Reading The Classics #6: The Goal It’s Alive!

Hey there, fellow readers! ~ ♥

One of the main goals of this year for me was to read a classic each month. So far it’s being going great so it’s time to share with you a little of the book i read this month.

This may contain spoilers of a novel that came out in 1818… so, read under your own risk…


No, i’m just kidding. All my life i had this image of how the book of Frankenstein goes, and when i read it this month it had nothing at all to do with what it is shown when referenced.

It was so weird to find out the story i thought i knew is nothing like the real one.

I’m so confused by it… like, everything i thought…

The thing that stroke me the most it’s the story the monster tells. Because first of all i had zero idea he could talk at all. I thought the monster couldn’t speak at all so that was a huge surprise. The story he told was simple yet so humanizing, i could help but feel bad for him even when he did terrible things.

Overall, i think it’s a really good story. I mean, bless Marry Shelly for thinking such a story in a time like that, right? I can’t believe this is practically how science fiction started. And i can’t believe i finally read it… now i wonder if i’ll ever read Dracula… so don’t get surprised if i end up doing that.

Wow, i’m so in awe with this story, i mean, it was NOTHING as i expect it to be. So i gotta admit i liked it, and i would read it again at some point. I hope i don’t forget it in a long time.

Also, i just found this book called Monsters by Sharon Dogan about Marry Shelly and i think that was the main reason i decided to read the book this month (obviously i bought the book and i hope to read it really soon). I’ll tell you if i end up reading it! (nothing is ever for sure here…).

Have you read Frankenstein? If so what did you think of it? Leave your comment down below!

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