{Spoiler Alert} Favorite Romances In Books With Sad Endings.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… tomorrow is valentine’s day (and my mom’s birthday) so tomorrow i can’t come to you bringing you sad love stories, so i decided i’ll do it a day before like an anti-valentine’s day.

Today’s topic is SPOILER ALERT favorite romances gone bad in books, so if you don’t wanna get spoiled for anything you should leave before i start commenting on how badly it gets.

I told you, so from here on you read under your own discretion. These are my favorite romances, too bad they ended so badly.

Beware of comments of suicide and people’s death. Read at your own discretion.

All the Bright Places

Jennifer Niven does a wonderful development on the relationship between Violet and Finch. The problem is love doesn’t always conquer all, inthis book Finch suffers from Bipolar Disorder and his life is a mess until he decides to take his own life. The story is based on a boy the author knew which makes it even more heartbreaking, but believe me when i tell you this is a beautiful love story.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park may be my favorite Rainbow Rowell book, they develop such a beautiful relationship. It’s too sad at the end they part ways and well never know what did the letter left to Park said. To this day it haunts me so much.

The Fault in Our Stars

Not my favorite book by author John Green but a beautiful romance that shows that even sick people can still feel love and be happy for the time they have left. Never is too late to love, loving is never a waste of time. Also, Young people can fall in love, i think this book teaches a lot. Too sad Augustus loses to his cancer and passes.

Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy, #3)

Half Life by Sally Green has one out of my two favorite bisexual characters on books (the other being in the Raven Cycle). Nathan falls for his friend Gabriel late into the third installment of the trilogy but their love is amazingly beautiful. We know Gabriel likes from the beginning and it made it more hurtful when Nathan dates Annabelle and they chave a child but by the end of the story Nathan falls for Gabriel who dies because of Nathan and the ending of the book is one of my most beloved moments in literature when Nathan becomes a tree to stay next to Gabriel’s grave forever. I’M CRYING OKAY.

My Name Is Memory

At times i feel like i’m the only one person who ever read this book because nobody talks about My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares. This book, about a boy who can rememeber all his previous lives, and always looking for the love of his lives. They fall in love most of the time but sometimes they don’t. They fall in love this time, but Daniel’s (the boy) brother wants to keep them apart. As the book ends Daniel leaves to find his nemesis and finish him. We never know if they meet again.

They Both Die at the End

They both die at the end (DUH) by Adam Silvera. This is the story of two books who meet in a world where you get a call the day you are going to die and they spend it together before the day ends and they both die. This is a wonderful book, i swear even when you know from the beginning they both die at the end.

I swear all these books are worth reading if they end in tragedy. Their stories need to be told for ages.

What are some of the most devastating books you’ve read? Leave your comment down below.

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