Experience The Horror This Halloween!

So, since Halloween is approaching i decided to share with you some horrifying pieces created by me! If you don’t make it through it all at least read the last paragraph, i’ll much appreciate it! Thank you and enjoy!

“Experience real horror this Halloween! Watch the last few seasons of The Simpsons!”

The “Knock” Revisited;

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.


Reading recs for this Halloween; A Newspaper!

Watch the most horrifying show created by Ryan Murphy ; GLEE!

Person 1: Man, i just watched the scariest movie ever!

Person 2: What’s it called?

Person 1: “The News”

Person: What’s your favorite horror trope on books?

Me: Love Triangles.

Feel the Horror, Still 413 Days To Go Until Star Wars Episode VIII.

The Thing I Fear The Most: My Bank Account’s Balance.

Want to feel horror? Remember the Magnus Chase series is only a trilogy (at least for now).

And now for real. There’s really a lot of horrific stuff going in the world, so i thought i could share a little silly stuff to ease the moment. Also, everything related to real stuff here, was used just in the intent of make a funny pun, please don’t take it serious.

TBR for the month?

In which i talk a lot, have nothing to say and don’t make a TBR or do I?

I’m always checking up my reader, yes, i have no idea how to call it, but it’s sort of the dashboard in tumblr only here, and i’m not sure what to call…

Anyway, that’s not what i wanted to talk about.

So, i follow quite a lot of blogs, most of them book blogs, and each month, at the beginning of it i see that many of them manage to prepare for themselves a TRB for the month, and they actually manage to go through with it the way the planned.

I’m always completely amazed by these people, and i’m saying this seriously. I have no idea how they manage to actually decide before they know how will they be feeling which books will they be able to read.

I mean, yes, my TBR is full of books, but they mostly stay there, because i may want to read X book, but my mood won’t be the right one to read that book, and so the book will sit forever in my list.

It’s so weird, even if i wanted to make a TBR for the month, the changes in my mood would never let me do what i planned.

Actually the past month, and this one too, i prepared a TBR, just to see if i could go through it before everything feels bad and i cannot read at all.

Last month i had a TBR with 10 titles;

  • Kindred Spirits
  • Lady Midnight
  • Half Lost
  • Half Lies/Half Truths
  • Animal Farm
  • Fjord Blue
  • You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)
  • Seven Ways We Lie
  • The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Of which i managed about half of them, but this before i got stuck in a slump in which i needed something completely different of the stuff in my TBR…. I wonder, what do you do if you have a bunch of books in your TBR but you just found one that you have to read asap? Because it happened to me with Cinder last month, and i dropped everything off the list, and after that i couldn’t go back to the books on the list.

It seems these lists aren’t just for everyone, i guess i’m sort of a mood reader or something, so it depends on how i’m feeling for me to decide which book i’ll be reading next.

To be honest, i wish i could decide ahead of time and so i could start finally reading the book i already own instead of keep on buying new ones i just discovered i need.

It becomes even difficult to go to the library, because yes, i feel a certain way when choosing the books but afterward, i’ll sit at home, looking and them and i’ll ask ‘why the hell did i brought these books?’ and i won’t be able to read them.

I guess part of me being a mood reader explains why do i want always to finish reading a book in a day or two, what if my mood changes and i cannot keep reading? It happens, a lot .. my put aside list of books is huge, and i’m completely ashamed of that.

I think, what i’m trying to say here is (nothing) i totally love the TBR lists, and i sort of envy the people that can go with that, but as much as i love having everything prepared ahead of time, there’s one thing i cannot plan.

Wow, that’s just a revelation for me, really.. I’m such an order freak, but only now i understand why it bothers me so much that i cannot schedule the books i’ll be reading in the month, oh my.

Anyway, well, yeah….so i’m a mood reader and i may never be able to prepare and plan a list of books to read on the month, but at least, i keep on reading, which is the most important thing i guess??

Just to be sure, i’ll keep planning ahead until June to see if i can make it work.. wish me luck!

And you? Do you have a TBR for each month? if so, how do you manage it?!

‘Til Next Time!






To Read or Not To Read, that’s the question.

While looking for something to read the other day, i went to my Goodreads’ list of already read books, so I could find ‘something like’ some other books i liked. I was checking the list when i realized i have a lot of first books in series, but only that, the first book.

‘Oh no, even with books i start things but never end them…’ i told to myself. Yes, I’m mostly a quiter, but never realized before that i do it even with the thing i like most, reading.

