Reading The Classics Update #4: Growing Up Without Peter Pan.

One of the main goals i have for 2021 is to read a classic each month… so far i read Slaugther House Five, Alice’s Adventures in Winderland and Matilda, this month i decided to get far far away…

So, one of my personal heroes is, the only person i can truly relate to, Peter Pan. Which is funny because i never read his book. I know, i know, that’s not really a great start but i’ve seen him in so many movies, tv shows and plays that i feel like i know him.

Obviously i don’t really, so i decided this April is the perfect time to read his real story.

So far i’m still in Wendy, John and Michael’s bedroom, but Peter has appeared and he already stole my heart. Obviously it sure has something to do with the fact that i loved him from before, but you get the idea…

Peter Pan is one of my personal heroes, as i said, mostly because he never grows up. Or at least that’s what i know about him and all the movies i watched.

Never growing up has always been my dream. I wished i could stay a child forever for a very long time, and so the story of Peter Pan has always been one of my favorites in that.

It’s weird, this is a story my mother never told us when we were little, because she saw the fact of never wanting to grow up as an irresposible thing to do. To this day she thinks that’s not a children’s book because it teaches a bad thing.

She never let us watch the Disney movie when we were little. I watched Peter Pan for the first time when i was about 16 years old and i was already too old to believe in fairies it.

Peter Pan it’s such a topic in my household, so so important, we still discuss it.

Only, a few days ago my mother told me he is called Pan after the god Pan, and Panic comes from the very same name, as in he was scared of growing up and because of that he is called Peter Pan… Peter how is afraid (of growing up).

As i grew older, i learned it’s okay, time won’t stop because i’m afraid of growing up, but the story of the child who could stop it is so amazing, i can’t let go of the idea.

I guess i will be enjoying it very much.

Then i’ll rewatch some movies about him.

Wow, i’m feeling so nostalgic about a book i never read, this is hilariously weird.

Have you read Peter Pan? Do you like his story? Did you know it has a sequel? Leave your comment down below!

4 thoughts on “Reading The Classics Update #4: Growing Up Without Peter Pan.

  1. Hey, your thoughts on the book are interesting! I’ve only ever read the shorter versions of Peter Pan, which is why I’ve never really understood why some people love it so much.
    Great post!

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