A Turtle’s Guide to Introversion by Ton Mak

A Turtle's Guide to Introversion

A Turtle’s Guide to Introversion by Ton Mak

Genre: Self-help, Humor, Graphic Novel
Pages: 120
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Summary: A Turtle’s Guide to Introversion is a delightful illustrated gift book that celebrates the wonderful qualities of introverts through the everyday adventures of a turtle.

Being an introvert comes with numerous advantages and the occasional woe, and no animal knows that better than the humble turtle hiding in its shell. This book celebrates introverts and their many wonderful, often-underrated qualities.

The story is narrated by a lovable turtle who finds socializing tiring, prefers alone time, and recharges through solitude. Each spread features 2-color illustrations of Turtle navigating life alongside a cast of pudgy animal friends. Self-identified introverts, art and comics enthusiasts will love the spare yet resonant text, adorable narrator, and delightful illustrations. This uplifting novelty book is a cute collectible or a sweet anytime gift for a friend.

This cute book will resound with every introvert out there. It reflects on how we feel infront of the world and how great it could be to be like you are.

I think the author completely understands what it feels to be an introvert and they portray it perfectly in this little book.

There isn’t much to say about it. Just a little book about a wonderful turtle and how it feels in a world where everyone expects you all the time to be part of it. But it also teaches and reminds you that you have the right to do as you need, as you feel, to be comfortable.

It’s okay to stay away for recharging before you go back to being with people.

It’s okay to want to be alone some times.

You are just fine.

You are doing great.

Excellent little book, i recommend it.

I give it 4 stars but it’s more of a 3.5 stars because well, it’s short and it didn’t make a huge change in my life. Still a wonderful book!

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