This fact made me wonder,  what is more important when deciding if i should  keep reading or not? For example;

[For example;

A few weeks ago i commented on the fact that last year  i read Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, and i wasn’t sure about it. Someone told me not to waste my time with books i didn’t like, there are too many books I do want to read, why would I spend my time in a book i didn’t enjoy?

The thing is, i really don’t know, but it’s not that i didn’t like it, the story was alright, i’m just not sure about… i don’t know, maybe the writing?]

So, how should i decide if a book is worth giving it a second chance or not? I mean, there really are great books waiting out there, my TBR list has 381 books already and the number never goes down, but up up and out of control…

I need to find a way to decide if a book is worth it or not, one that does not include spoilering myself, because i’ve already done that, and that’s not fun at all.

You see, my main problem is this, i cannot stop thinking about the fact that i may be giving up on something that could be my next favorite book series, i clearly did it with The Mortal Instruments the first time i read City of Bones, i did it with The Knife of Never Letting Go (although i keep wasting time and not reading the next book).So, what if

So, what if i’m really missing just because the first book wasn’t that great in my opinion? what if i made the wrong choice when i decided not to keep reading The Throne of Glass even though everyone loves it so much?

Is reading a book that isn’t that great a real waste of time? What if the characters are good but the writing isn’t or vice versa?

This is making me lose my mind, i have so much to read, and i don’t know if i should give every book the same opportunities or it depends on the author…?


How do you decide which books get a second chance and which don’t? any good ideas? You can leave your opinions and way of deciding below in the comments, i’ll appreaciate it!

‘Til Next Time 😉



Reading Habits Tag

Another day, another tag! This time The Reading Habits Tag,


[So sorry, i couldn’t find the original video/post of the tag, as always, if you know who created it please send me a message telling me so i can give them full credit!]

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?Mmm, not really… i read pretty much wherever i can or feel comfortable at the moment… it mostly depends on how badly my back hurts…

Mmm, not really… i read pretty much wherever i can or feel comfortable at the moment… it mostly depends on how badly my back hurts…

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Bookmarks, i love them. I normally use the ones i received from BookDepository, they are made by buyers and they are wonderful!!

Bookmark 1Kelly Duncan  Bookmark 2Tze-Chiang Lim Bookmark 5Jack Henseleit(some examples)

3. Can you stop reading or do you have to wait until you finish a chapter?
I prefer to finish a chapter, but it isn’t always possible so i try to at least finish a page that ends in a period, i would hate to stop middle sentence, obviously…

4. Do you eat or drink while eating?
mmm, when reading physical books no but i don’t mind when reading on a tablet or so…

5. Can you read while listening to music or watching tv?
Actually no, i need as much silence as possible when reading really.. i know there are people who have like playlists for specific books and such and i think it’s so cool i wish i could do that too.

6. One book at a time or several at once?
Lately i’ve been reading more than one at a time, for some reason i end up reading them faster or something. I find it difficult to just read one now, mostly because my reading depends on my mood at the time and sometimes i’m not in the mood for a specific book. Although i try to have one physical and the rest in kindle at the same time, otherwise i would have to bring a lot of books with me everywhere… I also use quite a lot my audible application, although there i have some favorites i just want to ‘reread/relisten’

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere!! I love reading in buses and such, at parks, wherever..

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Silently mostly.. unless i’m really feeling the characters then i may reenact the scenes (…)by myself [….]

9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I tended to check the end of the books when i started but i’ve been just reading the book itself as it goes for a few years now :3

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
I really enjoy looking at them new, but there’s nothing you can really do, it is bound to happen at some point…

11. Do you write in books?
It’s weird, i see all the people that write in books, and it seems ‘cool’ but at the same time books are sacred so why would you do that?! i case it wasn’t clear my answer is no, i don’t write in my books…nor others’ of course…

Well, that was the tag for today! I hope you liked it!

‘Til Next Time 😉



T5W: Favorite Buzz Words

Amazing how Wednesdays keep getting here so fast and so frecuently (…)

