Let’s Talk Bookish | Putting Off Books I Actually Want To Read

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where a topic is presented each week and we get to share our opinions on it and spread some love among others’s opinions too!


Do you ever put off the books you actually want to be reading?

I put a lot of books on hold because of new ones, to be honest i don’t know why, but like i’ll be making a TBR for the month but then a lot of other books will pop up and i’ll be wanting to read them too. The biggest problem is when i find new books and i instantly buy them, because then i just say “oh, it is already here, i might as well read it this moment”. It happens a lot. You may see it in my wrap ups for the month, i end up reading a lot of books i wasn’t planning on at first.

What do you end up reading instead?

There are so many things i end up reading, i don’t know where to start. I read every book that i find interesting at the very moment. There’s a very big chance i won’t end up reading them if i don’t pick them up the moment i have that “I HAVE TO” feeling. There’s a lot of books i have on my TBR since forever, and i feel i’ll never get to them. So yeah, i go with the flow because otherwise, it might never happen.

Why do you put off the books that you would rather read for other stories?

Mostly because i am a mood reader, i guess. There’s the right moment for the right book, or maybe i just don’t wanna read that big of a book at the moment, as i talked about on my post Who’s Afraid of the Big Book? I just have problem currently reading long books, so i put them on the waiting list, from where the might never come off. We’ll see, eventually.

Do you treat reading books you’re excited as a reward?

Not really, i feel like a love for the books i read. It’s not a reward it’s more of a relationship, so sometimes i just want then to end, but the books i love the most i just put them off as much as i can, like i want to read them as many days as possible, so i just read a little everyday. Unless i just really fall hard and then i devour them.

What about you? Do you stick to your TBR? Do you put books off? Leave your comment and the link to your own post down below!

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