book is an easy read, nothing very terrible happens, it has a few cliches, but if you don’t mind that … maybe i read too much before reading this book,… maybe it wasn’t right for my age…

Argh! i don’t like giving bad reviews, but this book was just too annoying for me, it just bothered me a lot…

‘Til Next Time 😉




T5W: Self-published books

The topics for these entries are taken from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads . The group was created by Lainey, who you can also follow on Youtube.

Self-published books:

Well, to be honest the topic was about favorite self published book, but because i haven’t read more than two, i decided to list some self published books i want to read 🙂

Weresisters (Weresisters #1)Weresisters

Description [HERE]

Werewolves! i love them, and i’m always willing to read books about them :D, this seemed pretty cool, because it’s not just werewolves, these are specifically shewolves, or whatever they are called, which sounds great!


Becoming Edward Becoming Edward

Description [HERE]

For some reason, this book seems to be calling me… at the time i liked Twilight, but then i kept reading and found books i liked better, but i think this is a book for those who love/loved Twilight and those who hate it, because it’s just fun,to see what could happen if someone took the character too seriously…idk…


I Will Survive: tips and hints to help you survive in this zombie infested world I Will Survive!

Description [HERE]

I haven’t read many books about zombies yet, but the ones i did i really liked. This one seems a little more informative than the rest, but it looks awesome… So i’ve already bought it, and now i just have to read it and give you my opinion on it!!


Vs. Reality (Vs. Reality, #1) Vs. Reality

Description [HERE]

I love superheroes, i think they are one of my favorite tropes to read about… so when i saw this book about a *magical* pill that can give you superpowers for a while i just thought i had to read it…


Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) Angelfall

Description [HERE]

Is this cheating? because now the book is published by an editorial, …but at the begining the book was self published…

This trilogy is one of the (at least)  three i hope to read this year.. (one of my new year’s resolutions)..I already bought them… so now i just have to find the right time to sit and read them all!


So, these are the self-published books i’m looking forward to read, hopefully i’ll get to all of them this year!

‘Til Next Time 😉



Another tag game, yeah! to be honest i have no idea where did i find this one… it was on my drafs, waiting to be answered… if you know who created it, please contact me so i can give the full credit to them.

Tell us five random facts about yourself:

  • I’m very superstitious
  • I’m a fluent speaker in three languages
  • I’m a redhead
  • I prefer tv shows to movies
  • I love Jared Padalecki

When is your birthday?

March, 30th

What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite memory?

One time when a roommate and I made a monopoly based on our lives, we had such a great time making it and then playing it with our collegues.

Describe a day in your life……

Wake up, take the dog for a walk, waste time until i have to leave for work, read on the bus, get to work, click click click type type type (i work with a computer),  read on the bus on my way home, get home, take the dog out, read some more, watch some show, take the dog out again, sleep.

Name five of your favourite songs… 

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  2. Rusty Nail by X-Japan
  3. 4 am by Luna Sea
  4. Pink Spider by Hide
  5. Losing My Religion by R.E.M

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ice Cream, especially Ben and Jerry’s

Summer or winter?

Winter, i love the cold, the rain, the storms … it’s wonderful.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

London, UK. I really love the city, everytime i visit it i just want to stay there forever.

Name five of your favourite films?

  • Labyrinth
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • The NeverEnding Story
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Truman Show

If you won the lottery what would you buy?

The biggest library possible.

Favourite day of the week…


What three things would you take to a desert island?

A knife, a book about poisonous  animals and plants and matches.

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet, i want to live out of ice cream.

Early bird or a night owl?

Early bird

Name five of your favourite books:

  • All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
  • The Gospel According to Larry
  • Daddy-Long-Legs

Favourite Drink?

Ice Coffee

Favourite animal?

Suricatas, Dogs & Butterflies.

