A Belated Women’s Day Post; The Person I Admire The Most.

March 8th was the International Women’s Day and i was a bit too occupied with work to talk about it. I’m very sorry about that. I was planning on doing a post about my favorite literary female characters or something like that, i just didn’t have the time.

So instead i decided to post a blog about the person i admire the most (a woman), a bit later…

I guess it doesn’t need much more introduction than that so let’s begin.

The Person I Admire The Most by Clemence Lee

Life it’s difficult enough as it is. Most people will tell you they struggle at some point or another. This person has struggled not once or twice in her life, but many, many times, and even through the struggle she managed to keep on going, to upbring three children and make them succeed.

This is her story.

My mother, who will remain nameless in this as for me she is only “mom”, had a regular upbringing. She was the youngest of three sisters, had a mother and a father who died of cancer when she was 15. When her father died and her sisters left home after getting married, she was the one to help my grandma with their business. Back then they had a fabrics sale business. It wasn’t long until they lost the business and my grandmother find another job.

As for my mother, she was a straight As student all her life (me taking after her), yet she never went to university or college. Her dream was to be a mother when she grew up. I know it may sound a little chauvinist, a little girl dreaming of just being a mom, but she says that ever since she can remember herself she wanted to have kids and rise them.

And so, she married and she and her husband (my dad) bought a house to have kids and grow older together.

They had my sister and me back in the 90s, and life was smiling at them, my dad had a great job and my mom was a stay at home mother. Until problems started.

You see, when i was 6 months old my mom realized my legs weren’t the same lenght. My mom was the one taking to every possible doctor until she found the right one.

This would be okay, she knew i’ll have to have some surgeries in life because of this but it was fine.

But then tragedic struck her when my dad died in a car accident. She was left to rise two girls by herself. Sure, she had help from my granmother, but for the first time she decided she was going to get a job, we couldn’t live out of my grandmother.

My mom was 32 years old when she was widowed.

I had surgeries, and my mom the one parent i had was always by my side. Never gave up on me, never let me fall because i wasn’t like other kids.

She met my stepdad a few years later and soon enough my brother was born.

My brother was born with even more physical problems than i did. She was quick to catch up on those, because she was already used to a child with physical problems, but my stepdad was a little absent, as my dad did at the time.

My mom was through 3 surgeries with me and 12 with my brother.

After that everything was wrong with Argentina and we lef the country.

Immigration can be very difficult and it did affect my mother in harsh ways. She was diagnozed with Depression and Social Anxiety a bit later.

And even through her own struggles, she kept taking care of her three children as if it was nothing.

My mom struggles every day, we all know that, and yet, she is the ancle that keeps us all in line all the time. There isn’t a day we all call her for advice, help or just for her to listen to us. And even in her worst days she does it all, she really does.

I know a lot of people have difficult times, but for me my mom has always been a heroine for being able to help us all while managing her own problems and without disturbing us.

I know my mother suffers a lot in silence and it’s hard for me not to help her, but sometimes i just don’t know how to do it, since i struggle myself sometimes i get helpless and don’t know how to act.

Yet, my mom never gave up.

She has been difficult times, she has a difficult time adapting to a new country (even though it isn’t that new anymore to us), she doesn’t speak much of the language and only found physical jobs while she can’t really do that kind of things, she did them anyways.

She is the strongest woman i know in spirit. She wakes up every morning in spite of her depression and goes to work, never gives up, never.

I know she may not sound special to other but to me she is an inspiration. She makes me want to be a better person every day. To be a good person, someone who helps, who listens.

She is my mother and i’m proud to have her.

I now realize this would sound better for Mother’s day, but she is a woman and i guess, she is like my role model so it fits, or it doesn’t but i don’t care, i just wanted to share how proud i am of my mom.

See you next time!

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