Favorites | January 2021

January is almost over so it’s time to wrap up emotions and look back at the stuff i enjoyed this month. I gotta admit, most of my time i was with my family so i didn’t watch much tv shows and such but hey, let’s see what were my favorites of the month!

TV Shows

Julie and the Phantoms Trailer and Poster Debut - VitalThrills.com

I’ve heard of this show last year but i didn’t give myself the time to watch it. Julie and the Phantoms was a very nice surprise to discover what a wonderful show it is. I really enjoyed it, i laughed, i cried. It was really a great show to watch. I hope for season 2. And i’m obsessed with the music in it, the songs were beatiful.

WandaVision será un rompecabezas con mucha comedia

I started Wandavision mostly because i truly love Paul Bettany and don’t get me started on Elizabeth Olsen, but it ended up being so a GOOD show. I have a hard time waiting every week for a new episode to come out! Such a fun and extraordinary watch! And omg that forth episode!!!

New poster for the new Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan series SERVANT. |  Servant, Tv, New poster

I really enjoyed the first season of Servant and now the second season has me on edge. I can’t wait every week, I need to know what is gonna happen next!

MasterChef Junior 2 - Programa 6 - 03/02/2015 - RTVE.es

As I said a spent most of my time with my family and that includes us watching the Spanish version of MasterChef (Junior) which was AWESOME! We enjoyed watching it together so much! That’s the best kind of experiences!


RENT-A-PAL - Film and TV Now

By far Rent-A-Pal was the best movie i saw this January. Guys, i totally recommend it to you! I don’t wanna talk about it much so i don’t spoil anything, but WOW. I got this recommended by my favorite youtubers (well, they just talked about it haha) but like, it blew my mind.


Felix Ever After

Guys, FELIX EVER AFTER was everything i needed this month. It was such an amazing book, i admit i had a hard time at some point reading it, but it always happens to me when i’m loving a book too much, i just don’t want it to end.

Clap When You Land

Clap When You Land was another book that moved me a lot this month. It was written so beautifully i cannot begin to explain how it made me feel. I recommend it to everyone.


Julie and the Phantoms': Netflix's spin on the Disney Channel Original  Movie | The Michigan Daily

You guys, not only the show is great but the songs in it. I’m obsessed.

Luna Sea— – MAG manga, anime, games

I went back in time this month A LOT with the songs of Luna Sea. I used to listen to them a ton when i was in my teens and god, Ryuichi Kawamura has the most beautiful voice in the world (in my opinion). Such wonderful music. My most listened to song this month? GRAVITY. Gosh not only their music is epic and the voice is amazing, but the lyrics too… i just can’t.

What were your favorites this month? Leave your comment down below!

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