Thoughts on Thursday: When The Narrator Says “Gif”

[[Thoughts on Thursday is a sporadic kind of post i make sometimes on Thursdays. It’s about whatever comes to mind and it might make no sense at all.]]

Hello there, fellow readers! ~ ♥

I know Thursdays are now Review day, but i couldn’t get my thoughts on writing about The Falling In Love Montage by Ciara Smyth, so i decided to talk about something else today.

I don’t know how much you know about me, but you gotta know, i’m a huge fan of audiobooks. They keep me company at work, they come with me when i travel. I’ve been listening since 2014 non-stop. Seriously, i love them.

Or i did love them. No, i’m kidding i still love them and think it’s a great way of learning english and practice it.

But the other day i was listening to an audiobook when it happened;

The narrator had to say the word “GIF” and he said “JIF”.

Oh My OMG GIF - OhMy OMG What - Descubre & Comparte GIFs

Now, i know this is one of the most controversial things in the world, how to say the word gif, and i know i may be putting myself in a very problematic place by saying this, but omg, i didn’t even understood that he was saying gif until a while later when they kep talking about it in the book.

I don’t have people around me to discuss this topic because the people i know don’t even know what a gif is, but like in the internet this is huge, and i wondered to myself how many people have listened to the same audiobook (i can’t remember which one it was) and had the same problem as i did, how many people was okay with him saying Jif?!

Disaster GIF | Gfycat

I know the inventor of gifs says it is said jif, but i mean, come on, the G is for GRAPHICS. It should be said as in give.

head-clutch-forgot-omg-gif - Xclusive Touch

And then i had a realization, do every narrator say it differently? Like, if it was someone else narrating the book it would have been Gif, or like, it’s something they tell them so say that way? I have a lot of questions about the topic and none of them are being answered. WELP.

I’m definitely having a crisis.

How do you say it? I mean, we all have our own way of saying it. Are you a Gif person or a Jif person? Leave your response down below!

New trending GIF online: excited, nbc, bye, goodbye, the good place, see  ya, later, janet, darcy

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