As always, topics for these entries are taken from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads . The group was created by Lainey, who you can also follow on YoutubeFAVORITE BUZZ WORDS (aka; words used to describe a book that is a guarantee buy for you):

    okay, so.. I wasn’t sure what kind of words to look for, so i went with words from reviewers and critics of favorite books of mine, later i saw that some people went with words that describe what’s in the book but i thought, i liked my words, I’ll keep’em. Anyway, because i don’t go by genre, only by comments, this is what my list looks like 😬
  1. Brutal, Raw, Bold‘ and such..: all those words that promise a real emotional and strong response from the reader, i enjoy very much having strong emotions because of what i read, so yeah, those are an always YES for me.
  2. All-Consuming‘: Because when i read i’m looking to, mostly, be absorved by the story, to forget real life (…) and be somewhere else, as long as it consumes me, it’s great.
  3. Heartwarming‘: Sometimes i need ca little cliche, some happiness, some happy endings that are for sure, some stories are just fulfilling that way and i love that.
  4. Magical‘: Okay, so i love when things amaze us, i love to be amazed … so, when they promise me magical and magic as a thing itself i take it.
  5. ‘For fans of [insert here name of book, author, whatever you like]: Yeah, it may be pretty lame, but it actually helps a lot finding new books to read and enjoy, when people recommend another book because of the one you liked they are telling you they felt the same way when reading both. Hopefully they felt the same you felt when reading them, otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and money .

Winter Wonderland book tag

Booktag time! Yeah.. i know, i should find something better to update, i’m working on it. Anyway you can find the original tag [HERE] (apparently, i can’t enter the video for some reason…) , hope you enjoy it!

1. What book is so happy and sweet that it warms your heart?


Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli, this book is so sweet and funny, with a happy vibe all over the place, i think it may be one of the happiest books i’ve read in a very long time.



2. What is your favorite book with a white cover?


My favorite book with a white cover will be one of these two, only i can’t make up my mind to decide which one, also i’m not quite sure if everything everything qualifies because it has so much color in it… either way, these two books, both amazing books, i recommend them to all.


3. You’re sitting in a nice comfy chair, wearing a onesie, with a lovely warm hot chocolate but what MONSTER read are you reading?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)My baby, The Order Of The Phoenix, I love this book so much… well, i love all the Harry Potter books but the last four are just epic, not only because of the story but because they grew so much in comparison of the first three, so much more story to get into *0*



4. It started snowing so you decided to have a snowball fight! What fictional character would you love to have the snowball fight with?

Fred and George Weasley, of course.

5. Sadly, your fire is beginning to go out. So what book would you tear the last few chapters out to throw into the fire?

Haha, can i just throw a whole book? (okay, so this is my personal opinion, and i don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, i just didn’t like the book, no, its’s more like, i was disappointed by it)


Yeah.. maybe i was expecting too much from it after reading Ready Player One… but it was ah.. i didn’t enjoy it at all..

6. What book is so close to your heart that you would gift it to someone this Christmas who hasn’t read it but wants to get into reading?

That’s a difficult question, because not everyone is interested on the same things, but i guess i’ll give A Monster Calls to eveyrone if i could, because it’s a book about something we all go through in life, and we are never too old to read and understand it.

A Monster Calls

Oh man, if i would’ve thought about it earlier i could’ve get it for my sister… too bad… 😦

Well, that was all for now!

Would you write it?

This year i’ve read more books than ever before, and it feels great, i found many amazing books. The problem is, along with all those great books i also found some that weren’t that great, actually some of them were simply terrible.

While some of the books i didn’t like i just dropped because i couldn’t stand them, some i did finish, and even though i didn’t enjoy them, they made me think quite a lot.

When books make me think this much i tend to want to write about them, and that’s what i do everytime an amazing book inspires me.

But what should i do with the inspiration i get from bad books?

This is a problem i’ve been thinking about a lot lately, because although i feel i wasted time reading those books i have so much to say about them…

What could be wrong with a bad review? you’ll say, and well, i’m a person that really can’t come and start saying bad things about something or someone without feeling realy bad about it, so i find myself in this kind of conundrum(y) situation, where i really want to say what i’m thinking but i wouldn’t feel right with myself because of it…

Also, some place i read or heard about this one author (i can’t remember the name) who stalked a reader because she wrote a bad review of the book, which i find super creepy, like, seriously, what’s wrong with this person.

Okay, so i’m pretty sure no author could find me, mostly because i live so far away from everything, but the fact that someone could find my words to be rude, i can’t stand it. I don’t like being rude, do you know the quote “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you” ? well, i live by that, i would never do to anyone something i would be hurt by.

While i know it may sound weird, i really believe in that, like, okay.. if i were to write a book i would want people to enjoy it, i mean… i understand that it’s impossible for every single person in the world to like the same thing, heck, i wonder if all those bestsellers are really so good or it is just people following those who said it’s a good book… but when the book isn’t that great, you know, someone worked hard on it anyway… someone give it time and cared enough about it, i just can’t be rude…

But then again, i wonder if i’m not just thinking this things too much? like, who would even read or care about my view on the book/series/show/movie really? The internet is so full of opinions and such, what gives someone will precisely care about what i have to say about anything?

