Let’s Talk Bookish | What Makes Me Pick A Book?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!


 What makes you pick up certain books?

I don’t really know what makes me pick a up book, i mean, there are certain books i heard of from people and recommendations, but once in a while i just like to go to bookstores and let the books speak to me, like if they could tell me to pick them and take them home. i don’t always look what they are about of sometimes that’s the only thing i look… sometimes i just go to a specific topic and choose there randomly… i just need the book to talk to me.

Is a pretty cover enough?

Not really, i mostly pick what speaks to me and then, when it is on my TBR i pick the nice cover of a book i want to buy anyways. Like, i won’t just picka book because it looks nice, although i might pick it because of the title… that’s something i can go by.

Do you check for good reviews?

Yes, sometimes. I have a few reviewers i truly appreciate their opinions, and so when they recommend something i usually add it to my TBR. But that’s not always the case, like a good review might convience me, but ido have to check other reviews by the same reviewer, because maybe they liked books i didn’t. I don’t know it’s difficult… lately i follow the authors and check because i enjoy the authors themselves and if i like their minds i’ll enjoy what they have to say.

Is the synopsis important?

Not always. Like, there could be a great book with a bad synopsis or viceversa… i don’t always trust the synopsis… also, some of them spoil too much of the book.

Do you look for diversity or #ownvoices?

Yes, i do. Like, lately i’ve become more aware of the topic so yeah, i want to read more diverse books. I feel it’s important that everyone can feel represented and also to see and understand the way others live. Not to mention, many diverse authors are great, and everyone should read some of those books, it’s a shame to think before they wouldn’t be able to publish such great book because they were “different” in any way. I’m trying my best to read more diverse and i hope i manage, it’s too important to support all kinds of authors, as long as they are respectful people, if you know what i mean.

Do you look for any checkboxes?

I think i mostly read YA contemporaries, but i’m tring to start reading more of everything. I know i’m missing in a lot of great books because of this habit of reading only YA, so yeah.. i really want to open up to other books and enjoy more great writings, so please if you have a great book to recommend, feel free to do so! I’m always looking for recommendations and if you can tell me why you liked it even more so! I’ll read them and then we will be able to talk about it together!

Do you have autobuy authors?

I have way too many autobuy authors. I wouldn’t be able to remember them all this moment, but yeah, of course i have authors i’ve been buying their books since forever and i’m not planning on stopping any time soon. Autobuy authors are like best friends, you can always pick a book by them up and feel like they are with you, which is AMAZING and i’m totally in for it!

How do you choose which books you pick up?! Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!

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