Random Post Sunday: Let Evangelion have an honorable discharge.

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The other day i was bored and checking if i could find some new anime aside from the ones i’m starting this winter season (I already talked about this in my The Seasonal Anime Crisis of Winter 2021!!! post). When i discovered the horror.

The last movie of the Rebuild of Evangelion was removed from the list of movies coming out this winter.

And i can’t help but wonder WHY?!

Don’t get me wrong, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the anime, the manga and the Rebuild movies are of my absolute favorite pieces of art of all time.

I remember being a child, about 9 years old and since then watching the show. Sure, at the time i had pretty much no idea what was going on the show, i just watched for the mechas and the fact that i felt very in sinc. (pun) with Shinji.

Over the years, and as i grew up i started to understand the human side of the show, and it never stopped fascintating me.

Why We Need Neon Genesis Evangelion in 2019 | by Logan Busbee | Medium

Evangelion has everything.

Evangelion is a world of itself.

Evangelion is a legened and will always be one.

So yeah, there’s the anime, and the manga which both ended years ago but we are still waiting on the freaking ending of the movies.

And you have to understand the date for the last movie of the Rebuild of Evangelion has been changed so many times i lost ount at some point and i cannot remember when it was originally meant to be. The previous movie was released in 2012, so imagine waiting for the last movie for eight, almost nine years.

I understand they are moving the date because of the current state of the world, the corona has ruined the cinemas and they want to make money, but why can’t they sell it or something? So many people are waiting for that god damned movie everyone will watch it if they released it on Youtube (monetized) or if they selled online tickets.

Hell, if they did that with subtitles they’ll make millions.

I’ll pay for 10 tickets if they just give me the opportunity to finally see the end of it.

At the end of the day it feels like the purposfully aren’t releasing the movie. Like, they are afraid the world would forget of the wonder that is Evangelion the moment the movie is out. And let me tell you, it won’t happen.

Not only because the opening song is the most chosen in karaoke places all over Japan, but because it changed so much about anime since its creation back in 1995.

Evangelion is so much more than just an anime.

It just… to me for example Evangelion has been a way of life, watching it every year, buying merchandising, loving the characters, reading the manga over and over, feeling so conected to the characters.

I feel like they should let the movie out and let the story finally finish. Give it the end it deserves.

Sometimes i feel like every time they delay the movie more and more they are taking part of the glory it deserves. Sure, now i have to rewatch the other movies before this one comes out because i do remember them but i want to have them fresh in my mind… 8 years is a very long time to wait for a sequel.

And no, i do not believe many movies deserve you watching them after they made you wait for them so long.

So, could they please, please, please, already release the last part of this story? I promise, people won’t forget about it in a very very long time even if you do so.

Let Evangelion have an Honorable Discharge for the world, let it go, and become the legend it was always meant to be.

少年よ 神話になれ

Neon Genesis Evangelion: vigente a 25 años de su estreno

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