T5W: Favorite Fandoms

I decided to start doing the Top 5 Wednesday this year. The topics are taken from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads . The group was created by Lainey, who you can also follow on Youtube. On the group you can find the list of all the people that participate on T5W, as well as see the list of the topics of the month.

Without further ado, let me take you to my Top 5 Fandoms!

  1. The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters Fandom

[art by amazingly talented Cassandra Jean!]

Well, from the moment i started reading the books i found the fandom to be super fun to spend time in, i’m not a very participative person, but the people there are hillarious, talented and i enjoy following many of them. As the new TV show is about to be released the fandom is wild lately, which only makes it more and more amazing!

2. Harry Potter

Well, of course, i love Harry Potter and his fandom! The books, the movies and everything around it is amazing, so obviously so is the fandom! The people there are so passionate about it, even though the time goes by, new books get famous and such, many people moves on from  the books and forgot the movies… but these people are in for good, when you love Harry Potter so much there’s no going back…

3. Supernatural

I adore the supernatural fandom, especially in Tumblr, this is a  very active community, which may apppear everywhere, have a gif for everything and always discuss even the littlest topic, studying and remember every little detail from every episode.. I also really love the fact that the production and the actors of the show are in such great relation with the fans, breaking the forth wall, making inside jokes and such to the people who watch and love the show.

4. Doctor Who

This show is legend. Do I need to say anything else? … Well, i think this show has been on air for so long because of its loyal fans, so, i have nothing but gratitude, obviously not only to the fans but to the creators of the show, the writers, the actors and everyone involved in it…

5. Percy Jackson

I love this fandom, because even though we got two not so great (to say the least) movie adaptations to the books, these people still adore the characters, the stories,  and call Rick Riordan Uncle Rick, which is completely adorable. Also, these people make true camps and stuff, i wish i could go to those! I wish i could find some Percy Jackson fans in real life, but i’m the only person who read the books that i know of… oh man… i’ll give so much to have a fellow fan!

Well, those are my favorite [like crazy favorite] fandoms, i love lots and many others, but these are the ones i check the most..

A little aclaration, i think all these fandoms, the other fandoms i enjoy and many others i’m not part of have ikncredibly talented people writing, drawing and making other amazing stuff related to the fandom they are part of, i think fandoms are an incredible addition to the fans lives and i hope it keep growing and being as amazing as it already is!

‘Til Next Time 😉


Books I did not finish | 2015 edition

Hello there! So today i’ll be talking a bit about the books -i remember- starting reading over the year and why i didn’t finished them… obviously, my opinions are  nothing more than that,  opinions. I have no intent of offending anyone or any book, for all I know you’ll find here in my list your most beloved books and will think i’m an idiot for not liking them…

Please remember, each person has their own taste in books as in all other things, the fact that  i didn’t enjoy these books (so much) doesn’t mean anything.. I just thought about sharing my experience with these books, mostly because if you felt the same maybe in the future or in my previous recommendations you may find something you’ll like and so…

I hope you enjoy the post 🙂

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)Description [HERE]

Because I really enjoyed reading The Raven Cycle I decided to give a chance to another series by the author. By the summary I thought the story would be a nice and sweet story but after just a few chapters I couldn’t stand it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the writing style of the author which is pretty special and sometimes is a little weary and tiring or because I didn’t like the main characters. Anyway, I had to put it aside because I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

TimeRiders (TimeRiders, #1)Description [HERE]

I really enjoyed this book when i started reading it and the idea of it was great… But at some point for some reason I couldn’t concentrate on it anymore, I didn’t understand what was going on who was who and such, so I had to stop reading it, hoping one day I’ll get to pick it up again.



The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1)Description [HERE]

Okay, so a lot of people talks about this trilogy, everyone seems to love it and had enjoyed it. That’s the main reason I picked it up really, only I couldn’t click with it, even though the premise is one that got my eyes. I love books about people with superpowers but for me this one just wasn’t working.  Maybe it wasn’t the right time to read it though. Now, another series by the same author is coming up next year and I’ll try that, maybe after getting used to her style I’ll be able to read this book at last.

