Let’s Talk Bookish | Why I (Still) Read YA/MG Literature.

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When i was younger i used to read mostly classics, but as i started to grow up i discovered these genres more according to my taste and age Middle Grade and Young Adult. At first i read stuff like Twilight and Percy Jackson but i feel like i’ve come a long way since those were my favorite books.

I’ve come a long way mostly because it’s been a while since i was a teenager.

Yes, i’m a grown up woman, in my 20s, who still reads Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, and i love it.

There is something about these kind of books that isn’t in adult fiction and that is the naivity in them. I like it, i see myself reflected in them more than in any “adult” book i’ve ever read and i’m happy with what i read. Many people think i’m not okay, just because i read these kind of books, but i don’t really care.

When i was younger my life was boring and nothing ever happened, when i read these books i feel like i’m reliving my younger years and having the time of my life. Like, falling in love in high school? Never happened to me in real life, but i feel in love a thousand times while reading. So yeah, i sort of live through these books and i find it fascinating.

Also, another topic i don’t enjoy in books is the sexual content in it, i just don’t like it. Many adult books have this as an important part of their story, and i since i don’t like this topic in books, i can’t enjoy much of the books. Like, i remember reading Harlan Coben books with this topic in them and i felt just bad with it.

So yeah, i know coming-of-age books touch the topic of sexuality and such but it does it in a tenderer way than adult books do it.

Since i don’t think i’ll ever feel comfortable reading about that kind of topic i don’t see myself enjoying adult books, at least for the time being. Yes, you can call me childish and immature, and you’ll be right, i just don’t like reading about that stuff.

I know many YA books are talking more explicitly about these topics lately and i have a little of trouble with it too. But it isn’t as bad as it is in grown up books, so i sort of try to read through it, or sometimes i just skip those parts.

Am i an increidbly childish person? I am. I know it and i’m pretty proud of it, i’m like Peter Pan. Never growing older in my mind, never thinking about grown up stuff.

The Breakfast Club When You Grow Up GIF - TheBreakfastClub WhenYouGrowUp  YourHeartDies - Discover & Share GIFs

Well, not really, i don’t think so, i know many grown ups who are really great people, but growing up it’s not really for me. And since it is not for me their literature is not for me either.

I think i’ll never stop love reading YA and MG books, because they bring you back to times when life was way better, when friendships and love were more naive. I’ll never stop enjoying this kind of thing, and because of that i think i’ll always read YA/MG books.

Does what i just said make any sense? I don’t know, but as any child at heart i tried my best and did what i could to explain myself.

Do you still read YA/MG? If yes, why? if not, why not? Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Why I (Still) Read YA/MG Literature.

  1. Oh, Twilight was my first ya book! After that i became a huge fan of ya and still enjoy it. I am not a huge fan of adult books like new adult which are filled to the brim with sexual content, even if it’s a fantasy or a mystery. I can read a romance, no problem, but if I want a thriller or mystery I’d pick up a book from that genre.

  2. “When i was younger my life was boring and nothing ever happened, when i read these books i feel like i’m reliving my younger years and having the time of my life.” Yes, preach. It’s not just about this but it’s nice to remember being young and imagining you got to go on faerie adventures and not just do…normal things.

  3. A good story is a good story. Period. Some books now considered for YA were once published for adults like To Kill A Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye. I read all fiction and write short stories for adults and Middle-grade fiction. Just revising my latest manuscript set in the summer of 1968.

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