Reading The Classics Update #3: She’s a kind of magic

One of the goals i gave myself this year was to read a classic a month. This far i’ve was doing just fine, i mean… it was only two months so i wasn’t that surprised i managed to do it, i read Slaughter-house Five and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (January and February). This month though i thought i wasn’t gonna make it.

I already said in a few posts i’m having renal problems and i’m going from hospital to hospital, so i haven’t been reading much this month since i’m really in pain.

Mostly i’ve been resting (sleeping a lot) to get away from the pain.

Yet, last week as i was visiting the hospital the other week and as i was waiting for my treatment i really remembered a movie i really loved as i was a child, Matilda. When i was growing up Matilda was one of my favorite movies. Obviously i hadn’t watched it since Mara Wilson talked about her bad experience as a child actor, but i thought that was a movie that could lift my spirits as i was waiting so i decided on doing the best next thing if i couldn’t watch the movie, read the book.

To be honest, i never read it before, but i thought to myself, Matilda is a classic, i could totally read it and set it like the classic for the month. So i bought it on kindle in spanish and set myself to read it as i was getting my treatment.

Oh my gosh.

It was so so epic to finally read it. I adored it. It made the time i was at the hospital fly by. Matilda truly is a magical story.

So, i guess this post is to let you know the “challenge” for the year is still going strong, and that i’m doing a little better and next week I’ll be back as always, writing and sharing my opinions.

I hope tomorrow i’ll be posting my new review, I just have to finish writing it.

Well, that’s all i have for this post. Hope you are all doing okay.

Have you read Matilda? At what age? Leave your comment down below!

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