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)Description [HERE]

While waiting for the last book in The Mortal Instuments series i decided to start reading The Infernal Devices. Most of the people I know enjoyed this trilogy more than the original series, as for me, i find the love triangle of the books completely annoying and after reading the first two books and started the third one I decided I don’t really care about it… at least for now, maybe someday I’ll get back to the book, after all it’s the last one and I love the shadow world very much…

We All Looked UpDescription [HERE]

Mmm, I knew I wanted this book the moment I saw it. At first I had no idea what was it about, but after getting it I thought it would be a great reading. Only not really, I couldn’t click with the characters, they annoyed me really badly and after getting to the middle of the book I decided I didn’t care what would happen next. I’m sure though lots of people may find the book very enjoyable, and I recommend it for YA contemporary lovers, the fact that the book wasn’t for me doesn’t mean it was a bad one.

A Darker Shade of Magic (A Darker Shade of Magic, #1)Description [HERE]

So many people talk about this book and every single one loved it. Well, not everyone, I didn’t. This really annoys me, mostly because it was so difficult to get! It took me weeks and weeks to finally find and get it!  I started it before my trip to London, and maybe if I would’ve taken it with me I could have read it just because I really needed a book to read, instead I bought some and read those. I kind of feel bad for not liking this one, but really, is it that good? If it is, and you think I need to give a second chance tell me, I’m willing to give it another shot, not right now maybe, but next year for sure.

Beauty QueensDescription [HERE]

Okay, so books that include plane crashes may not be the best idea for me. But that’s not the reason I put down this book.. This was the first time I tried one of Libba Bray’s books and  I didn’t know her writing style which, apparently, I don’t like much.



Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) Description [HERE]

Another book everybody loves, and one I personally am not thinking about picking up again. I’m not sure why but people seem to not notice the main character is a complete Mary Sue that can do everything and is super pretty and is an incredibly talented killer and is [spoilers], because yeah, this book is pretty obvious and I’m fairly sure I know how the series is going to end, so I figured, why bother?


Between the Lines Description [HERE]

I loved reading Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, so I told to myself, another book about people from books? That’ll be awesome! And though the idea is great and I enjoyed reading it, at some point I just found myself putting excuses to not read it when I had free time, so I decided to put it aside for a while and I’ll come back at some point, because I really liked it, it just wasn’t the right time.


We Were LiarsDescription [HERE]

This book was everywhere last year, but I never thought I’ll give it a chance, until while in London I saw it by half price and told myself “why not?” … I tried reading it, but for some reason after getting to page 15 I couldn’t keep reading, so now it’s sitting there, hoping one day I may want to read it… I just hope no one spoils the story for me before (and if) I get to it.


The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe Description [HERE]

I took this book with me to London this summer, something about the idea of me and the book sharing a journey seemed nice. Only I forgot to whom this book is, i mean,… because it’s regular fiction and not young adult, I rapidly found I couldn’t click with the characters, so I put it aside.. Maybe when i’m more into ‘regular’ fiction..


AfterworldsDescription [HERE]

I’ve been meaning to read this boo for ages, then I bought it when I was in London and started reading it, but I bought so many books back then .. I started reading other books and because I’m not very convinced with the author’s style I put it down once and hadn’t picked it up again since… Although the idea is super interesting and I loved the main characters, so I’m pretty sure I’ll give it another chance… maybe next year.


Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Description [HERE]

So many booktubers were talking about this book and the tv show I thought of giving it a chance, only to then find out it new adult fiction, which is not of my liking really, too much romance and drama for this gal.. Although Jamie was a sweetheart, it feel a little too much for me, also the book was super tiny and it was uncomfortable to read from… I thought of keep watching the show, but i didn’t either [tbh]… I can understand why so many people like it, althought not why so young gals do.. to me it felt like a book for 30-somethings. Anyway, just in case you’re interesting, the writing is wonderful, really.