Anyway… would you write a bad review? … do you think it is as important as writing a good review? because, when really thinking about it, yeah, i like to recommend good books, but also, isn’t it important to tell people when you don’t think a book is worth their time?

‘Til next time! 😉


The Ultimate Book Tag

It’s that time of the week, time for booktag! this one was originally answered by Chapter Chicks, and was made for them by their friend Megan from goodreads.
So, i’ll be answering this amazing questions, hope you enjoy it!

The ultimate Book Tag

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?
No, in fact I love reading when i’m on the road, wherever it’s in a car, a bus or a train, just won’t read while flying because i’m too scared to even breath normally.
2. Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?
I’ll say Haruki Murakami, his books are always so weird and compelling, like, i may not like the  characters or what they do but the story is so interesting i’ll keep reading..

3. Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer?
Harry Potter. ALWAYS.

  1. One of my favorite books from childhood and the one that made me fall in love with books.
  2. An incredibly detailed world, nothing is there for no reason.
  3. It has magic, I love magic, I enjoy books with magic. Magic is the best.

4. Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is in it (besides books…)?
I have a notebook, in case i have some ideas for some story, some pens, my phone, my sister’s iPad (because i have some more books there, just in case), my phone’s charger, gum, my glasses.

5. Do you smell your books?
Not that i can recall..

6. Books with or without little illustrations?
I don’t really mind them not having illustrations, but when they do it’s a pleasant surprise.

7. What book did you love while reading but discovered later it wasn’t quality writing?
I won’t talk about that.

8. Do you have any funny stories involving books from your childhood?
I used tor talk to them because i believed they have souls. Maybe that’s not funny actually, i don’t know what to say here.

9. What is the thinnest book on your shelf?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and After Dark by Haruki Murakami.

10. What is the thickest book on your shelf?
It’s either Under The Dome by Stephen King or 1q84 by Haruki Murakami, i’m too lazy to go check right now.

11. Do you write as well as you read? Do you see yourself in the future as an author?
No, i prefer reading, although i have some characters living in my mind, if someday you find weird BL stories, like, really weird ones, that will mean i might give it a chance..

12. When did you get in to reading?
Elementary school, literature class, 4th grade.

13. What is your favorite classic book?

I haven’t read many classics, but of those i read my favorite is Wuthering Heights.
14. In school was your best subject Language Arts/English?
Okay, in spite of sounding a bit arrogant, all subjects were my best, like, seriously, i was the best student at my school.
15. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before hand and hated…what would you do?
It depends, if it’s a random someone that gave it to me, i’ll just shelf it somewhere out of sight, if it’s someone i appreciate i’ll may try rereading it…

16. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?
Th0se are two very different  books, what the heck? mm, like Harry Potter i’ll say Septimus Heap by Angie Sage, because i haven’t seen people talking about those books for some reason… for dystopian i’ll say The Hunt trilogy by Andrew Fukuda, and i’ll also say it’s a shame, because those are some pretty awesome ‘vampires’, like, no it’s not as all the other vampires around the YA section (and yes, it’s still dystopian, you just have to read it, and i have to make a review of the trilogy)

17. What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while blogging?
Dropping the drafts before finishing and never trying to end my thoughts, then deleting what i wrote.

18. What is your favorite word?
o-o, Avant Garde.

19. Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?
People tell me i’m a nerd … also a geek, so there you go..

20. Vampires or Fairies? Why?
I guess fairies, although i hate the ones from the Cassandra Clare’s books, i only like one (maybe two) Vampires and that’s all, but fairies are (regulary) nice and such, so … [i haven’t read the coldest girl in coldtown yet, so this may change]

21. Shapeshifters or angels? Why?
Mmm, I think shapeshifters, I find that to be super sexy for some reason o.0 ( i can’t believe i used the word sexy ).

22. Spirits or Werewolves? Why?
Werewolves, i love werewolves, they are my favorite supernatural creatures, so yeah… Werewolves.

23. Zombies or Vampires? Why?
I’ll say Vampires but only because i find Zombies to be boring and gross.

24. Love Triangle or Forbidden Love?
Forbidden love all the way, i hate hate love triangles, it’s so unrealistic when everyone find the same abnoxious person to be the most beautiful person ever, like, really, how do you even like someone that horrible.

25. AND FINALLY! Full on romance book or action-packed with a few loves scenes mixed in?

Action now and forever, i don’t like romance, i find romantic books boring mostly, i need the action, although i enjoy the ocasional YA romance.

