A Look Over: I’m a Therapist, and My Patient (…) trilogy by Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper Therapy – Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Written by a “psychologist” these are the stories of how not to be a psychologist at all.

I think these started as a reddit post, if i remember right, and it developed into a trilogy of a psychologist who cannot stop mendeling into the lives of his patients.

Look, i wasn’t looking for the best written story ever when the first book caught my eye. I was just a lazy reader looking for a short book to take me out of my reading slump. So, i won’t apologize for “enjoying” these books. Yes, i’m saying this because these are the kind of books you either love or hate. I sort of liked them, so i kept reading them.

The story is simple at first, Dr. Harper is a school therapist until he commits the mistake of a life time and gets fired, then he starts his own therapist consultation.

Through the stories get to see a bigger story going through, who he really is and what is he doing. Spoiler Alert, all the stuff he does are the wrong kind of things a therapist shouldn’t be doing and we see this kind of behavior through the three books.

I won’t say the books aren’t kind of entertaining, because to me they were, i did enjoy reading them.

Sure, these aren’t the best stories ever, and some of them are very predictible, but it is a good way of passing the time.

The character can be a little annoying at times, i didn’t particularly liked Dr. Harper because of the ways he always has the feeling he has to do things, and as i said he gets too involved.

From the three books i feel the hardest one to read was the second because it was impossible that SPOILER ALERT, being in prision he’ll keep being a psychologist, and everything is always against him. I don’t know, maybe because he gets to places he shouldn’t?

Overall, it’s not a trilogy that will change the world, but at least it kept me entertained a few hours.

Do I recommend it? Only if you are looking for some very unethical psychologist.

I give it 3 stars.

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