Bump in the night booktag

Yay! halloween is here! So, i thought i should bring you something (sort of) related to it… I know it isn’t much but … I love booktags and i hope you enjoy it as much as i had while answering it! I’m sorry i don’t have the information of the creator of the tag but when i find it, I’ll add it.
Have a great halloween’s eve!

1) Which are your favorite supernatural/horror/scary characters to read about? (e.g. vampires,werewolves, witches, monsters, serial killers, murderers etc).
Witches (aka; warlocks, wizards, magicians, mages, castor or whatever you’ll call them)

2) Which scene from any book would be your ultimate nightmare to have been part of?
The returning of Lord Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

3) If you could visit and explore any one scary or evil setting which would you pick and why?
The Orsc store at night (horrorstor) i guess, i mean it’s scary as hell but heck.. It’s scary as hell! Let’s go to the hive!

4) Which book was so frighteningly terrible that you almost fell asleep for eternity trying to finish it?
The eye of minds,… I had such great expectations from another series written by James Dashner, after all i loved The Maze Runner and yet,I thought i’ll die trying to finish it.

5) Name one book you wish you could pull certain pages out of and swap for others to make it better?
Ooooh i would erase a particular heartless death scene from Mockingjay.

6) If you could turn any ‘bad or evil’ character into a good character, who would you pick and why?
I can’t think of anyone… Maybe like Narcissa Malfoy could have been a bit nicer before the obvious moment…(???)

Quick fire round:
1) Favorite vampire character?
My baby Christian Ozera (Vampire Academy)

2) Favorite werewolf character?
Luke Garroway (The Mortal Instruments)

3) Favorite witch character?
Do Warlocks count? I love Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)… If not… Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

4) Favorite monster character?
Bob the Titan !! (Percy Jackson)

5) Favorite ghost character?
I don’t think i have (?) maybe nearly headless Nick ? (Harry Potter)

6) Favorite serial killer/murderer character?
Brady .. Honey boy from Mr. Mercedes!

Silent month

I just realized September is almost over … i can’t belive i haven’t done anything this month… this is so weird. I mean, it’s not as if i had things planned, but normally i find myself at the end of the month knowing i’ve done something special… to be honest, i could have done some fun stuff, there is a convention going on this days close to my home, but all the talks and stuff looks so boring, and so amateurish, … last time i went there it got so boring… yeah, i enjoyed seeing people cosplaying and such, but it’s a one time thing in my opinion… if the panels were more interesting.. or at least they would sell books in english, but no … for some reason this country never brings good stuff in english or translate the good stuff either, so there’s that…

Yeah, well, … i was planning on going to ICon with my new Doctor Who shirt (which i got in the Doctor Who Experience when i visited Cardiff) but now i feel like it’s not worth the time or the bother of having to be around so many people…

Why is everything in this country so amateurish … ?????????????

I remember buying anime&manga magazines when i lived in Argentina, and there were many things they’ll do on weekends, like anime movies screenings and such, and i’ll love to go to that kind of things, … but here there are panels and talks by people who don’t really know the shit they are talking about or they don’t know how to talk to people really and so,… it’s incredibly annoying.

Gosh… this place is so boring, i can’t stand the lack of nerdiness this country has… like, people there are some cool stuff, why do you just keep watching Big Brother?? pick up a book, there are many cool series to read, watch some good tv shows… i don’t know.. i need to find someone like me, because this is getting old…

I think i knew one or two people with potential, but they always want me to watch what they want, and read the books they read and i never get a say, and they are so imposing, i couldn’t keep in touch, i got bored, especially because most of the stuff i didn’t really like.

But i see a lot of people online having great friendships with others that have their same taste in so much stuff, why am i the only one alone? why can’t i fangirl with someone??

Okay… this was not what i planned on saying…

Anyway… i’ll be back… i hope next month will be better.