Let’s Talk Bookish | Creating Bookish Content.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!

This Week’s Topic is:

How Do You Create Bookish Content? (Rukky)

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This is a great question… i often wonder how to come up with bookish ideas.

Most of the time i come up with ideas while on the bus. I know it sounds weird but i try to come up with ideas all the time, and it’s something i try to think of often. Sometimes i can spend hours just thinking about what could i post.

While at work i often look at my TBR and my read books on Goodreads and try to find ways the books are different or the same to each other, it’s a great way to find topics to talk about, at least for me.

I also sometimes look at topics other people come up to, see if it can inspire me to find my own questions and ideas. Most of the time it’s about booktags which i ask if i can answer to them too. Right, i don’t usually post booktags but that’s because i save them for better times.

I used to prepare a month ahead of time what will i be writing about so i needed to know the bookish content i wanted to talk about. These days i just try to prepare a week ahead of time even though i know it’s not much time to prepare myself.

Like this post i’m wrting the day i need it to be posted. Not prepared at all.

Obviously to come up with content i also read books, which allows me to create the most important content – book reviews.

Another way of creating bookish content is following my favorite authors on twitter, instagram, etc., so i can share the news on their new books, tv shows, movies and such being adapted and more.

I also buy some books which talk about creating content for your blog, i tend to take some inspirations from them about what can i talk about, the most recent book i bought was Consistent Creative Content: A Guide to Authoring and Blogging in the Social Media Age by the author @LeeHall, i only started it but it is looking great, he is an author and a blogger i follow and enjoy his writing, he writes about his own experiences so i find it to be insightful to read his book.

The last way i have of coming up with bookish content for my blog is the weekly memes i participate in every well, week. I find it a way of answering to questions other people come up with without stealing content. I love to respond to different questions and because of that i find it really enjoyable the fact that i can participate in these weekly memes.

At the time i’m answering this question i have more than 300 ideas on my notebook, ready to be talked about at some point. It’s difficult for me to use them because it took me time to come up with those ideas and i’m scared of losing them but obviously i’ll end up using them at some point… for now i’ll keep trying to come up with great ideas! And hope you do too!

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How do you come up with ideas for your bookish content?! Leave your answer and the link to your own post down below!

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