Let’s Talk Bookish | Toxic Relationships In Literature.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!


I didn’t know how to approach this topic so i will just answer the questions in the prompts as they come.

When it comes to fiction how should toxic relationships be handled?

To be honest, i never read this kind of books. Toxic relationships aren’t a topic i came across much while reading anything to be honest. I mostly prefer books about cute romances, or about friendships. I think this kind of books should be handled very carefully, as in the author aknowledging these are hard topics and taking resposibility for what they are writing.

Is it okay to portray toxic relationships?

I think it’s important to portray this kind of relationships but without glorifying them. As in, yes, you need to talk about them because people many times can see theirselves reflected in this kind of relationships and can understand the problematics of it. I think it can help people come out of this kind of relationships, and that’s something that can save lives.

How can we avoid glorifying Teacher x Student or other toxic dynamics, and is it important to try to avoid that?

I never read about about this kind of topics, but i guess they should have characters that see the problematics on the topic and be the voice of wisdom in this kind of literature? Like, many times we see problematic characters, let’s say Homer Simpson, and we know he is problematic because the characters around him have a way of showing us, the viewers, he is doing things wrong. Obviously Homer isn’t toxic, i think, he is just a little stupid, but i hope you get the idea?

How do you feel about abusive relationships in fiction?

I don’t like them, and that’s the reason i don’t go looking for this kind of books. I feel they may be important, as any other topic to be shown to people so they can pick things up when they are happening in real life, i mean, i wouldn’t opose to a book about violence, just because i’m against it in real life. I think a book is there to teach us something, so it’s the same thing about this topic. We need to learn from this kind of books and take what we learn to real life, so we can help a person in need. But i think authors should give a heads up about it being problematic and having someone to talk about it inside the book as a problematic topic. Like in Lolita… i don’t know if there is a voice of reason in that book, because i haven’t read it but we all know what happens there it’s wrong, and i hope there was a way of seeing that inside the book itself.

What about in adult dark romance?

I don’t understand the appealing in this kind of books, so sorry. But you need to understand i don’t usually read “Adult” fiction at all. It contains topics i don’t enjoy or like, and that is the main reason i stick with YA literature, i find it more adorable and easy to digest than what happens in adult fiction. Not to say i don’t read some thrillers or such, i enjoy Stephen King and Harlan Coben books, but not books about adult relationships most of the time because they touch topics i don’t get nor i am interested in them. I just like cute little romances with happy endings and fictional worlds, or more like magic. But anyway i undertsand that as i like cute high school sweethearts with happy endings, there are people loooking for something stronger. I just need them to understand that some of that stuff is wrong.

I’m not sure if i’m making any sense in this topic, i just don’t enjoy the abuse of power in relationships, i had to google what is a dark romance because i had no idea. I think for this time being i’ll stick to my YA literature, i don’t even real New Adult fiction, just books about happy or sad teenagers, their relationships and sometimes superpowers. Yes, i think it may be weird because of my age but i’m emotionally immature for my age and i can’t handle harder topics.

What is your opinion on the topic? Do you enjoy this kind of books? Leave your comment and if you participate on the weekly meme the link to your own post down below!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Toxic Relationships In Literature.

  1. I get really stressed out reading about toxic relationships in books. I think it’s because when I’m reading, I always imagine that the characters are real.

  2. I believe we have too many books portraying toxic relationships, especially romanticizing them. It’s not good, especially for young people, but I understand why adults like such books: it’s a kind of guilty pleasure, something we wouldn’t tolerate in real life but in books it is possible.

  3. I think looking at these books as having something to teach us can be a good lens. It can be helpful for people who have gone through these sorts of experiences to read stories about characters who have suffered in the same ways that they have. As long as the books clearly depict the toxic relationship as negative and focus on the healing process they can be valuable to some readers.

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