Thanks A Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas

Thanks a Lot, Universe


Genre: MG, LGBT, Mental Health
Pages: 288
Publisher: Amulet Books
Rating: 4.55 stars (Goodreads)

Summary: A moving middle-grade debut for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t belong.

Brian has always been anxious, whether at home, or in class, or on the basketball court. His dad tries to get him to stand up for himself and his mom helps as much as she can, but after he and his brother are placed in foster care, Brian starts having panic attacks. And he doesn’t know if things will ever be “normal” again . . . Ezra’s always been popular. He’s friends with most of the kids on his basketball team—even Brian, who usually keeps to himself. But now, some of his friends have been acting differently, and Brian seems to be pulling away. Ezra wants to help, but he worries if he’s too nice to Brian, his friends will realize that he has a crush on him . . .
But when Brian and his brother run away, Ezra has no choice but to take the leap and reach out. Both boys have to decide if they’re willing to risk sharing parts of themselves they’d rather hide. But if they can be brave, they might just find the best in themselves—and each other.

I decided on reading this book on a whim. I just saw a good review about it and thought to myself that i needed to read it that very moment. And i did. OMG. Such a wonderful book. Thanks to the person doing that review i just read an amazing book while least expected.

This is the story about two boys, Brian and Ezra. Brian is shy and has a problematic family life, Ezra is a gleeful boy with a less complicated life but a secret. These two boys will help ind each other in different ways but at the same time it will be so needed by both of them.

This is a really moving book, at least for me was. There are obviously two stories going on the book as you read it and both stories intertwine in a very sweet way.

Brian has problems with his family and is taken away from home with his little brother Richie. Ezra has feelings from Brian that he never told anyone because he is scared of how people will react.

These two stories are developed in such a wonderful way, i mean, they really make you feel how the characters are feeling, their hurt, their pain and also their happiness. I feel the author really knew what he was writing about and he nailed telling the story of two 13 years old boys.

I loved the main characters a lot, Brian touched my heart so much, with his anxiety and his problems, yet being so brave for his little brother. How he managed to stay afloat with everything going on in his life. Ezra was a sweetheart that cared so much it was so beautiful being reminded that boys that age have feelings and they need to be listened to.

The writing was easy, as it needed to be for children to understand and not underestimate their view of life. I think it was so well written for kids that age, i would be all over this book if i was 13 again. And i’m all over it at my late 20s because it really deserves a lot of love.

For such a lovely story, so lovable and understanding characters in the book, because heck yeah, it has a lot of side characters that care a lot about both boys i gave it 5 stars.

I would love to talk a lot more about this book, but i don’t want to spoil the best parts of it, i’ll just say that this is the kind of LGBT+ book i look for when i look in MG. It felt real, honest and very representative of how things went when i was that age. I think this book made a perfect storyline for both characters and i support both of them 100%.

As i said a 5 stars for me.

Have you read the book? What do you think about LGBT+ representation on middle grade books? Leave your comment down below!

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