Let’s Talk Bookish | Judging A Book By Its Cover?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

Good Covers vs Good Plots (suggested by Krupali @ Musing of Souls)

When you pick books to buy, what is more likely to sway you: a good cover or a good plot?

I have a problem buying books. I’m always looking for new ones, and that is something i canno stop doing. It’s just stroger than me. Since i’m always looking for books, most of the time i prefer to go by what the book it’s about. I prefer a good plot to a nice cover, but i’ll be lying if i didn’t admit i’m always trying to find the nicest cover of the book i want to buy. It’s like, yeah, i want a great story, but also i want you to be super cute. Although if the book doesn’t have a nice cover it won’t stop me from buying a book. I prefer books with drawings than real people on the cover, that’s for sure. The biggest problem i have with covers is when the different covers of the same series don’t match.

When you choose to unhaul books do you sometimes keep bad books if they’re pretty?

I don’t. I don’t care how pretty the books are most of the time because i don’t really have space in my bookshelf to show them off. They are mostly for me or if i even borrow a book for the person i’m giving the book to. I really don’t care how they look, if i didn’t like you and i’m not about to read you again or loved you, you can leave and i won’t care at all. Look, i don’t usually unhaul books, but it’s not because they are pretty or ugly but because i may find someone who like it and i can give it to them. So i don’t usually give up on book that easily.

Do you love a book less if the cover is ugly even if the story is good?

Not at all. I have tons of book i read from the library and they had a better editions than the ones i got. I never cared about it, and i won’t start now. Sure, there are some covers that annoy me and i won’t buy the rest of the series with that kind of cover.

Do you like covers less if it turns out the story inside isn’t very interesting?

I don’t truly care about that. I mean, all i care is the content of the book not how it looks. I mean, i bough the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it was awful both inside and out. I still own it because it’s part of the collection of Harry Potter. Don’t look at me i really want to get rid of those books but my childhood doesn’t let me.

Would you rather have a shelf of good stories or beautiful covers?

I rather a bookself full of good stories for sure. Books are such a huge part of my life and i always tell people my goal in life is to find books i would want to reread one day, so yeah, i totally prefer them being great book than looking amazing. It’s like with people the moment you love them you see the good things in them, not the bad ones, you can love a book by their content and don’t care of they are “ugly” like you can love a person and see them imperfect as they are and still find them beautiful…

I don’t know if that last part makes any sense but i feel the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a great story makes a book beautiful no matter what.

That’s it for this week’s topic…

What is your opinion on it? Do you prefer pretty cover or good plots? Leave the link to your own post and a comment down below!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Judging A Book By Its Cover?

  1. It’s an internal struggle: to choose a book with a pretty cover but also with great content. Sometimes, I can spend tons of time, trying to decide which edition of a certain book I want to choose for myself. Struggle!

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