Random Post Sunday: The Sad Salad Post (Lettuce, Lettuce everywhere).

Random Post Sunday is just a random post i feel like posting on a Sunday, nothing more, nothing less.

Today i wanna talk about the Sad Salad phenomena at my work place.

Yes, as you can see this is a total random post. Yes, it’s about salad.

So, lately i’ve been on a very rigorous diet, i cannot eat any carbohydrates, no, i’m not starbbing myself by myself, this is a diet a doctor gave me and it should be done for a few weeks. If you are thinking of starting a diet please consult your doctor.

This all started a few weeks ago, i’m a little overweight, so my doctor gave me a diet to follow and it doesn’t have carbohydrates as i said before. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? just not eating a few things i’m very used to like rice, potatoes, bread… only, i eat at my work place, and they are the ones that serve the food.

I know this all problem could be solved if i brought my own lunch, but i am too lazy. And anyways, it’s not like i have many other variations to what they bring to eat.

It all started when i found they make caesar salad. I thought to myself, “oh, if i take out the croutones it should be the perfect fit to my diet”, only after a few times eating just lettuce with parmesan cheese it became boring and sad. I never knew a salad could be this sad.

Like, it doesn’t have anything fun in it, it doesn’t have carrot, or tomato, not even cabbage. It is such a boring salad and eating it everyday without any other options it just SAD.

So yeah, i’m very sad, because i miss my carbohydrates, and yes, i’m sick and tired of lettuce, it just, ugh, i cannot see it anymore.

Yes, it is healthy as hell, and it should be making me feel better as i start to eat healthier, but it is so boring, my god, so boring.

Like, invent something to make this kind of food more appealing or something.

I’m so very tired of eating just lettuce all the time, which reminds me of the time one of my classmates decided on eating only a cucumber a day (which you should never do, it’s not healthy), he became so angry all the time, and i’m afraid it may happen to me too, just because of my everyday lettuce.

Can you believe i cannot even eat any fruit?

Sad, just sad.

I’m not saying i want to eat a burger, or something like that…i just want a little more than lettuce, let me have some other vegetables. I’m tired of lettuce.

Are you tired of any food? If so, which one? And what would you eat for the rest of your life if you could only choose one food? Leave your comment down below!

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