Reminiscing Monday #21: X-Japan


I can’t believe i never made a Reminiscing Monday about X-Japan my favorite band of all time.

As always, Reminising Monday is a section in which i talk about Books, Shows and Movies (and this time a band) i’ve read/seen (listened to) a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

And This Time I’ll Be Talking About My One And Only:

EL BLOJ: X Japan

I remember the first time i heard a song by X-Japan perfectly. I was 9 years old, i just bought a magazine that came with a CD full of wallpapers and videos of different anime. One of the videos on the CD was the Trailer for the anime of X/1999 by Clamp. I remember the video a lot (let’s say it, i do love X by CLAMP – and CLAMP as a whole – a lot) but the thing that stayed with me the most was the song.

This is the exact video i saw that time.

The music was… exquisite. I was absolutely in love with it.

Yet, i had no ideawho they were or anyother song by them, but i was taken. I never forgot the song and never stopped listening to it.

Let’s jump a few years, i finally got an internet connection and i discovered the wonder of listening to japanese music. I even found a great website where you could find any anime and their songs.

I knew the anime was called X/1999 so i looked it up there. It didn’t exist. But wait, there was an anime called X. I checked it. Nothing. But there were a few songs of the show there related. One of them called FOREVER LOVE. I checked it out and totally fell in love with it. So i wanted to listen to more music by that band.

What were the odds?

It was the same band from the trailer… THE trailer i fell in love with many years ago.

I found them.

I found X-Japan.

clockwise; Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath and Hide.

Obviously when i found them they were already broken up, but they had so much music to listen to. Also, Hide, my wonderful and favorite guitarist of all time was already gone by the time i met them.

But i´ve been listening to them since then, since that little trailer, and i don´t think i´ll ever stop loving them.

A few years ago i wrote about them on my blog, yeah, this isn´t the first time i’m talking here about them even if i said i didn’t talk about them before, i meant about how i met them. Their music found me and i found their music. I felt so blessed so many times.

I can’t express with words the way Yoshiki’s music makes me feel.

I know i met and knew about them after Hide was gone but i had and still have an immense love for him, and respect. When i was younger my dream was to visist Japan to pay my respects to him.

Since i’ve known about them and about Hide, they brought another guitarist, Sugizo, from Luna Sea.

I already explained part of my feelings about him becoming part of the band of my life. You can find it in the previous post made about them here.

I was very mad at Sugizo for a very long time. I was even madder at him for joining than i was at Hide for leaving. Now i know i have no right for neither of those feelings, but i still miss Hide. What a beautiful yet weird feeling longing for somebody you never met, for some who was gone when ypou heard for the first time about him.

But i miss him and think about him, always.

A while ago i was watching a documentary they made about Hide and Yoshiki talked there, he said for him X-Japan never ended, and so Hide is still part of it. He said that as long as h lives it will always feel that way and it completely broke me. I feel like Yoshiki misses Hide a lot, i’m sure he isn’t the only one.

X-Japan is a living and breathing legend even without Hide, it will always be.

X-Japan as of today left to right: Pata, Heath, Yoshiki, Toshi and Sugizo.

As far as my understanding goes, they are huge in Japan. Yoshiki is huge around th eorld being one of the most important compositors, the most important one from Japan. Let’s say Yoshiki is so important Disney + is making a documentary about him, coming out really soon.

They are my heart and my heart is them and nothing will ever take them away from me. They break up didn’t. Nothing will.

I’ll love them forever. This is a FOREVER LOVE.

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