Book buying tag

Hello everybody! it’s time for another booktag! This was was originally made by  Megan Olivier , hope you enjoy it!

1. Where do you buy your books from?

I buy my books pretty much everywhere i can, from bookstore (including second-hand ones),  amazon (especially for kindle) and from online stores such as bookdepository.com and audible.com

2. Do you ever pre-order books, and if you do, do you order online or in store?

There are some books i really need to read the moment they are published so yeah, i pre-order not much but i do, i do it online because were i live no one cares about new books so there’s no chance to pre-order them here.

3. On average how many books do you buy a month?

There are months and months, i mean… some months i’ll buy only two books and some months, as this one, i’ll buy 14-15 …

4. Do you use your local library?

Not right now … although my local library looks pretty promising, i should check it up.

5. If you do borrow from your library, how many books are you allowed to borrow/how many do you borrow?

Every single library i’ve been able to borrow from allowed me to borrow just two books, TWO books?! what do they want me to do with just two books…

6. What is your opinion on library books?

I love libraries and all and i’m pretty sure in other countries they may have a lot of great book, but lately i”ve been reading only in English and where i live libraries don’t have many good books in English, mostly Nicholas Sparks and 50 shades of Grey sort of books …

7. How do you feel about charity shops/secondhand bookstores?

I think they are great, to let books keep living and finding people that will love them, also giving people who can’t afford to buy new books the oportunity to find some great readings, it’s amazing.

8. Do you keep your read and TBR piles on a shelf together?

Not really, while my already read books are in their shelves the TBR piles are everywhere in my room, in shelves but also in my closet, my bag and so… they are everywhere. Also the TBR and the read books are in different shelves.

9. Do you plan to read all the books that you own?

Well, i sure hope so, but i’ll have to living a very long time to do it…

10. What do you do with all the books that you own that you’ll never read/didn’t enjoy?

Go right to the lowest shelf of my bookshelves.


11. Have you ever donated books?

No, i get too attached to my books to be able to donate any of them.

12. Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

mmm, about two years ago i went for about six months without buying any books, didn’t help that the moment i allowed myself to do so i spent tons of money.

13. Do you feel that you buy to many books?

No i don’t… not even close, but people seem to think they have a say about the amount of books i buy and own, personally, i think you can never have enough… everyday people are think about new stories so, as long as people write  i’ll be buying more books.

Social Media Book Tag

Okay, so this tag was supposed to be posted last Saturaday, but after a little thinking i wasn’t feeling up for it, so i delayed it a little, hope it’s just fine. Now i leave you with the tag!

Yes! it’s time for another book tag This time; the social media book tag

Original video by Faultydevices

Modified version by Ariel Bissett

Favorite short book

After Dark by Haruki Muraki ; i don’t even know why, but this is one of my favorite books ever, it has nothing to do with the fact that i’m in love with everything he writes. It just happens to be a great short book.. ** also if i can make an honorary mention; the light novel All You Need Is Kill, it’s super kickass, i had so much fun while reading it. I recommend it a lot.

A book that everybody pressured you to read

Meh, i don’t get pressured by people to read because i’m the only reader i actually know in real life, but one book everyone was talking about and convinced me to give it a try was Throne Of Glass, pretty much as with facebook itself, i wasn’t that impressed.

A book you read before it was cool

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower… Yeah well, i read it for the first time a long while ago, i don’t remember when but then again, i read it so many times it doesn’t really matter any longer..

A book you don’t remember whether you liked it or not

This is so difficult really, i honestly remember pretty much every book i read, so i guess i’ll go with The Visits (Las Visitias by Silvia Schujer) because i don’t remember what it is about so i can’t really say if i liked it or not…

A book that was so beautiful you had to instagram

I don’t have instagram but if i had to take a picture of a book it will be All The Bright Places, not only because i love the cover so much, but because it’s the most wonderful story too.

A book you wish would be turned into a movie

I would really like to watch Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King as a movie although i don’t think it will happen…
Also, i would really like the Raven Cycle to become a movie or even better, a tv show, it’s such a great story it needs to be on tv every week
I need Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch on my tv, LIKE RIGHT NOW

A book that you would recommend to everyone

Now, risking the possibility of sounding a know-it-all as my sister always likes to call i’ll say it’s impossible to recommend a book to everyone because many people don’t read fiction and many other don’t read non fiction, many others are a pain in the ass and only read about one subject (…) but if i had only one book i’ll recommend The Manuscript Found in Accra, it’s a short book that it’s a story but it doesn’t really have a plot, it’s mostly words of wisdom or so, so it’s pretty enjoyable whatever you normally like to read.