Life & Blogging Update.

Hey there fellow readers!~♥

So, life is crazy these days so i thought i should share with you a little of what is happening so if anything went wrong you’ll know why is it that way…

Lately, i’ve been having a ton of changes in my life, i’ve been trying to get accepted to college, yes i know i’m a bit late because i’m in my late twenties but it doesn’t work like in the US where i live, and it felt like the right time. I have a stable job, i’ve been doing better mentally speaking and so, i took a shot at it.

It’s difficult for me to get accepted to college not because i was a bad student at the time but becuase i want a scholarship that they won’t give me if my psychiatrist doesn’t say i’m fit to study at this point in my life. But i’m soing my best and in a few hours i’m seeing a social worker about it.

Aside from that i’m getting surgery next month. It’s not a risky one, or so i hope, but i would help me with my back pain and it’s important to me. I’ll be home for two and a half weeks after to rest. I hope in that time i get to write and enjoy blogging, but i don’t know how will i be feeling so i’m leaving a few posts prepared just in case it doesn’t go that well.

I really hope that 15 full days give me enough time to read some books and enjoy myself aside from the pain i’ll be in because of the surgery.

Speaking of reading and blogging, i’m trying my best to post as much as i can lately… i don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but i added a few more weekly memes, and i’m still thinking about adding one on Tuesdays, so the blogg will be updated almost every day it will go:

  • Sunday: Review
  • Monday: Book Blogger Hop
  • Tuesday: Weekly Meme (still have to decide which one)
  • Wednesday: WWW Wednesday and Can’t Wait Wednesday
  • Thursday: Review
  • Friday: Let’s talk bookish
  • Saturday : ??????? – may be a free day.

Obviously i’ll try and keep posting my own personal thoughts and ideas i have for posts, this and as always i’ll be posting – monthly- book sales on kindle, favorites of the month and the monthly wrap ups.

So what do you think about the changes i’m thinking on doing to my blog? Are you interested? I hope you are as much as i am! As you know i do this blog only as a hobbie but it’s so much fun i want to work on it as much as possible!

Well, that’s all i have for the life update. I hope you are having a great day! See ya tomorrow in the Let’s Talk Bookish post! ~ ♥

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