Why I Read More Ebooks Than Physical Books?

Hey there everyone! I hope you are all doing fine. I´m doing a lot better to be honest, so here i am, ready to present you with a new post!

This time i wanna share with you my experience on why i read more Ebooks than physical ones.

To be honest, i do prefer physical books, they look pretty on you home, and you can hug them when you love them too much. So yeah, if you asked me, i do prefer physical books.

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The things is, and this is something i don´t share many times on my blog, but i live in Asia and many times we don´t get many books in English. Since i don´t enjoy much reading books in the country´s language i tend to buy my books in English, so no having a big variety of it is one of the problems.

More so, physical books in here are like twice the price you can get them from other countries or like on kindle. So, mostly i just buy them on kindle because i can get nice prices and i get the book the moment i buy it unless i preorder and then the book is available for me the moment it is released.

So, not having to wait the time i do have when buying physical books helps with the hype. I mean, i my be hyped by a book this week but i´ll lose my interest on it next week because i didn´t get it.

It helps me keep track on the newest books.

Since i live far and book can arrive a month or two after they are released, it´s obvious i´ll prefer the now option of getting a book i´m dying to read the moment they are released. This way, keeping up with all new books i want to read. That way i could read a book and even finish it the same day it is released.

Because i read most my books in English it helps me keep the language fresh in my mind. If i didn´t read as many books in English as i do, my English would be even worse than it is right now. Imagine that.

The most important thing, the biggest problem i have with physical books is the size of the font. I struggle very much concentrating when the letters are too small, and this way, in my kindle i can manage it. I can have the font size i want, read as comfortable as i can.

As you can see, for me, living where i do, being who i am, the ebook option is the rightest. I can have books as fast as they come out, i can save money and it is easier to concentrate. Yet, when i love a book too much or it calls me i still buy them because i want them on my physical library.

And now it´s your turn, do you read more ebooks or physical books and why ? Leave your comment down below!

3 thoughts on “Why I Read More Ebooks Than Physical Books?

  1. In my country it’s an issue to buy a book in English, especially recently released one. And amazon’s delivery prices are quite high. So I mostly indulge in hardcovers when I am abroad. Ebooks are my babies, I read them all the time! Though I agree that there’s nothing better than the small of a physical’s book papers. But on the other hand, kindle is much more convenient to take out and read in transport or outdoors.

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